Exit the IG, now for the ‘impune’ boys in Malawi Police

Something pointed out Kanyama, yes Paul, would not last. The guy had a fast mouth and a so much of a slow brain. His thought never matched his utterances.Masinga HA  HA HA

Simply put, that man needed a Patricia Kaliati in his team and not a squad of dedicated law enforcers. For a brief moment, there it was panned out into the very faces of surprised but not amused Malawians – our own version of Policy Academy, that comic spoof in America.

And we did not nearly have it capped up.

When parliament had to seat and discuss our begone police crown, it was already clear he wouldn’t make it. For starters, he had all the bad eggs out his mouth against the opposition. Worse to it, he forgot he does have adequate qualifications indeed, less that all these were about shooting wooden rifles and not from any academic walls.

The guy’s only qualifications would have been gotten in some defunct Malawi Young Pioneers or indeed Malawi Police Force training. Hi last civilian classroom could as well strike at Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC).

No wonder, even parliamentarian Alekeni Menyani, himself of MSCE  the highest, apart from the here and there courses he has done on paralegal comedy-eering, could say those qualified for guards duty should not work as national security bosses.

I agree, entirely.

But that is about Kanyama, who for once has been wise enough to excuse his abilities on the police job. The man may be indeed sick and diabetes is one of the king killer diseases in Malawi and beyond. The man indeed needs his rest, from force and from farce.

Only thing, thanks for the reintroduction of the ‘shoot-to-kill’ madness and police impunity – killing soldiers, arresting top soldiers, and hey – nearly attracting the army to bomb Area 30 and other trusted police hold-ups. A good riddance indeed.

But the question is, what happens to his remnants in the service? We know about the road traffic cops and the stink they love to brush onto motorists. There is one doing rounds on am motorcycle in the capital city, Lilongwe.

Hey, they call him Sokota and does his business from the Area 3 station. His nickname is Mr. MK1,000!

This is the super cop who is known for extorting ‘green leafs’ from minibus drivers. He pulls them up for wrong parking, and they all know all it will take is a MK1,000. And as if that is not enough, the man will quickly get his ‘victim’ newer passengers should he have ‘dumped’ them in the long-wait in negotiating the MK1,000 or the minibus ‘snatch’ to Area 3 station quarters.

None of his superiors can talk to Sokota, who has built a very stinky reputation around himself as the king of MK1,000s!

And that is how he is busy building houses and become a landlord. An own ‘cash-gate’ initiative.

Next has been Mkwichi who once carried sports journalist Peter Kanjere high skeeter on his shoulders, from inside Kamuzu Stadium and threw him outside. His only sin was that he did somehow not convince Mkwichi he was a journalist despite flashing his ID. Reminds me of how those blood-thirsty night patrol cops shot the soldier in Zomba.

We are told he flashed his ID and they still killed him, cold-blood. A hangover of the Kanyama short reign.

Will we see a new broom that will, of course not be as doodle as ex-top boss Lot Dzonzi. We do not even need another womanish Mary Nangwale.

Well, whatever APM decides for us as Malawians with our life and property security, may he or she be an educated, civilized, and level-headed IG.

Kanyama failed us and his leftovers like Sokota and Mkwichi require cleaning away! And they are many…

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Mwano kwambiri a army pano mantha watha ku police Paulo wachokako BASOPU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwenye Mkaladiso abino samasewera ndi ana.Komanso mkukwatira kamwako!!




Of course though holder of form 2 certificate Kanyama knew his job. I saluted him


A little education is important in whatever leadership position one aspires to attain. I did not know the education backgroud of the former IG but i started seeing some traces of lack of proper judgement in him. Initailly I said it happens and may be things will straighten up with time. Now that I know that the man did not bother to upgrade his education while serving as a police officer, i can connect why there were gaps in his leadership style.


Fools never appreciate no matter how gOod somebody might be. Kanyama was the best IG Malawi ever had. Mark my words Police has graduates but Kanyama with his MSCE whatsover knew what he was doing pa ground amapadziwa Police is about interacting with general public on the ground not sitting on swivel chair in an office ophunzira amathawa miyala uko kkkkkk. Uthenga wangawu muzaukumbuka some day ku tsogoloko.

Nango wa kho

I agree with you , some people are indeed fools. Kanyama willfully resigned it doesn’t matter what qualifications he is holding, let me educate you mpalana, security job is not banking job. Security officers are only told 1% and the 99% is there own initiatives kunyoza zili zonse Muzayamika liti? no wonder people like u always praise the dead. Kuyamikira mtembo nde kwanu…


This article is unfair on the part of kanyama at least he needs respect as a human being


lembani zanzeru izi sizhtithandiza!


Just be open you mean the IG and police force this people most of them are thief especialy the one at dedza


Useless articles like these cant help malawi. Nyasa times, did this article really pass your editorial benchmark?


Uyu munthu odziwa kulemba kwambili

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