Some gurus behind Njauju, Chasowa murders – Mkwezalamba

The murder of  of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate services Issa Njauju and University of Malawi student Robert Chasowa mighthave been carried with orders of  someone “senior enough” hence government ‘s disinterest in expediting their cases, chairperson for Human Righrts Consultative Committee (MHRC), Robert Mkwezalamba has observed.

Njaunju car in ashes: Work of regime thugs

Njaunju car in ashes: Work of regime thugs

It is widely believed in Malawi that ACB boss was killed by a “state-sponsored” mafia-style attack.

Post-mortem results showed that Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried near Lilongwe River.

Mkwezalamba speaking at the International Human Rights Day commemorations in Mzuzu on Saturday, expressed concerns with government’s handling of the cases – to defeat justice.

“We have seen cases, just in a day or three, sentences being meted out. It is because they are ‘small guys’ in society. But the slow pace of these cases [Njauju and Chasowa] simply tells us that someone somewhere senior enough is part and parcel of these cases,” Mkwezalamba said.

The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) have twice petitioned the United Nations (UN) to take the Malawi Government to task over the stalled cases.

Njauju’s brutal murder sent shockwaves among officers working in agencies investigating and prosecuting corruption in the country.

ACB boss Lucas Kondowe said officers  were  “terrified” with the murder of  Njauju.

Kondowe said Njaunju was not just an ordinary ACB worker but a key staff member as “a senior director.”

Police said investigations shows cashgate – probe into systematic plunder of public resources – could be the reason to Njauju’s savage murder.

Director of training at Police headquarters, Richard Luhanga said the investigators are pursuing a number of conspiracies.

“We cannot rule out that murder is connected to his work [at ACB),” said Luhanga, a senior police commissioner.

“What we are doing right now is to connect the dots,” he said.

Luhanga said police are following up “a sequence of events” that took place a day before Njauju was murdered.

Police also hinted at what Nyasa Times reported that the murder of Njauju could have been a case of mistaken identity.

“We are doing our interrogations with various people and also analysing information that we are currently getting from the public. At the moment, all options are welcome,” he said.

The father of Robert Chasowa, a Polytechnic student found dead on campus in September 2011 at the height of anti government protests, fears the culprits may never be brought to justice because they are in the corridors of power.

Austin Kings Chasowa said: “I am tired, justice is being denied clearly.”

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP Noel Masangwi is on eof the suspectes who were charged for the murder of Chasowa.

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Mike mwanza

Yes this is Malawi. Osanamizana kuti chipani
china chikabwera m,boma zinthu zidzasintha
limenelo ndi nodza. MCP kapena kuti Kongelesi ndiye chipani choipa cha magazi mmanja chimene chinapha anthu ambiri. kwa ife ngakhale tinali ochepa msinkhu tikudziwa nkhanza za Kongelesi. Mukufuna mudzayambenso kuweta n’gona? Nthawi yanu inatha basi munaphako anthu mizimu yawo inakwiya.


bodyguard wa abwana ndi amene anapha njaunji

Its the culture of our politicians. So it was with Attati Mpakati, Orton Chirwa, Gadama, Matenje, Matafale, Kwacha Ghambi, Fanikiso Phiri, Charles Waya, politician Chasowa, and all those other lost souls. And the practice goes on. It looks like every party was once suspected of these brutal killings. In this case nothing is newsworthy here. No party can be solely blamed for the actions which every party has done when in power. Ndiye wina asachuluke nzeru apa, unless you don’t know our history on political killings. Zinanso timangosemerana. Omex70, the MCP gurus won the Mwanza Murderers Case in 1995 when… Read more »


chief Activist

gone ah de dys we used to face justice in mw……………..with this rotten malawi,,,,,alas:::::::::::::::::::::::

zikavuta muchalo
Abale do Malawi have well trained investgators? Or they have the ones Peter took from Street även he was ministers with his brother and träning them as thugs. The only way these people are doing is afraid to do their job because its DDP who the comitted the murder. Why should an ordinary thief abudact someone from office and go and jill then burn the body? Can anyone tell the world? Its only when they want to hide evidence. The truth is Nyaunji was going to Review some One very high in DDP. DDP has killed more than MCP/ Kamuzu… Read more »

Justice will only prevail in Issa Njauju’s murder only when the notorious DPP is out of power.


DPP a party of death and darkness


DPP was out for two years. Was Chasowa’s case resolved during PP? This is because of political prostitution of the same culprits moving from the involved party to the ruling party.
May be ask yourself a question on what happened to all cases of those butchered by MCP and those by UDF and those by DPP and those by PP ? No case except for the Mwanza four was brought to court.

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