Rwandan genocide suspects plan to disrupt Malawi court over Murekezi extradition

Rwandese refugees linked to the 1994 genocide who fled their country and sought refuge in Malawi were meeting in up town suburb of Area 47 at Pasacar Bintangas house to strategize how they can help the arrested Vincent Murekezi, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Bishop Simama: Said to support the Rwandees

Bishop Simama: Said to support the Rwandees

The Rwandese were discussing how they are going to help Murekezi who was arrested by Malawian police on Thursday for the role he played in the genocide of 1994.

A source privy to the these evil plans said that Bintanga  who owns Pacific Machinery and Pacific Ocean Lodge volunteered hosting the meeting which is seeking ways of defeating justice and foil the Malawi government’s move to have Murekezi extradited.

“A group of Rwandan genocide suspects who sought refuge in this country are indeed meeting at Bintanga’s house and they have vowed to storm the Lilongwe High Court next Tuesday when Murekezi will be appearing for committal and disturb the court so that the extradition process is disrupted,” said the source.

Among other strategies a well known business man and preacher Bishop Abraham Simama has pledged K50million  to ‘buy justice” in the case and K10,000 each to the refugees who will be in attendance at the court in solidarity with Murekezi.

The source said the arrest of Murekezi has sent jitters to the Rwandan genocide suspects who find Malawi as the safest haven on the earth and they feel that if Murekezi is extradited it means all of them will follow suit.

“Bishop Simama has vowed to help these Rwandan genocide suspects and his plans will not succeed he will remove all his businesses from Malawi back to his country Tanzania,” said the source.

Efforts to talk to Simama hit a blank wall as when the subject was introduced in a telephone interview he cut off the line while threatening to deal with this reporter if the story gets published.

” I don’t know anything of that nature ” said Simama before angrily cutting off the line.

Simama is a Tanzanian national who runs several businesses in Malawi among which he owns a hotel, a fleet of trucks and owns a church.

The source also said it is Simama who paid for Murekezi’s rentals in a house which he was residing in Area 49 where the Malawi police picked him.

A group of concerned citizens has been calling for Murekezi arrest and extradition after it was discovered that he is genocide convict but acquired Malawian citizenship and passports through corrupt means.

Bintanga also hosted Murekezi when he returned to Malawi after he had fled the country when he became in conflict with the law

Malawi is believed to be hosting a lot of Rwandan genocide suspects as they took advantage of the porous borders and corrupt government officials and police who choose to receive bribes from these Rwandan s and turn a blind eye.

Recently, the Rwandan government confirmed to the media that they have been in touch with the Malawi government since 2009 on some of the genocide suspects who sought refuge in the country to have them extradited.

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war criminals must be flushed out of the refugee camps and residential areas of malawi,look at what is happening in europe the immigrants are behind a series of fatal suicide attacks there,our leadership do want such to happen in malawi?


Simama is just a vendor but cunning one .He has made his riches in Malawi through Illovo fake and uncounted a lot of missing sugar and sand fertilizer during Bingu when Fertilizer deals were hot.He has no factory that he brought from his home, Tanzania apart from second clothes that he brought with his skill of cunning in to this dull country.


Ma foreigners amenewa tsiku Lina adzatithira nkhondo,ali ndi zoopsa amenewa………….chonde chonde a Malawi tiyeni tisalore zimenezi.


Cry my beloved country.

Zinenani Zoona

Mwayiwalapo these Nigerians. NDv, Storn, Oga, Chukwuka. Include them in a march-all.

This is manifestation of a corrupt nation. People have all along been talking about influx of illegal immigrants in the country but the corrupt government never acted. Now the same foreigners have the guts to meet and agree to buy and disturb the courts, another arm of government. Greediness will kill Malawians. Actually DPP is the worst party to have ruled this country. It is the origin of cash gate and now harboring of criminals. The minister of home affairs, Obama Chiumia is on record having lied to parliament that Murekezi was not a genocide suspect but according to her… Read more »
chief Activist

aaaaaaaa this is how the issue has gon far …………………….am skeptical though that such culprits will be brought to book ………………..paja awa govt(judiciary nd excutive) is easly brocken into silence wen it comes to such issues of intrest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any way i wish i wuld cee this man in court other wise i feel insecure with this man so called murekezi


Just transfer the case to Blantyre ankhaule


he can close all his rubbish and corrupted with his evil and dirty money he has. we don’t need them here.


Let Justice prevail, Bishop Simama, a Bishop of Doom. Why supporting the murders? For the bible says he who walks by the sword, with the sword he yields. Those who sin by the sin they yield and it is death.

If the Simama’s, the Rwandese all are connected to genocide, let them die for their sins.

Please beloved peaceful Malawi check every Rwandan and let them be deported. What they are planning is very evil. They want to start genocide here.

We are taming wild animals in our residences.

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