Ha! ha! ha! – Change, Malawi style!

Change is inevitable. Since May 20 elections, that tripartite event has brought with it the unexpected, and sometimes, expected.

For starters, we never expected that all the big fish in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would have their soiled reputations wiped clean as a baby’s bottom. Thanks to the politically shackled judiciary system.

Yes, the Midnight Six no longer have any case to answer. They may have cracked broken a bone or two in late Bingu’s chest, pretending to rescuscitate him, but who cares.

After all it was at the Big Kahuna’s younger brother’s call, supported by the villanous unsteady ministers of that moment trying to usurp power. These fellas didnt start this past May warping the consitutional order.

Yes, who cares, after all the fallen Chinese-granted professor was also founde of their party. He was arguably more of theirs than a national President.

New national broom APM, ‘Nikolai’ Dausi, Akweni Patricia Kaliati, he of farts George Chaponda, resilient Kalilani, Bright Msaka, et al can now talk to Malawians with cleared breath though the writing is all
over the wall, these are ‘executive’ villains!

And we let them run the show that is Malawi, all over again?Masinga HA  HA HA

And yes, Goodal Gondwe, that old mathematical hand is also cleared of all corrupt suspicions. So has namesake Akweni’s corrupt worms been swept under the carpet.

Nobody bleeding blue blood can be a callous prosecutable, no matter what. This is  great change that we always expected with the DPP.

Not through with the DPP changes, even APM himself has changed. Slowly the man is trying to find his tongue, though not the sense. We can lest hear ‘magalimoto okalamba’ and ‘ulimi wa zilombo’ these days.

Someone at Plot 1 must be doing his good job. Even the man’s face has started to brighten up and the suits are becoming suits, osati zangati za kwa Goliyati zija ayi.

Added to that, First Lady Getrude or whatever her name is seem to have found her foot. Change is inevitable indeed.

I have known her for not so well done ‘mahiya’ (vigamba) she calls clothes. But lately, jealous down, her traditional wardrobe has tweeked a high note. Despite her fraily frame, she is doing fine with
that chitenje fashion of hers. Its her rock n roll sixties hairdo that perhaps younger Mrs. Saulos Klaus ‘Mr. Money’ Tchilima’s wife can be called in to lend a hand.

That lass has style, and a horde of young women to fight off her crazed zip husband.

Talking Klaus, there change has been outstanding too. From that booze spot favourite corner in City Centre to Hammer escorted convoys  is not a mean joke.

Instead of fighting fellow drunks after munching boiled chicken and mang’ina, Saulos has quickly or is quickly hiding his ‘demon’ behind those tinted glasses with much success.

Time can change. High position can change even the impoossible we are yet to learn, with time, if that zipper is also under control lately!

Shift to the once mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Can someone tell me if one so much touted Dr. Lazarous Chakwera is still much around?

The man transformed from a God fearing man of God (exagarated American accent over there) to a vote-wooing nemesis of the system. And after May 20 the unannointed self proclaime Malawi leader has quickly
morphed back into the Assemblies of God boss.

Latest info shows some church election in the USA (as usual) have retoned Laz back to his rightful place. A religious leader, where he should have stayed all along. But May 20 aftermath frustrations hold powerful change tonics.

I wonder if he had been voted Malawi leader was the AG going to slot him back into that top churchly position, or is it some form of consolation vote?

Man shouldnt lose twice!

Even life around his wife has changed. During the campaign she went around a benevolent figure. Sharing a smile at Sana’s superette and making appearances in those odd places.

Politics has change written all over it. Now I dont even remember the prints on her chitenje. May 20 aint no joke.

Talking of Amayi Abiti Mtila, well, an automatic change from the leader of handouts and misguided fighter against Cashgate, back to the same old woman of community help.

The outstanding change is that we no longer shall hear ‘azungu andiuza’ till 2019.

Utikiutiki or shambled Ung’onoung’ono is another less beneficial change. So are tha Katsonga’s of this world.

Talking change, Malawi style!

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