Hail ruling Democratic Progressive Party, full of fluff

There are prayers in the Catholic Church. Thousands, if not a million of them. But there is a prayer that strikes me a great deal, and keeps me going back to it each time my spirits are down like at this point: The Hail Mary.

President Mutharika welcoming political nomad Clara Makungwa in DPP

In the prayer, Elizabeth – wife to Zachariah and mother to John the Baptist – is, filled with the Holy Ghost, confessing that Mary – the would-be mother of Jesus Christ – is a woman of honour full of grace, and that she is blessed more than any other woman the earth has harbored.

It is no small thing to give birth to Christ. Elizabeth is right.

I have deliberately chosen to start with this religious reference because of the analogy I will soon put up between The Hail Mary and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

2014: DPP,  Mutharika full of grace

Just like how Donald Trump’s victory against Hilary Clinton shocked the world in the recent American elections, the triumph of Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the much hyped May 2014 tripartite elections was least expected if not a shocking result to thousands of Malawians.

Well, grace! The heavens had favored DPP once again. Images of DPP cadets wielding panga knives in the streets of government to chop to pieces anyone who wished to challenge Bingu were deleted from the minds of Malawians. The death of 20 people during the July 20, 2011 national anti-government/Bingu wa Mutharika protests was forgotten.

Peter and the DPP were favored by the heavens. Peter and the DPP won. And, blessed is their mother’s womb. It is rare for a womb to produce two presidents. Not just presidents of clubs and associations or churches, but presidents of a sovereign state.

Peter and the DPP proved wrong the trend that is African politics. That a government in power should not lose an election. They fought their fight and had Joyce Banda out of plot number one, and of the country. I am sure Banda is still not sure how really it happened, and that is why she is contemplating of contesting again in 2019 – just months from now.

Like it or not, but as millions of believers in the prophetic family would say, Peter and the DPP were highly anointed with grace or favor.

 2016: DPP,  Mutharika full of fluff

Fluff, the word, means “something trivial”, and I have deliberately and confidently decided to describe the ruling DPP as such. I will explain.

At the end of 2016, it is imperative to admit, most of us did not do well as far as getting good score sheets was concerned. Most of us will admit that if we laid our resolutions we had made at the beginning of 2016 and the results we achieved, tears will course down our cheeks to the ground.

In other words, we failed. Most institutions, of course except banks that make ‘miraculous’ profits from our hard earned savings, will also admit they failed; but, trust me, Peter Mutharika and his DPP greatly failed. Had it not been for the projects his brother Bingu, may his soul continue resting in peace, had initiated before he died during those three mad days of April 2012, I am not sure what Peter would be showing to the world as having been done during the two good years he has been in office except some trivia.

Peter, as I am writing, can only be remembered by youth for bringing about some bad Chichewa expressions such as mpira wa mapazi ormagetsi onse kutha.

There has been so much trivia on part of the President and his henchmen and women, and this is sad.

 APM, a failed president

Malawi risks being called a failed state if a number of issues in the country are not addressed, so one Gift Trapence of the Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep) and others warn. They have actually warned tens of times but unfortunately the warnings are falling on deaf ears.

APM has continued to commit one mistake after the other with the most recent this week being that he now considers his second-in-command Saulos Chilima so unimportant so much so that he thinks he has done at all as overseer of the Public Reforms, and that the program should get back to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), whatever that means.

I need not mention of the cancer that has spiraled in our institutions of higher learning such as Mzuzu University (Mzuni) and The Polytechnic where as Chancellor he has, like some clueless puppet trying to cross a busy road, has admitted that he has no solution to the impasse.

And, of course, our electricity woes. Did he not promise that we will have a great improvement by December 2016? I do not to answer this on your behalf, but go to the Central Business District (CBD) in our dusty and muddy capital Lilongwe and see for yourself.

So, it was good that Peter admitted that 2016 was a bad year for the country. He promised niceties as he did at his inauguration, at the beginning of 2015 and 2016. To me, it makes no difference.

APM has a precedence of failing at promises he makes.

 Much ado on Facebook opposition

If you ask me, it will be a choice for the opposition to lose in the May 2019 elections. The current leadership has goofed big time, but there has been no strategic action from our opposition.

Instead of interacting with the masses to let them know of how bad this country is being run so that garbage is not recycled in 2019, the opposition is busy on Facebook – sharing some press releases and engaging in verbal war with ruling party’s cadets under some funny usernames.

This is time for action for the opposition. This is time for them to let masses know how uncaring this government is about the education of their children. This is time to let people know how their taxes are being stolen in ‘maize-gate’ and what have you. This is time for them to speak for the voiceless, for the people who voted for them so that government is shaken to act. This is the only time the opposition can instill a sense of hope in the people.

But look, like Peter and the DPP, fluff.

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zuzo dekha
zuzo dekha
7 years ago

koma nde aroma mu dpp koma angoti phwiii ngati sapemphera.kutseka pakamwa ndi maso omwer. dyela lapita pasogolo. taonani galu amauwa uja.koma zikzamuvuta nde ine ndi mwana wa mai Maria-hipokliti and bastard

7 years ago

Kodi a Malawi, zoona muzingobvotera anthu omwe omweo? Osasintha bwanji kuti mwina nkuona zina? Basitu mukhala conco.And please if you do vote for a new govt. make sure there is no old recycled politician in that govt.They are the ones ruining the country. I am sure there s young educated blood who can do better. Think about this. Muoneko zina PLEASE!

7 years ago

mutukwana mutopa,mbava zomwezo ziri boo.kubedwe chimanga mmesa bwenzi kuli njala.nanga iri kuti.matchabwadwa anu

Kambilonjo Supuni
7 years ago

Wagwa nayo, ulira kuti phyooooo! DPP ikulowanso m’boma mu 2019. kaya wina afune olo asafune. Utuluka zilonda ‘mmimba mwakomo ndipo ufa tikakukwirira. Tikukuonanitu kuti mwagwa nayo!!!!!

7 years ago

Mbava za chaponda (chimanga)ndizoopya kwambiri.

7 years ago

the opposition is so weak and their strategies are empty DPP will rule againl

7 years ago

Remember chizindikiro cha DPP ndi chimanga thats why akubera kuchimanga chomwecho ayiwala kuti ndi chadziko osati cha chipani ayi.

chatonda Mvula
chatonda Mvula
7 years ago

Peter Mutharika is ruling dead people that is why they do not rise up to claim for their rights violations. But time will ripe and the world will know… 2019 is the year of change and Malawians will be liberated from thieves and thugs.

7 years ago

“…the CBD in our dusty muddy capital LL..”
LL is the country’s biggest and wealthiest town, so we could pave its streets with gold which should cut off all the dust.
But then, seriously, DPP will still win the 2019 polls, mainly through rigging. This could result in civil strife, to be sparked by “overzealous” people somewhere in remote Nyika, and the now “frustrated” MCP will successfully lead the struggle for a Federal Republic of Malawi.
Look, the path we are on cannot be sustainable; something is got to give.

Lt. Frazer Chakhaza Mwale

I will comment tomorrow otherwise I am so exhausted as of now. Keep on informing the nation Nyasa Times and TIMES GROUP (TV and radio) and please don’t relent in telling us the truth. I would also advise Nyasa Times that your reporters should edit their articles before publishing to check for technical errors otherwise keep on the good work. Your sound prudent and sound advice to the opposition is quite inspiring and our only hope is that the opposition leaders take time to read these articles and take the free advice offered.

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