Hawks bullying Bushiri in desperate search for evidence – Report

A senior pastor close to prophet Shepherd Bushiri has accused the Hawks  in South Africa of using a “spray-gun” tactic in their investigations against the leader of Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) Church.

Prophet Bushiri: Hawks are now using a “spray-gun” tactic

In an exclusive interview with Sunday World newspaper of South Africa, the pastor said the situation is so bad that Prophet Bushiri had to ask his lawyers to send the state letters ordering them to respect the law and not use underhanded means in their investigations.

The pastor, who declined being identified for fear of victimization, said: “Our view is that the state has become desperate to make the case against Bushiri stick, and so they’re flouting their own rules.”

In an interview with Sunday World, Bushiri’s lawyer Victor Nkhwashu confirmed that he wrote letters to the State Attorney’s office. Nkhwasu declined to comment further saying doing so would amount to sub-judice.

However, in a letter cited by the  newspaper dated May 29, Nkhwashu seemed displeased with the Hawks’ disregard of his initial letter directing them not to make contact with his client in his absence.

“Despite our previous letter, on 23 May 2019, you have communicated with our client directly through an e-mail making certain enquiries pertaining to the acquisition of the aircraft and other unrelated queries. We urge you to respect and to please follow due process,” writes Nkhwashu, directing the Hawks to liaise with him directly.

In an earlier letter dated April 28, addressed to a Colonel Maritz of the Hawks and advocate S Veenemans of the State Attorney’s office, Nkhwashu identified five people linked to the prophet who were allegedly targeted for questioning by the Hawks simply because of their association with Bushiri.

“The purpose of the visit was initially not explained to these individuals,” writes Nkhwashu, noting he represents all people who wrote confirmatory affidavits to Bushiri’s civil application to have his private jet, temporarily seized by the state, returned to him.

“We hold an instruction that Colonel Maritz and Marais has, on April 26 2019, visited our clients’ SBI premises [in Sandton]. We request and urge that you should not visit any of our clients’ premises unless permission is sought and granted by us in writing, [or] alternatively, [when] you are authorised to do so by a warrant or any form of a court order,” reads part of a letter written by Nkhwashu.

The pastor said: “The Hawks have arrested Bushiri, now they are harassing the people around him. My view is that they are desperate to sow division in the hope that someone will turn against him. In the jet application, the Hawks said he can’t explain the source of his income but he has responded in the civil court and provided a spreadsheet showing where the funds came from. This is now public record.

“I don’t understand why we must live in fear for working with a servant of God.”

Hawks spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi said none of their officials could harass people without following proper procedure.

“The lawyers have an option to report the matter to the head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) or any judge. Whether the Hawks have a case or not, it is not up to us, it up to the prosecutor or the judge who will be handling or presiding over the case,” he said.

Bushiri is expected to appear in court August 29.

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Tony Benn
Tony Benn
1 year ago

Bushiri has invented the biggest and most amazing lie the World has ever seen. He had the audacity to pretend to be President of an unbelievably enormous $100 Billion AFRICCI scam fund. He did this to try and get his gullible idolisers to think he is the most financially powerful man in the Universe ! Is this lie of Bushiri and act of fraud ? Are all the prophets unrepentant liars like Bushiri ? Is it time for Bushiri to apologise and seek forgiveness for all his lies ,scams and cons ?

1 year ago

Musova! Ife zisatikhudze!

1 year ago

@vulgar remember Church doesn’t generate money through offerings only ,they also sell products like anointing oil…

Tony Benn
Tony Benn
1 year ago

When is Bushiri going to apologise, repent and seek forgiveness from all those he has lied to, when he fraudulently pretended to be President of the fake $100 Billion AFRICCI scam fund. Was this Bushiris biggest scam and lie ever ? Was is greater than his fake resurrection scam, when Bushiri pretended to bring a young child back to life. Its time Bushiri apologised to the world for all his lies !

Holly Tit
1 year ago

Who cares! We are busy with our own issues in Malawi

1 year ago

Tell me. Which church offering can buy these three vehicles at once? Tell me. I finance governments. I have properties in malawi. ………

1 year ago
Reply to  Vulgar

only three assumptions either underworld blood money or lottery winnings or bitcoin/Cryptocurrency scam KKKKKKK but never R5 offerings hybo wena! Go deeper paps 😉 Lambo Masseratii and Ferrari waiting outside living la vida loca!

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