Hello Aisha, Abu Shafshufa is dead

Abu Shafshufa is dead, Aisha,

We found him in a hole, like a rat;

You may say it’s heartless telling you so

But Abu Shafshufa had no heart.


Four decades of tyranny are dead, Aisha,

We buried them in the desert at dawn

The grave is unmarked

Like the fate of the thousands he killed.


Another African god is gone, Aisha,

The golden pistol ended forty-two years of arrogance

Made the sun set on the September Revolution

Completed our awakening from decades of oppression.


The people are angry, Aisha,

Dictators are ‘suiciding’ students,

They massacre demonstrators with impunity

Like Abu Shafshufa did at the beginning of this spring.


We will hunt dictators down, Aisha,

They will all meet the same end

The man in the street will have the last laugh

The way we kicked Abu Shafshufa here.


Ask dictators to mend their ways, Aisha,

Tell them they’re not more intelligent than the entire nation

People outside their families have the wisdom to govern too

There’s no gain embracing Abu Shafshufa’s philosophy.


Tell dictators to listen to the poor, Aisha,

To absorb their wishes, not abuse their intellect,

To take their advice, not toss it into the dustbin of history

The way Abu Shafshufa ignored us.


The wind is blowing, Aisha,

We’ll all gather at the Tahrir Square of our continent

We’ll not leave till they are all gone

Into the grave of oblivion like Abu Shafshufa


We’re dancing on Abu Shafshufa’s grave, Aisha,

We’re free! We’re free!

Thank God Almighty

Abu Shafusha is dead.

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