Here lies Mzati trash in thinking, a shame in journalism

If this article does pump sense into government journalist Mzati Nkolokosa, the “has been” news analyst, it is not because common sense is not common, rather it is because he is too obsessed with bootlicking so much so that he has forgotten where he threw his thinking cap and takes everything that comes from Capitol Hill as if it is from Mount Sinai.

Reading Mzati Nkolokosa’s article titled ‘it could be you next’, posted on his blog and on Nyasa Times, one instantly notices that Mzati, just like his master at the State House, thinks that he alone is a “thinker” and that the rest of Malawians are just too dull to analyse events and trends as they happen and unfold in this country.

That’s why in his article Mzati is cleary at pains driving home what is otherwise a clear and simple message: The opposition, or regime change strategist as he puts it, are and will be killing people to make the DPP led government unpopular.


So Mzati writes a wordy article mumbling on and on about a simple message because he believes he is writing to a dull audience. He proves this when he writes: “…but if you are a thinker like myself, you will realise…,” What does he mean by this? We all are not thinkers and cannot understand what he wants to preach? That’s kind of ironic because the thinker he claims to be cannot even pass a masters degree at Chancellor College.

Mzati’s only argument in the article is that regime change strategists will be killing critics of the government because the regime changers know that Malawians will think that it is the DPP that is orchestrating such killings and therefore the nation will be directing its anger at the DPP hence giving them a chance of removing Bingu from power.

In the article, Mzati warns all who are speaking against the DPP government,  to be silent or else they will be hit by regime change strategists who want to, to borrow presidential spokesperson, Heartherwick Ntaba’s diction, ‘discredit the DPP.’

That insinuation is so lame to come from someone who claims to be a ‘genius.’ Is a death threat to those who are telling it like it is?  Is this guy from the worst TV station in the world seriously ‘thinking’ or he is so desperate to kiss Mutharika’s ass to continue being given positions he cannot even understand?

For starters, Mzati and his fellow ‘yes men’ need to ask their sorry selves why the nation is bound to be angry with the DPP led government for a killing that the government does not have a hand in. What is it the basis that has made the people of Malawi so angry that they will accuse Bingu of being behind every evil doing even when he and his DPP led governments know nothing of the vice?

Is it not because Bingu himself has made the people so angry with his draconian media tirades, legislation, persistent and unexplained fuel and drug shortages, strained foreign relations with nations we should be treating like golden eggs, divisive and ethnocentric tendencies and closed universities?

Surely the regime change strategists are not to blame for the fuel and drug shortages. They are not the ones who reintroduced the Quota system and are not the ones who are giving influential public positions to Mutharika’s homies and definitely they are not the ones who expelled  British diplomat or the ones trying to cultivate ignorance by suffocating Chancellor College.

DPP has made the people lose trust in it so much such that it has given the so called regime change strategists a chance to be hitting government critics because they know that the DPP has made itself a ready culprit, not so, Mr. Nkolokosa-the-dull? DPP brought ant infested fagots into its house it should therefrore not be surprised if lizards begin to pay the house some visits.

Again Mzati’s theory that the nation will point fingers at the government for any killing of a government critic just goes to show that the people have lost trust in the DPP such that it will associate it with any evil that crops up.

Mzati seems to agree with the fact that the nation has lost trust in the government because the nation is likely to point fingers at the government for a sin it has not committed. So the question Mzati should answer is: what does a respectable ruler do when he has lost the confidence and trust of the people he governs?

Secondly, Mzati being the ‘thinker’ he is, needs not be reminded that the security of every citizen, critical of the government or not, must be provided by the government and not by anybody else. The nation blamed Bakili Muluzi for the Chiradzulu murders because it was his government that was supposed to offer those who were murdered security.

In a country where thugs can kill willy nilly, be it because they are critical of the government or not, the blame goes to the government for allowing that to happen. Thence, poor Mzati must realise that if any critic of the government is hit, either by “regime change strategists” or not, the people will still point fingers to the government, because if it is the government that is duty-bound to give the citizenry its right to security.

Another point that does not add up in Mzati’s line of thinking is why the regime changers, if at all they exist, be eliminating themselves by killing each other so as to discredit the government when they need the critics to sensitize the people of the country why the DPP government must go.

It goes without saying that the regime changers will need vocal critics of the government who will be advancing their propaganda. So if the regime changers  begin killing each other or indeed people that are critical of the government but not in their camp, who will mobilize people against the DPP?

Isn’t it obvious that when one critic is killed, the others will start fearing for their lives? To avoid facing similar fates, critics will slow down, just as the likes of Undule Mwakasungula have done in the wake of the Mutharika-inspired smoke-out campaign. Now, when these critics start coiling in their shells in fear of being ambushed, how will the regime change strategists achieve their goals? I wonder if they taught logic and critical thinking the time Mzati was in college, he really stinks secondary school in his approach to writing.

Mzati agrees, just by looking at his article, that Robert Chasowa was murdered. so if Mzati knows that Chasowa was murdered the question he needs to ask himself is: why is the police insisting that Chasowa committed suicide when they should be hunting for the regime change strategists that he alleges murdered him. Why is the police so bent on backing thugs whose acts in killing Chasowa have discredited the ruling party?

Just a few years ago, Mzati was being hailed as a good analyst, he could articulate issues, and he even had a shot at peddling chalk at Unima, but since he got introduced to the DPP ass that defecates money when kissed, the brother has lost it, he is now like some joke and his shift in brains gives out all signs that he is the Chakuamba of journalism.

One wonders how he feels when he goes to bed after a good day of peddling trash like his recent article and prattling lies to the nation. One wonders how his lecturers feel after investing so much and yet getting an untrainable man out of him in terms of writing, no sense of ethos, pathos or logos whatsoever in his childish doodling.,

Seriously, he is a disgrace to the Nkolokosas who worked hard to establish their name in Malawian journalism and then here comes the late Mzati, to take it all away for some Kwachas…and strangely he defies all the theories that claim that people grow wiser as they grow old, it seems Mzati like his master are growing senile as age advances.

But I pity him, he is too young to be as tribal as he is, when we all were thinking that tribalism died with Kamuzu and Chakufwa Chihana and is only stuck in some old hags like Kaliati, here comes a young man like Mzati with a tongue full of hatred of other tribes, with a passion for ignorance and another passion for ass-wiping and kissing …when that happens, one fears for Malawi.

But I don’t blame him, wisdom is a goat skin bag, every man carries his own, said Chinua Achebe, Mzati showed us his, this is mine.

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