High Court dismiss MCP faction on convention case: Chidzanja dissapointed

High Court in Lilongwe has dismissed the case in which opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) faction, led by former Dedza Valley chairperson Lackson Khamalatha and baked by Chatinkha Chidzanja and Dennis Nanthumba were calling for an emergency convention of the party in protest of party president Lazarus Chakwera’s style of leadership.

Chatinkha Chidzanja: Dissapointed .Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Disgrtuntled MCP members against Chakwera at the court: Dejected with court ruling -Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Lawyer for MCP Wapona Kita smiling after the ruling. –Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Lawyer Namasala represented the MCP faction.-Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

In May 2016, some MCP officials—including district chairpersons and committee members—dragged the party to court, demanding an emergency convention asserting serious irregularities over how Chakwera runs the party and appointed some national executive committee (NEC) members.

Justice Charles Mkandawire on Monday found the arguments by the MCP faction as lacking merit.

“Petitioning of emergency convention is not a simple matter,” noted Justice Mkandawire in his determination.

He noted that there was no evidence that District Committees met and made a resolution to petition for emergency convention.

“The applicants were asked by the defendant counsel (Wapona Kita) to produce the minutes if the meeting, but their excuse were  common that due to financial problems they had no money to buy papers [yet] they had money to engage a lawyer to represent them in this court,” noted Judge Mkandawire.

“The applicants managed also to attend court proceedings travelling from all corners of the country and still want this court to believe that they had no money to buy a copy to write minutes in their district committee,” the Judge added.

“The applicants flouted the same MCP constitution they say the party flouted by failing to produce minutes if the said district committee meetings. He who comes to seek justice must come with clean hands,” Mkandawire said.

He said there was no credible evidence before the court to make an order of emergency evidence.

Mkandawire also pointed out that the disgruntled MCP officers had put MCP director of Elections Maxwell Thyolera and Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo as respondents in the case but the evidence before the court shows Chakwera as party president made the executive committee reshuffle yet they didn’t include him to the case.

In his ruling, Mkandawire urged political parties to practise intra party democracy and avoid bringing in the courts as its legal advisors or think-tank.

“Let courts spend its time interpreting Republic Constitution and not party constitutions. Let members mainly these in positions, mainly those at district level know their party constitution,” he said.

Mkandawire dismissed the case with costs.

In an interview after the ruling; MCP lawyer Kita a expressed happiness over the ruling while Wesley Namasala said he will brief his clients and be advised the way forward.

Chidzanja and the disgruntled MCP officials said they were dissapointed.

The High Court in Lilongwe has twice dismissed applications district chairpersons, first when they sought an injunction to stop elections in the districts which the party started holding on August 29, 2016.

But upon being reinstated, the same High Court rejected an application to add new applicants to the case as they no longer had sufficient interest in the matter because the party had new office-bearers in the districts.

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sazilala mbuno

nde muganize akakhala ca buno ngati timbalame ta pa lilangwe. azimai otopa awa. awa a MC anangotengako nthenda basi. uyu nkulandilako ma 40 plots kuwasiila stam NAMASALA. mciuno anthu a ndale. zao nzimodzi.
galu oba cimangayu mwaiwala anakwwiitsana ndi nzimai ku Ethiopia/kenya ,atabhuka hotel nzimai anankana. mbala imeneyi zikumuyabwa ndalama. eti kunyasa cimunthu cake. mpake lelo anthu angobisalila mmipala, koma ife tikudziwa.kkk kkkkkkkkkknde Catinkha wawadzoka heavy anthu awatu. kkkkkkkk

Cash Gate

Chatinkha, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,, koma inu

My concern is on the lady leading the group, Mama Chatinkha Chidzanja. She is using the group for her own personal agenda. Her loyalty to the party has always been questionable to me. She wears two colours; that of MCP during day and DPP during night. This lady had been allocated and given over 40 plots at Nalikule along Salima Road by the then DDP diehard CEO of Lilongwe a Mr Mmangisa who was always the MC on all Late Bingu’s occasions. Who among the opposition diehards and MCP in particular can be given such a chunk of land by… Read more »

MCP dzulo ku khoti, lero ku khotI, MAWA KU KHOTI. aPO AYI PA Zodiak. what a party?


tchaya tiweruke zopusa bas


Lawyer worth his salt & caring for his reputation not just after a quick buck would’ve surely told the claimants to go find another legal rep coz apapa ambuye aNamasala mumati mukupita ku court to win? Shame on u Namasala. Of course bola wapeza ya mchere koma ineyo ndikuzisaka kwakoko can’t trust u to represent me ntafuna lawyer coz iweyo za reputation yako ulibe nazo filimu bola bongo basi


Is this not Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma who was on TVM a decade or so ago telling the Nation that she was HIV positive. Kindly remind me in case this is a different one. She also confessed that she is njinga.


MCP & Chakwera are Mighty.So if you know that you have a mental problem,don’t dare to tamper around with it.You thought you will become heroes but alas!you zeros.What a Shame!Now what next?


Ngati akufuna ayambitse chawo chipani koma ngati sangathe abwere tigwirizane pakugwira ntchito za chipani chathu chokondedwa potsogozedwa ndi Dr Razarus Chakwera ngati president wa MCP.



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