Hilary Clinton bankrolled PP campaign, says Uladi

Peoples Party  (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa has said former US secretary of state Hilary Clinton bankrolled the Joyce Banda 2014 election campaign.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Said to have bankrolled Joyce Banda campaign

Mussa said this in a recent radio program.

He dismissed reports that former president Joyce Banda used part of the K30 billion plunder of public money at Capital Hill, infamously known as cashgate to finance the Peoples Party campaign.

“No no, actually it was Mrs Clinton who financed the campaign,” said Mussa.

He said Banda had nothing to do with the cashgate, saying this is why she ordered the arrest of those involved in the cashgate and legal action commenced against them when she was in power.

However, Malawians were surprised that just months into government, the poor briefcase Peoples Party transformed into a rich, powerful influential party with several vehicles and other resources.

Some of the convicted people Oswald Lutepo, late Theresa Senzani, Leonard Kalonga and others said some of the money they stole from gpvernment coffers went to PP.

A former director in the ministry of Tourism, Kalonga said 60 per cent of the looted money went to PP through former director of Budget Paul Mphwiyo.

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Yahya Jammeh

Chimera, do you think Uladi with his Std 8 qualification can be a presidential material. You can tell from his insensitivity that the man doesn’t know what to say in public and what not to say. Whatever Uladi may say I think any same Malawian would not be moved by that when their bank-roller lost miserably to the maverick Donald Trump. Her financial support has been very insignificant-it is like a blind man leading another blind man and if it were in Physics we could have said,”no work done”.


Musa you are a failed leader with failed party. Don’t run away. JB stole money from us. She left a big dent on ppm Therefore just know that p.p will never bounce bounce back. We give you another 40 years from today until the crocodile party disappears completely them your party Wil be leading in opposition bench.
Don’t fool us

Peter Makawa

I dont understand malawians,kodi ndikupusa kapena kumbwambwana.U are fighting PP and Joyce Banda against billions that were stolen by Bingu and u can see Ndata.You saw bags og money in state house after his passing.You see how Peter is playing you. You know he is stealing.He brings to america over 100 people stays in hotels that even rich countries leaders dont use.He overstays on tax payers money.You see all these things and yet you chose to fight Banda leaving this idiot messing up Malawi.Wake up and be realistic


Kikikikiki .
Koma mpaka webusaiti yomweino kunena, pompa pompa, kuti PP inali ka chipani ka “briefcase”!!
Khamula walimba mtima masiku ano.

koma abale inu eeh

Who to trust, Uladi Mussa or everyone else in this country?
And the evidence is all over the place; exposed bare.
Mussa is like a serial criminal who lies in ways he/she thinks is too smart for everyone else. The criminal also becomes a serial liar. A Malawi anachenjera (you can’t dupe Malawians any more!)

Uladi must grow up

Uladi must be daft. Why drag Hilary Clinton into your failed and corrupt party.


Wa bodza , it was bankrolled through Cashgate

Joseph shadow Mabedi

Its alie,they(pp)stole money from us poor people.Hw can aparty with only 2yrs experience in power have all those things?lts only those who are blind that would agree with him.You can fool some but nt not all of us.You are a disgrace to the electrote whom we entrusted u with the huge task of turning the economy for the better but u squandered that opportunity by stealing.Evn we did not vote for this good for nothing party(God forbid)u did not succeed otherwise stay put in opposition.

chimera C

Hon Uladi Mussa, do not be silly. Do you know that you would be starting diplomatic row between Malawi and US by your careless talk? Some things are better not vomitted out.

With such lack of sensitivity and censorship, are you presidential material at all?

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