Hip-hop community ‘sorry’  for Mwiza Chavura’s derogatory ‘rape’ record

The Hip Hop community has apologized, sent a strong condemnation,  and distanced itself from the viral derogatory song ‘Rape’ by former Trap Squad artist, Mwiza Chavura.

Mwiza Chavura the singer of ‘rape’

The community has united to apologize to women, mothers, daughters and sisters saying he (Chavura) does not represent what they are about.

The song ‘Rape’, released December 21 has received backlash from various institutions and persons for glorying rape.

Malawi Hip Hoppaz representative, Black Mind in a statement says “Hip Hop is built on principles and morals, and thus Peace, Love, Unity and having fun”.

“As custodians, gate keepers and guardians of Malawi Hip Hop we condemn this MWIZA CHAVURA and whatever he represents.” he says.

Black Mind further says some of them have Wives, Girlfriends, Daughters, Cousins, Grand moms, girls and this is so disrespectful and so distasteful to the culture in general.

In an interview, he said “Just so we are clear, and this is said with a heavy heart, WE DO NOT ASSOCIATE with RAPE, VIOLENCE in any form neither do we condone such nuisance”.

“We love our women, our queens, our daughters, our girlfriends. Once again we apologize to all women for the distasteful song done by Mr Chavura”


Chavura’s arrest
As the pressure bares on Chavura, the leading music platform has pulled the song down.

Former Chief Child Magistrate Esmie Tembenu has called for the arrest of Chavura on grounds of incitement.

Tembenu: “The fact remains that damage has been inflicted. We call upon the Police to act on this issue and assure Malawians that such incitement has legal consequences. As a deterrent, the Police must send a strong message to such artists and Malawians, that no one is above the law and that artists particularly, have a duty to conduct themselves in manner that does not inflict pain and suffering on Malawian girls and women, whose rights are also guaranteed to be protected under Sections 15, 20, 23 and 24 of the Constitution.”

According to state media Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC) has also joined the wagon of condeming the song saying Chavura insulted the modesty of women, which the organisation said was contrary to Section 137 (3) of the Penal Code.

Online outrage

Online outrage and support for Chavura and his song has divided people.

Some have gone to the lengths of starting campaigns to ban Chavura entire on all media and get him arrested for hate speech if we have the laws.

Malawimusic.com has been criticized for giving the song platform but the site says it screens music before putting it up.

About 99 percent of the music is screened and Chavura fell in the 1 percent of artists. It says some artists get mad when their music does not get uploaded.

Made on Monday show hosted by award winning Joy Nathu has also distanced its platform from giving the song any airplay.
Chavuras response

Chavula said it was unfortunate that people were quick to judge his song which was only part one of two.

He said part two was going to expose the consequences men suffer for acts of rape.

“I regret this scandal. I think we need to be careful in the way we compose and present issues in our songs,” he said.

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Too much for Mr Chavura. We need not to condone this bull shit. Like seriously, let hip hop not make us divert from our norms and values. What a disgrace to womanhood. And why using such language? Ifeyo titsegule m’mimba ndi nyimbo zanu zonunkhazi? Ndipo where we’re you before ngati lyrics yakuvutani why don’t you start some other business? In fact you are a bunch of those musicians that are spoiling the music industry. MAM tamawathamangitsani anthu osadziwa kuimbawa mbuzi za ma artist akuti hip hop what hip hop, mwayamba lit kuimbawa ngati mkazi wakukanani ndiye mukamunyoze mu nyimbo? Inuyo… Read more »

mbuzi zimenezi osamazisekerera ndizomwe zikuononga chikhalidwe chathu.” End of quote.

Can you operationally define what you mean by ‘our culture’…………

Jesus is Lord

Hip hop does not love women! It degrades them by showing them half naked, acting like a bunch of whores. Hypocrites.

Go to Youtube and search “hip hop culture in light of the Bible” on channel “khulupirira” for Malawi.


Who is Esmie Tembenu? Whom is she speaking for? First time I’ve heard her name, publicity stunt? In fact can she digest a RAP song?!

What’s Malawi Hiphoppaz? Is this group or organization registered? Or you mean its a Whatsapp Group, right? So there is a rapper named Black Mind, sorry, where is he from and which song is he famous for?


Foolish Hypocrites… What wrong has this boy done that warrants him an arrest? Umenewo ndiye uchitsiruwo. Someone called Jesus Christ as a “MR YESU” in his song but you decided to shut up despite that open blasphemy. Why didn’t you bark like how you are doing now? Yet you call Malawi a God fearing nation. Women are a big disgrace. Zoona munthu amangidwe chifukwa waimba nyimbo? Ndende zanu ndi zodzadza koma mukufuna anthu azimangidwabe. Kodi kumakhala kusakudziwa kundendeko kapena chani? Anthu oipa inu kwabasi. Munayamba mwalowapo mu ndende? Let alone for composing a song? HYPOCRITES!!!! SHUT UP!!!!


No wonder he is a member of Malawi Congress Party headed by Mr loud Mouth


Actually he is a Dpp cadet

Mfumu yopanda madyela
Mfumu yopanda madyela

Chindere chakufikapo. You’re a total disgrace. A fool at man and an idiot.


Afufuzidwe ameneyu. Could be anagwilirapo ndithu atsikana atawamwetsa. Munthu wosokoneza!


Joy Nathu on his program Made on Monday, played the song. He had edited it to a point you would wonder why he was playing it.

Yesterday he made a Statement that he DID NOT play the song (at any point). Come on man, some of us downloaded the song because you played it. Don’t play innocent now.

This song was not released today, I wonder why the sudden rush of blood as if the song was released today. Mind you, this is hip-hop and he was just expressing his art. AND that hothead woman wanting Chavura to be arrested, why? The song is a narration of a girl who came to his house with provocative dressing and he just couldn’t resist!! Is that hate language? Is that inciting violence? Come on people, yes he’s a fool but I think we’re all overreacting. In U.S., 27 years ago, 2pac made a song in which he was saying ‘I… Read more »

Your last sentence, “Chavula didn’t hurt anybody”
Are you serious? What research have you done? Who told you that? Why are you speaking on behalf of others? How did you make that judgement?
You are dumb.


So you did a research and found scores of people hurt by the song (just because a few loudmouths are making noise doesn’t mean everyone is hating the song…… in fact I know a number of chicks who are seeing nothing wrong in the song ~ the very same ones you’re claiming to protect. FYI a lady friend even sent me the song once it was released. We joked about it and that was all before all you smartphone judges pounced the song 3 weeks later.)

How did you measure HURT? Psychologically? Emotionally? Or Physically?
PS: Go [email protected](# yourself


MWIZA CHAVURA is not ‘Lomwe” That other group would have had a field day! Thank heavens he went to a certain University


The guy is “NOT LOMWE” ! The other tribes would have gone to town and over to Washington if the “guy” was Lomwe. If only he was! Thank heavens he is not one

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