How NFL fantasy football has become  part of people’s lifestyle

Before the days of fantasy NFL, you might have just watched a game, enjoyed the result, discussed it with your buddies at the water cooler, and then forgotten about the game until the next week. That’s all changed no, and instead you can be chatting not just about a particular game, but also about how your fantasy NFL team is getting on or how the result will have affected your team.

Fantasy football

In fact, you could easily walk into the middle of an office water cooler discussion about the league in many parts of America. According to a survey by the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, around 45.8 million people in the US over the age of 18 participated in fantasy sports in 2019. Fantasy sports have become a part of people’s lifestyle, but how, and why?

It’s all about the knowledge

NFL fantasy football gives you the chance to build your NFL football dream team. You use your knowledge of the game, of players’ performances, and of several different variables to craft the ultimate team each week. You’re a scout, manager, and head coach all in one, and leading your team to victory gives you a buzz from sport that you might not otherwise have been able to get.

Naturally, you’ve got to follow events in the NFL. You might spend hours following the games and devising strategies, or you might spend just a little time. It’s up to you, but either way, you need to keep up with what’s going on so you can draft the right players and field the best team each week.

A release from everyday life

Participating in NFL fantasy football can be something of a hobby or escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Actually, it can even provide you with a release from being a die-hard fan of a specific team. Let’s suppose you love the Washington Redskins, but that they’re not playing too well this season. You might be able to handle that if you know you’re fantasy NFL team is racking up all the points.

Not only this, but there’s also a sense of control that you might be lacking in other areas of your life. Maybe the boss is really putting the pressure on you to hand in those reports, you have to stay back late at work, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Perhaps you’re the one running a business, but it feels more like the business is running you. Fantasy football empowers you and gives you a feeling of regaining a slight sense of control.

People are following the NFL more closely

Fantasy football has been a huge win for the NFL, boosting engagement with the brand, awareness of the brand, and, generally, winning the NFL an even greater army of fans. People who don’t especially have an interest in the NFL have given in to the temptation of playing fantasy football and have started to follow the league. There’s also the fact that if they don’t expect a particular team to do well in the league, but they have one player from that team in your own team, they may feel tempted to watch the game to see how they perform.

One important fact has been that the NFL is easier to follow. Whereas leagues such as the NBA or NHL have grueling schedules, the NFL consists of a couple of games each week on Thursdays and Sundays, and the season lasts 17 weeks. Fantasy football players don’t have to check up on their players’ performance every single day. The league gives them some breathing room, allowing them to incorporate participation into daily life more easily.

Fantasy football is an exercise in critical thinking and decision making

Naturally, there’s a competitive element in NFL fantasy football and there’s money up for grabs, but losing out on the money doesn’t make playing it less enjoyable. Aside from the general excitement of playing, however, the game is an exercise in critical thinking. People are learning to process data and form strategies or base decisions on the data from the league. That might be just dropping a player or deciding who should start on the roster, but learning to think critically can benefit you in life by saving you time, improving your communication skills and increasing the ability to appreciate different perspectives.

Fantasy football has brought something new to the NFL and to the lives of fantasy football players. A good performance on the grid can see extra points added to a player’s tally in the fantasy league, and they may well be helping someone march closer to victory. Fantasy football gives participants something on which to focus during their spare time, creates opportunities for people to bond, and even win a little money.

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