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MBC has very few programs that actually warrant your time, but most of us still watch it because they somehow randomly give us the greatest show of broadcasting mistakes on earth, so it’s fun. I’ve decided to be collecting these mistakes and every time I have 5 of them I’ll be adding to this collection. Maybe someone over there will look at this and start paying closer attention to what they serve the public, because we don’t want another season of their 24 hour horror show of mistakes. Here are the 5 most recent humiliating ones;

Annual celebration of the 50th annual celebration50

Toyota Malawi was having it’s 50th anniversary celebration and the president was the guest of honour so MBC beamed the event live. The text on TV however shows that MBC think Toyota Malawi will be celebrating its 50 years of existence every year from now. So next year perhaps Toyota will be celebrating 50 years of existence in its 51st year, LOL. Beaming such a corporate VIP event live on TV requires a competent production team, and this is the best that MBC could come up with. This seems like an honest mistake, but come on, this is National Television!

Imaging being massaged by a cop

policiI love massages, they’re just so relaxing, Once in a while I sneak into the Chinese massage palour next to Alexander’s pub to relax my muscles, but I’ve never imagined a Malawian gun-waving cop as someone who can give any kind of massage.

They say a good message massages the brain, I guess that’s what MBC meant in this credit. The police paid for a 15 minute program to give the entire nation a mental massage, not a message. Bravo Malawi Police! Good work!. P.S. notice the spelling of partnership, LOL.

It must hurt to be a councilor

cityI always wondered why all councillors can’t wait to run for Mayor once voted into power, thanks to MBC I now get it; Nobody knows what the hell a councillor does! In fact, nobody is even sure how to spell the word councillor. So what do you do when you work at MBC and you’re not sure how to spell? You just use all the possible options and leave it to the viewers to choose what suits them! In instance, 3 different spellings for the word councillor are seen in one sentence; Councillor, Counsellor and Councellor, you pick what you like, musova.

Malawi the Frames

Malawi’s direct English translation is flames; every Malawian with at least half a brain cell knows that!

frameBut wait, MBC seems to think our country was named after a door frame, or perhaps a window frame, or is it a picture frame? I think we should ask MBC to teach history in primary school. They must have a very interesting version of the story of our country’s name. Is it Flames or Frames? This mistake was seen during the pre-match commentary of a Malawi vs Ghana football game. What is more humiliating is that they never corrected it for the entire 90 minutes, the word Frames was on the scores and timer panel on the top right corner of every Malawian television for an entire hour and 30 minutes and nobody at MBC noticed. Good lord!

Minister Landa, of Housing & Urination.

Our president really took his time to trim the cabinet size and appoint only credible cabinet ministers. He spent so many days after his appointment last year trying to figure out which ministries and which people were fit and relevant to be maintained, so my assumption is that this strange ministry as labeled by MBC must be really important.

landI’m still trying to figure out what exactly this ministry does,I should get in touch with Honourable Bright Msaka. What in the hell does “Minister Landa, of Housing” mean??? With the “UR” partly visible at the end of the picture, I’m sure that MBC meant to say “Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development”, but with such incompetence on public display, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrote it as “Minister Landa, of Housing “ Urination”.

  • But even Al Jazeera can make a mistake@ Muluzi minister of Mali?

    But even Al Jazeera can make a [email protected] Muluzi minister of Mali?

    Do you have any hilarious MBC mistakes you think people would laugh at? Upload them and they’ll make the next issue. Sorry MBC, no beef but you are way too funny at times.—Source: Pabwalo

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@ Truth! If English is not our language then why not write in our vernacular?


I find it hard that someone can be defending MBC for the embarrassing bloopers on the national TV. Mediocrity defends mediocrity. No wonder writer becomes writter in their world. Thank you, custodian of the Truth!


Truth @ NO. 72, who i guess is an employee of MBC, should just accept constructive criticism when it comes his way. MBC as a public broadcaster should set an example to other media houses that are coming up and set the standards as to what is expected of them.


It seems the writter wants to pick beef with MBC. for starters English is not our language and as long you were able to know what they wanted that is enough that is the beauty about communication. even signs are able to speak. if you have a finger point in a direction then you know that is the way to go.


To say that Malawi is not our language and mistakes are allowed as long as we understand is pure ignorance I’m sorry to say. With that spirit we will never learn. We will never grow and we will never develop. To accept a mediocre life is simply sad. Please try to understand and accept constructive criticism and learn to strive to do better abale.

Ku Times TV bolani koma vuto kulibe creativity. Aliyense amaganiza zobweretsa interview program. Brian Banda ali ndi atatu Thumba la Tambe, Tikudziweni ndi Times exclusive. Pano anthu amuthera wayamba recycling. Abambo onenepa aja a Kachitosi ali ndi yao, Bayana Chunga naye ali ndi yake, Even program yabwino ngati gospel Kathithi mulindo interview yomwe munthu amafunsidwa mafunso ngati omwe Brian Banda amafunsa. Urban trend nayo interview, Times news exclusive one hr interview with two people talking boring staff. Even program yokamba za mkomya interview iiii Be creative please. TV siyinakhazikike muzitha kubwerekera ma program kwina mpaka mupeze choyikapo cha interesting. Kale… Read more »
Generally,sourtheners and centrallers are terrible in english language,both written,spoken and everything,if you meet a sourthener or a centraller who is good in english,then they were in high shool.Some,very intelligent, but the way they speak english lives alot to be desired,i am yet to know why,pronunciation is even worse,for instance,most of them dont know the difference between a “helth centre” and “helthy centre”,that of “of” and “off”,too much chewalization of english words,that alone wae not a big deal,but even their grammar is horrible,but graduates,you wonder how they managed to be successful in interviews et al,this just shows how rampat nepotism is… Read more »

Meant to say difference between “health centre” and “healthy centre”.


Even UK television isn’t error free. So what if there are a few errors!

This is pointing to some serious problems at MBC. The problem to do with employing people NOT on merit but based on political affiliation, tribe or bedroom interviews. The political inclination of MBC does not help matter at all. But seriously can’t we take it from the independence and professionalism of SABC? At SABC they are really meant to educate, inform and entertain. Whereas in out case MBC is for DPP and not for the nation. Well, it is only like this in the poorest nation on earth. Anyway, I shouldn’t talk much after all I have many other alternatives… Read more »

A ezekiel osangolemba chichewa bwanji. Kulakwitsa sipeling’i ndikwina koma mpaka galamala yonse. We Will really collect you instead of correcting MBC. KLKKKK


Anyway this comments are coming from men of letters so what are you looking for, or whom are you teaching coz every nation knows about the name properly, or is petty of washing teeth?

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