I’m gay and HIV positive, Malawian in UK asylum claim

The UK media is reporting that a Malawian man in Coventry has applied for asylum, claiming that he is a homosexual afflicted with HIV+.

The UK authorities do not believe his claim, and in an initial decision have refused him leave to remain and want him depoted.

However, with the complex, near-endless appeals process in the UK with claims for asylum, he has now taken his case to an Immigration Tribunal.

At his hearing he claims that he will be jailed for being a homosexual: “The Government in Malawi has no respect for homosexuals and I will be prosecuted if I am sent back there. I know several gays who have been persecuted.”

The Immigration Court ruled that tTe asylum seeker’s name not be published.

Untangling a UK media report, he seems to be making the bizarre claim that, although his parents know that he is a homosexual, he fears that  they will find out about his HIV+ status if his details are published, and then somehow the Malawi authorities will “single him out”.

He further claimed that being HIV+ he must be allowed to remain in the UK, because treatment there is much more advanced than in Malawi.

The Malawian gay does not mention that Malawi government has a program to supply free ARVs and other medication to HIV+ patients, as well as monitoring their CD4 count.

He told the immigration judge that he was in a relationship with a Coventry man and provided pictures of himself at The Rainbow, which he said was a well-known haunt for gay men in the city.

Unlike in Malawi where gays face homophobia, Coventry residents respect his sexual persuasion.

“People here are kind”,  he said. “Life here is much better than where I came from.”

In support of the asylum seeker, the UK media including the gay publication Pink News reports that homosexuality remains a criminal offence, but does not mention that Malawi government has stated that it is no longer interested in prosecuting consensual, same-sex acts.

The British media gives a background of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who were infamously jailed for committing the “unnatural act” of holding an engagement ceremony.

In the homosexual media, Malawi is further trashed with the fairy story about “a new anti-LGBT law coming into effect earlier this year”.

This is a reference to the Marriage Act, in which somewhere is buried the concept of marriage as being that of two people of the opposite sex. That is to say, same-sex marriage is not allowed, and so the entire Act is twisted into an anti-LGBT law.

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Gays are not wellcome in our society. God forbid.


Rabish, it time for you to repant and make your relationship with your god, otherwise zako izo

christopher kalonga

Oh! GOD, he knows not what he is doing. Over my dead body.

Maxwell Richardson Mwalubunju
Maxwell Richardson Mwalubunju

To bad for him! but it’s not too late for him,let him ask ALMIGHTY GOD for forgiveness and he’ll be set free…Malawi will never accept homosexual and that’s the sin..

fazeera mpoya

this an act is againist God, and should malawi peacefull country support it. such an act is not allowed here, so let him be there where there is such people.


As poor as we r, we will not accept gaism in mw. Malawi is not America and we can not accept what they follow. I thought homosexuals could not attract STDs? So what is the benefit of being homosexual?


gay! Iwe don’t wory zomwe umafuna wazipeza.umava bwanji?

angozo ndi abanda

Dont dare to come to our God’s fearing nation. We don’t need your Sodom and Gomora. Devil worship. You must know that all who promote this are directly messangers of Satan. Mudzafa imfa yowawa!! (You ‘ll die a very painful death!)

Lovemaniac 91

Anthu ofoira ngati awa azinyongedwa coz akunyatsitsa mbiri ya Malawi. Ngat amakhala maluzi pepani. Mwamuna kuchinditsa!kkkkkkkkk koma abale kuli tchimo. Tiyambira kunyonga iweyo, amati ndani paja? Ok, tikusaka!

ibrahim makwati

bwela kumalawi kuli amabungwe akukudikila azapeze ndalama kuchokela kumene uliko kapena uzakwatilane ndi aujeni amayendesa zoti muzigonana aku inuyo simungatenge matenda olo kachilombo simungatenge ZODABWISA khalani komweko kuno mankhwala kulibe akuba amaba mankhwala akangobwela kumene

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