Indeed Malawi government has failed the albino community

Recently reports of murders and maiming of albinos in the country have horrified the world. In spite of claims by the government that it is taking the issue seriously, the horrible incidents have continued unabated. It is clear that the State President and his DPP led government have failed our albino brothers and sisters, and the country as a whole.

March against albino attacks
March against albino attacks

There are certain things a government committed to stopping these crimes could have done. The spate of albino killing is part of the general breakdown of security in the country. The first thing the President should do is to hold all government officials accountable. The current Inspector General of Police should have been fired long time ago. Under his leadership of police, the country has deteriorated into anarchy. We have seen vigilant mobs burning people alive; senior citizens have been butchered in broad day light after being accused of witchcraft; and many young albinos are in constant fear of their lives. The IG may be a good person. But he has failed; and it is time for another leadership at the helm of the police force.

The president, himself, has not shown that he understands the urgency and seriousness of this issue. To the best of my knowledge, the State President has not attended any of the funerals of these albino victims and has not publicly met with any maimed albino kid. As commander in chief of the Malawi Armed Forces, the president could also have sent truckloads of soldiers to villages where these incidents are taking place, as part of investigating teams, to publicly and symbolically show that he is committed to protecting each and every one of the albino kids.

I know, I do not have all the answers to this problem. But that is why we hire a President and government every 5 years. Unfortunately, in Malawi as in many developing countries around the world, there is a chronic lack of vision and innovation among leaders. Over the years we have had no shortage of people wanting to be presidents. But very few of these, if at all, have offered any unique solutions to the problems of our country.

Our presidents have always been eager to embrace the  accolades of the office but yet fall silent whenever a national issue calls for innovative solutions. At the moment the world is looking to the leadership of Malawi to aggressively tackle and solve this crime. Is Peter Arthur Mutharika up to the task?

As a friend put it on Nyasanet, “We cannot continue to be referred to as ‘the Warm Heart of Africa’, if our government cannot protect these innocent kids”.

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Pax Romana
Pax Romana
6 years ago

Malamulo am’ dziko ndi wofooka, atsogoleri nawonso wofooka bongo.Pamepa ngati ine sukulu ndikuyiwonanso.Amati wophunzira ndiwo angayendetse bwino DZIKO.Bolaninso wa JC uja ngakhale anali ANYAMATA A PATAUNI.

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