India reaping rewards for investing in cricketing structure

Everybody knows that England is home to many popular sports around the world. The most famous of them are football and boxing. But in the countries that were in the last century the Asian colonies of the British Empire, different kinds of sports became widespread: 

field hockey;




cricket and others.

In the nineteenth century cricket was called «the game of gentlemen». Today the world of sports is open to everyone — for example you can bet parimatch cricket  online.

The first match between the sepoys (hired soldiers from among the Indians) and the British officers of the colonial forces took place, presumably in March 1845. Three years later, the Parsee Oriental Cricket Club was established in Bombay, which marked the beginning of the history of organized cricket in India. As the name of the first club suggests, many Bombay players were Parsis — representatives of a rather narrow ethno-confessional group.

Development of sports schools in India

Paradoxically, until the end of the 19th century, the «All India team» in cricket was composed almost entirely of the British. At the same time, the real Indian gamers were still considered Parsis. By 1892, they had won several high-profile victories over their British teachers. In addition, the team of the Bombay club has repeatedly defeated European cricketers.

A huge impact on the further development of cricket in India was the emergence of the Nayudu Club, named after an entrepreneur from Bombay, who was a great enthusiast of this game. He not only created another team, but also founded a sports school, where children were accepted without distinction by caste. At the club they were taught cricket, as well as given a general education — and all this is free, which was simply unreal, as the poverty had the huge spread over India.

How India achieved such success

Despite the fact that this sport was not given due attention, time and finances, both from the state and from the athletes, everything fell into place over time. Times for the population were not the best in terms of ensuring life: prosperous poverty, the remnants of colonial rule and other troubles exacerbated the state of affairs. It is known that only in 1932 the first Indian national team was formed, which began to be headed by famous athletes.

After fifty years, the team managed to win their first major victory. It was this triumph that marked the beginning of the popular love for cricket. Nobody, even the most famous actors and singers of our time, had such popularity as athletes. Something similar happened once in Brazil, where children from the poorest families became stars thanks to football, prompting tens of thousands of others to train harder. Today, when Indian cricket clubs have become the leaders of the world rankings, it is much more difficult to become a professional, competition is intensifying, but for coaches it is quite fine.

It is also worth noting that cricket has become even more popular precisely because of the rivalry between India and neighbouring Pakistan. The reason was the same end of British rule. Countries again found themselves on opposite sides of the barricade, and sports were able to transfer hostility to a more peaceful way of sorting things out. At the moment, it is these cricket tournaments that are the most anticipated and popular, both from the fans of India and Pakistan. In any case, it should be noted that today cricket is part of the culture and religion of a given country, and this is unlikely to change in the near future.

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