Old School RuneScape vs World of Warcraft Classic

In the world of MMO titles the ones that are claiming the top positions for quite a while now are, RuneScape and World of Warcraft. While being two completely different titles one thing that makes them alike is what they offer to their players and that is the choice of experience. Both the games happen to provide two completely different experiences to their players.

If we talk about RuneScape, it has RuneScape 3, which leans towards the modern MMOs while the Old School RuneScape provides the players with a more classic experience from the past, that the players actually love. And this is the case with World of Warcraft as well, there are two versions, one being the classic version of the game and other being the retail or modern version of the MMO.

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But the question is which classic title is better than the other and why?

The Classic Experience

Way back when these games first came out, they became a huge success amongst the MMO fans and there were millions of players playing these MMO titles as they provided a completely unique yet classic experience. These games over the years went through some major changes and it just killed that “old school” vibe that the fans loved so much and they became just like the modern MMOs out there right now.

But the developers decided to change that and so they brought back the classic experience with the titles like Old School RuneScape and World of warcraft classic. If we talk about OSRS, it became a major hit and you can just see that from the sheer amount of players the game has, which is more than 70% of the whole RuneScape players combined as the RuneScapers just love the old school vibe.

The World of Warcraft classic on the other hand isn’t much popular than the retail version of the game, so in regards to the classic experience, I think Old School RuneScape does a very impressive job but as whole franchise World of Warcraft is far more detailed than RuneScape which is why it still remains the most played MMO title of all time.

Not so Different after all

Both the title provides a totally different experience to the players, which is kind of the point but something that makes these games more alike than different is that they keep improving the experience with whole lot of new events, quests, mini-games and in-game items every now and then which makes the players loyal to these games and gives them something to look forward to.

So, if you are just starting out, no matter which game you prefer, you’d find so much support from the community and you can always get help from the pro players whether its OSRS or WoW Classic.

The developers are working round the clock to polish the experience and keep the players as involved as they can and the best part is, they actually listen to the community’s feedback and implement the changes that works best for the players.

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