Indian businessman who jumped Malawi bail sneaks back: Geared to drag govt to court

An Indian businessman Chandrashekar More who  was arrested after  Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)  ordered his arrest for not filing a tax return and then jumped bail has sneaked back in the country.

Indian High Commissioner Kumar Menon did not comment on the matter

He found his way back after being cleared by Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of  with the investors who had come for a Malawi-India Investment forum.

More launched Mansi international company in 2006 and only paid tax in 2010 and then sarted another company  in a multibillion-kwacha agribusiness Tamanna Solvex Africa  in 2013 .

The Indian and his family then fled to India after being granted bail on tax crimes about K8 million.

Malawi Police could not arrest him on return for jumping bail as he claims he is on diplomatic immunity by Indian High Commission in Malawi who wants him to fight his case in the High Court for alleged wrongful arrest.

Indian High Commission in Lilongwe did not respond to a questionnaire sent by Nyasa Times.

More alleges that the MRA ordered his arrest for not filing a tax return but failed to inform him of the details of the case, including his tax liabilities.

He says the police did not record a statement from him after his arrest, and that no formal charges were ever laid.

More,  who says cannot use any Malawians  for fear that they  are either not competent or compromised, has come with his India-based lawyer, Neelkanth Aher, who wants to file for litigation in the High Court of Malawi against Attorney General, MRA and Malawi Police.

He accuses Malawi government of  “grabbing the properties of foreign investors who are investing in Malawi”.

More claims he was “tortured mentally and physically” throughout the time he was under “illegal detention.”

He said: “I was not informed about my case nor did I have access to any papers or information in relation to my case.”

Aher says the charges against More were “so baseless and viciously motivated”

More has a bitter private wrangle with a former associate but wants to drag in the State into the matter.

However, Aher will have to apply to Malawi Law Society to be allowed to comment proceeding in the High Court of Malawi.

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A Malawi kupusa, kepepera, kumbwambwana ngati president wanu Peter Mtharika. STUPID


Stupid Malawi. This bloody Indian jumped bail and now he is back to challenge the very same government whose laws he violated?? Chinekeee!!


The problem is with the malawians who called themselves professors,Dr’s,lawyers,judges & MPs.these they should not called indias are crooks,koma inu akangokunyemerani money basiii kuphweketsa malamulo while mukuzuzitsa the majority malawias apa.ndithu dsiko link pofunika adzalamulireko wa form 2 akhoza kudzayendetsa bwino coz akuwudziwa bwino mwina umphawi..deport him please!!!!!ka lawyer wabwera nakonsoko kasaloledwe kuno ayii ZOPUSA ETIII!!!!!!


How dare stupid Indian? Go do your business in India.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
1. Chandrashekar More should mention foreign investors whose properties were grabbed by the Malawi Government. 2. For what reasons? 3. Chandrashekar More’s statements are very damaging to the government to which the Attorney General should demand a thorough clarification from him. In any case, damages for defamation are found wanting to clear the slander on the government. 4. All business guys of his calibre who do not file tax returns including tax liabilities should face the full force of the law. 5. The Forfeiture Act that was repealed in 1995 should be brought back so that such characters should not… Read more »

The youth of Malawi need to come together and form a political party to change all this nonsense. We need to strengthen our laws to rid of the many unscrupulous Indian businessmen who have taken this country for a ride. Tsiku lizakwana.

Ufulu Kachitsa

The man has his rights. Let him clear his name.


This is our GOD given land… don’t entertain him


Malawi land of nonsense.


Kutitola basi. In the first place why did he jump bail? It means he was on wrong arm of the law. Now he is pumping himself as if he owns malawi……..tinawazoloweza amwenyewa kuti tokhatokha timadana, kumangitsana mkati but themselves are immuned. They are used to bring merchandise here without paying tax bola ngati wanyema. Pamene ife eni nthaka olo ka Vits akutipana we cant bargain.
We can not do that in India, can we? Deport him after this case.l

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