Infighting at MBC: Mungomo in smear campaign against Sumbuleta

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Director of Programmes Albert Mungomo is reportedly distributing a series of anonymous letters attacking MBC Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta, President Peter Mutharika and his aide, Ben Phiri among others.

Mungomo:  Suspected to be behind smear campaign against MBC boss

Mungomo: Suspected to be behind smear campaign against MBC boss

This week messages have gone viral on email and Whatsapp message sharing platform chronicling wide allegation against Sumbuleta ranging from abuse of office and sexual offences.

However, an investigation reveal that the IP addresses from which the slanderous emails originated have been traced to IT gadgets used by Albert Mungomo, one of the senior managers at the public broadcaster.

According to our investigations, Mungomo’s official email address is [email protected] and it uses IP address number.16.345.279.41. The slanderous mail in circulation uses the same IP address but with a fake account named “[email protected]”.

For close to three months now, Mungomo has been sending malicious emails to almost all media houses in Malawi but the organizations have been turned them down due to their slanderous nature.

Using account name [email protected], he sent the emails to media houses in July this year and the second anonymous letter followed on the 25th of August, 2015. The latest version of these anonymous letters was sent to the media houses on Thursday 24th September, 2015.

In all these attempts, the emails used the same IP route and address used by Mungomo’s official email.

This is not the first time Mungomo has been connected to chaos at MBC. Previously, Mungomo and his third wife Gloria Banda had been accused of running the programmes department at MBC as a family business.

Sources in administration at MBC say in the department Mungomo is Director while his wife Gloria is Chief which means Gloria reports to her husband.

But in this current of attacks, Mungumo has gone flat out hitting his own Director General and his colleagues in the ruling DPP including the president’s special aide Ben Phiri.

Nyasa Times understands that Mungomo has a grudge with the DPP leadership and that’s why he is attacking everyone he feels is close to the DPP ass he claims to have done so much for Peter Mutharika to win but he was not rewarded accordingly.

‘‘ Come and ask anybody here.. Albert Mungomo says Mutharika brought Sumbuleta to head MBC simply because he is Lhomwe.. Instead of making him Director General, apparently that’s what they had agreed,’’ said one of the MBC employee.

The investigations have also discovered that Mungomo was demanding that he be returned as Presidential Press Secretary following the 2014 election victory by the DPP in May last year.

For two years, Mungomo served as Presidential Press Secretary for late President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Inside sources at MBC say that, Sumbuleta was the one who promoted Albert Mungomo to the position of Director of Programmes after previous Director General Benson Tembo turned down pressure from government to give Mungomo the post.

Investigations have further revealed that the email was first circulated to three receivers whose IP addresses are owned by Globe Internet Services but rented to MBC. At the time of posting the story we had not traced the users of those IP addresses.

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Mr Mungomo ,smearing someone about sexual offences? Really? Lets not forget that people do change therefore I reserve my comment. It had many words like a thesis.


Komatu agalu awiriwa onse alibe University Degrees at all. Mungomo has just started his Diploma at Poly. But Mungomo wants to be the DG with nothing academically with his wife Gloria Banda. Shaa Malawi has gone to the dogs indeed.

Francis Kaisi

Gmail account on this day and era for the national broadcaster? Chitukuko chikuchedwa pa Malawi.

Gule Wamkulu

Sumbuleta mwangodana naye chifukwa ndi Mlomwe. Look guys, Sumbuleta is a performer. He is among the few Malawian journalists to have worked for the BBC and other prominent international media. He left a high paying job for MBC just to help the institution. Zikakhala izi zonyengana zili paliponse. Ndani sanyenga pa ofesi?

Chilungamo Chimawawa

Mutharika Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Sumbuleta and Mungomo mukazitengela izi mudana koopsya woyambitsa ali phee
Mungomo can have weakness so too Sumbuleta but I dont think zobvula mabulukuzo
nzoona. Keep your heads up, though I dont know or like the two but this is work of adani basi


Sitikudziwa kuti choona nchiti, komanso appearance abale a Mungomo kkk


Hon Jappie Minister of Information although you are very rarely commenting onto matters of our concerns, We wish to urge you to review DG Sumbuleta and DP Mungomo positions so that they can be removed from MBC and assign other jobs because they have brought Shame , torture to reputable MBC .How do you feel always these people fight one another due to who should be heading MBC and victimising innocent staff.Dont practice Mediocrity


Musatitaitse nthawi, talembani zomwe mukuti zaululikazo za Sumbuletazo. Kodi amatani…..tiyambire pamenepo osatiyambira mmalele nkhani tisakuidziwa


Koma yaaaa. Sumbuleta anafika pamenepa. Zitengera anthu olimba mtima. Watch out my bro Sumbuleta AKA Innocent Mawaya

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