Influencer Sky Dube share tips on growing follower base on Instagram and Facebook

My name is Alpha Sky Dube, Alpha Sky or Alpha Dube rather depending on how much of a mouthful you can take. I am a former Internet Content Creator (Youtuber), author and blogger. Having worked with brands such as Adidas, Canon, British Army, The I AM+ (Will.I.Ams company) and the United Nations; World Food Program. Was once labelled “Africa’s 8th Most Influential Youtuber” in 2014 and Idle Man Magazines; Idle Man of the year in 2017.  Through my 10 years of experience I do like to think of myself as a Digital Marketing Guru, because I can’t call myself an expert as I don’t have the blue tick yet.

Social Media is a crazy universe I believe we have all had the pleasure to visit. Some of us find Solos whether keeping up with the dramas of Twitter, stalking our exes of even watching that 10th “How To” video on a subject we don’t even care about; It’s crazy.

As sure as I am that many of you reading this have Instagram I’m sure we’ve all been jealous of those of talentless who seem to get thousands of likes on random Instagram posts of their feet by the pool or that holiday to Kenya they took with their significant others.

Social Media is a crazy game which I started to tackle in 2010 when I wanted to grow my personal accounts to help boost my videos and a sad reality I found to social media was that unless you have abs, recently had butt injections or even post the dankest memes people sadly don’t care. As I took my time to explore this world (Before I had my butt injections), I had to learn how to grow a healthy follower base and a stable brand. So I would like to share 20 of my secrets on growing a healthy organic follower base on Instagram and Facebook.

The most interesting development among brands and influencers, is social media verification. The Sitetrail agency is known to have assisted around 500 accounts in successful Instagram Verification. The agency boss who attracted many satisfactory reviews, Adriaan Brits, believes that real notability cannot be substituted by fake attempts and says that platforms seek to mirror the real world in their verification decisions.

Facebook Page: 

  • Upon setting up make sure you’re clear about what you are about and make sure to annotate that by selecting the right page category and putting in the right information.
  • Invite family and friend and ask them to share too; avoid being shy and stick by your brand.
  • Create content which you believe even your grandmother would be proud share.
  • Be true to your brand; the few people who followed you based on genuine interest in what you do will stay loyal to you and stick by you. This translates to steady growth and gaining organic feedback
  • Get yourself a personalised Link, some may think it’s unnecessary but it does make it easy for others to find your page and it is a key part of branding.
  • Make sure to always follow the 70/20/10 Rule; create 70% original content, 20% shared content relevant to your followers and 10% self-promotional content
  • Clean Up your content; Facebook feeds are usually packed by friends posting their kids or re-sharing things they shared 5 years ago which Facebook forced them to remember so you need to make sure your content is clean and stands out.
  • Interact with your audience no matter how small or how big especially now how Facebook have added stories option, make your audience feel at home.
  • Use the tools which Facebook have given you such as the Insights to analyse content and see what your people are loving and what they are not so much into.
  • Experimenting with timing, because although many of us are always on our time lines there are set times in each country, city and towns which you’d find more people being active on the platform.


  • Be interactive! When people like your picture whether or not they follow you it helps to interact with them because it helps to increase your activity.
  • Don’t think about ratios unless you’re an artist, it doesn’t matter if you follow 500 people and only have 200 followers (May be different if you’re an artist).
  • Bloggers, Artists, Models, Actors… pretty much any creative, stick by the 20/80 rule; 20% what you do and 80% your life.
  • Join or Start engagement groups; these tend to be groups of people with similar interests on social media (Such as travel, Music, Art, Cars etc.) who support each other’s growth and are prompted to either comment or like each other’s posts.
  • Understand your audience; you don’t want to grow an audience of foodies and start posting pictures of cars.
  • Take advantage of your bios and saved stories. These are the first thing people see when they load your page and if private usually what entices people to press that big blue follow button.


  • Use hashtags. I’m not known for using these because I have major social media OCD and I don’t like the way they look but I will not deny the effect they have on posts. That whether on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.
  • Create a theme. This is something which always grabs my attention, Instgaram accounts with a strong on going theme always have me following because of the way they simply look.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others because you will find yourself getting led off track and doing something which isn’t you. Advice for the real world and for social media too.

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