Innocent Mawaya the pseudo used by DPP operatives  hoping for Malawi post-election bloodshed

The professional journalism has ethos that are religiously observed and defended at all times and at any cost. Confidentiality and protection of the witness or source of information is one such cardinal principle. However, the protection of the source becomes null and void when it is proven that the source was simply spreading malicious information for selfish motives with a view to mislead the public and affect national security. When that rubicon is crossed, the source must no longer be shielded.

Nyasa Times and Orakonews editors were faced with a situation where they had to make a joint statement to protect and defend the potentially fragile future Malawi may encounter soon after May 20 elections results.

The drums of war are persistently becoming louder with every passing day as Malawi gets closer to the polling day. Propaganda material is being disseminated. It becomes dangerous electioneering business when innocent citizens are smeared with rigging tactics without verifying the information objectively.dpp zikawnje july 20 martyers

Elections can be a bloody business.  People get killed during and after elections. Kenya should serve as a reminder. Nobody in his right mind would ever want to walk that path.

One Innocent Mawaya – a pseudo used by DPP operative on social media –  has appointed himself to be the guardian angel of the forthcoming elections. He is the Intelligence Officer that is feeding cheap propaganda that the coming elections will not be free and fair. The elections will be rigged. In his own words and writings on Social Media the elections are already rigged.

It is the duty of the Media to investigate and expose both the truth, lies and whoever is behind it.

For the first time in competitive media fraternity, Nyasa Times and also Orakonews carried out joint investigation. The future could be at stake. We put resources out there to trace the root source of the rumours and verify them.

We both came to one and same conclusion, traced the source to once person. Innocent Mawaya.

Innocent Mawaya is only a pseudo name mostly administered by Foster Sande and fed propaganda by DPP activists. The past few weeks, Foster Sande has been very active sending information to various individuals and media houses. He has sent same to other political parties with a view to exacerbate their suspicions.

We made a decision to expose him in order to undo the damage and prevent possible bloodshed.  Malawi Voice, an online publication funded by DPP  fell under his spell and began publishing unverified stories.

The Nyasa Times and The Orakonews are in possession of the documents authored by Foster Sande and his associates which make serious allegations against many people, this is the material from which he is copying and pasting on the Facebook on his Innocent Mawaya Account.

IP addresses of the account on Facebook and emails even on pen names have traceable information on the DPP propaganda machinery.

We find this action extremely dangerous. We urge fellow Malawians to treat such information as propaganda aimed at putting Malawi at risk. These are DPP ploys and tactics. The foundation to dispute elections results should they lose

If the allegations are true, there is no need to hide behind false account. The editors of Nyasa Times, Orako and  mainstream media in Malawi could not establish anything creditable in the stories and were rejected.

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