International body condemns DPP for unleashing terror against MCP in Nsanje Lalanje

Centre for Young Leaders in Africa, an organization which advocates for youth inclusion in decision making positions, have condemned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for unleashing terror in Nsanje Lalanje  ahead of October 17  parliamentary by elections.

Mkozomba: It is disheartening to hear DPP has unleashed terror on MCP in the run up to the byelections

On Tuesday panga wielding DPP Cadets  invaded the constituency removing flags of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and intimidating supporters of the MCP.

CPLA President Charles Nkozomba said democracy is about competition of ideas and not fighting.

“We have learnt with shock reports that there has been fighting recorded at Sorgin and Bangula in Nsanje Lalanje   between DPP and MCP youths. In the first place we condemn the the violence in its totality regardless of party colours,” said Nkozomba.

Nkozomba urged the youths not to be used in situations of this nature.

“As we are approaching the by elections we are appealing to young people not to become pawns for politicians where the upcoming by-elections are to take place,” said Nkozomba.

Mlozomba said youths are urged not to be used by selfish politicians in acts of political intimidation and violence ahead of the October 17th by-elections.

MCP regional chairman for south Peter Simbi said that the ruling party had “resuscitated” its

terror machinery with  former Director of Youth, who is also Councillor for Chigumula Ward in the city of Blantyre, Lewis Ngalande, known for controversy and violence  taking charge of the party Cadets in intimidating the voters in Nsanje.

Simbi said they had gathered first-hand information from terrified villagers who were being intimidated by DPP thugs after they attended meetings with opposition leaders.

He said people are saying if they show their  support to the MCP, they will be beaten or killed.

“One of the people who had been roughed up by DPP cadets, whom we met,  said there was no recourse anywhere for victims of political violence and intimidation,” Simbi said.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila has since dismissed the reports of violence, saying his party will win the election ” clean and in issue-based campaign.”

Kasaila said MCP are “desperate ”  and that they know defeat is surely for them, they have resorted to “cultivate lies.”

The October 17, by-elections will take place in Lilongwe Nsozi North, Lilongwe City South East, Mayani North ward in Dedza, Mtsiliza ward in Lilongwe, Makata ward in Ndirande Blantyre and Nsanje Lalanje.

However, MCP’s Simbi insists no rocket science is needed to conclude that the savage and thuggish criminal activities are orchestrated by DPP thugs .

He said DPP  regime is cornered, deeply fractured, incorrigibly factionalised and crumbling.

“The regime is facing a crushing and humiliating defeat at 2019 elections and the by-elections is just a stern test,” said Simbi.

Recently,  the governments of the United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA) through their embassies in Lilongwe issued a statement to say they support an election that is free, fair, credible and safe for all Malawians.

Political parties need to play their part by campaigning responsibly and adhering to the electoral code of conduct, they advised.

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Primitive and stone age politics. Those youth who are being used in such barbaric acts are pure madeya who have nothing positive to offer to society.

Patrick Phiri

MCP has no chance in Nsanje Lalanje. Defeat is definitely looming for MCP. Don’t fabricate stories of intimidation. MCP has nothing to offer to the people of Nsanje Lalanje.

Longani pyanu

Issue based campaign my foot! People read signs of time.This is the time to change the card. MCP is wining this by election.See you on 17th


Dpp knows pretty well it won’t get any parliamentary seat in these by-elections thts why they have resorted to be violent. Your time is running out 2019 is coming closer tione zina.
MCP Boma!!!!!


It’s sad to see the youth choosing to still b unproductive up to date by allowing being used so cheaply like this…..what type of leaders are we to be? Let the elections be free and fair so that political parties can know their true popularity and go back to drawing board in redness of 2019. This must b condemned in strongest terms. Achinyamata put down Pangas and be true progressive leaders!!

The best is to deal with the cadets pa ground. disarm them and beat them squarely so that their political pay-masters should not recognise them, Mwayi ukapezeka, torch them kuti anzawo aphunzirepo. Apa tiyendere “oyenda ndi lupanga” basi What type of youths allow themselves to be used to bring terror on fellow humans, and fellow Malawians for that matter? Its a shame, and DPP please STOP IT! I beg. Lets play civilized politics. They that wins let them win honorably and they that lose let them lose honorably. Thats democracy. Apa ndiye wakupha, kuba ndi kuononga waonekera poyera! A Dausi… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa

Kasaira is a devils agent, a coward who is bent toward stupid decision making. Why then wielding pangas and threatening innocent people if you know that you will win the elections? This man is one of the educated sslvages or fools


Zoophyezana zidakalipobe? Koma ndiye mukuchedwa bwanji?


Un-democratic party.
Why beating people, burning MCP flags, intimidating? Akhakhakha inu mwandinyansa mwava.
Do u call this politics or violence? Mubwerens kuno muzndimenye mwamva?
Akukutumaniyo akupweteketsani.


ma cadets mwatulukiranso ndi zikwanje achina ngalande mchacha zifwamba zokha zokha kufuna kuopsepza anthu ku nsanje zauchitsiru eti chipani chazifwamba

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