Is Lazarus Chakwera not saying that …

The great time has begun and Malawi has awoken once again.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  newly elected president Dr Lazarus Cakwera seems to ask each and every one of us to acknowledge that together as party zealots, we have indeed won power at the just ended MCP Convention, but now we have to win over the hearts and trust of the Malawi populace before we can be entrusted with the mandate to govern once again.

Chakwera  is sadly aware that it must have been difficult times especially when the people of Malawi desired change that never came since 1994. Yes! So again and again, the appeal had to be made: to continue the struggle tirelessly and needed not to act alone but stay united; to have voluntarily submitted to the constant urge to carry out the noble duty to sustain the fire within had been our constant source of hope for better and prosperous Malawi.

What we have dreamt for years has become a reality with the election of our own President of MCP at the just end National convention.

Chakwera: The game changer or mere political euphoria?
Chakwera: The game changer or mere political euphoria?

The convention alone has demonstrated how politically the mighty MCP has evolved and proved to be a still-true representation of genuine democratic virtues. It has shown what it means to be a true symbol of unification of all tribes of the people of Malawi.

The convention at Natural Resource College in Lilongwe saw no tribal inclinations at play when the delegates overwhelmingly chose the leader in the name of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera. Effectively proving our opponents to the contrary about our Party being designated as a dead party, rather through his own name Lazarus ( “resurrection”) we have indeed resurrected and risen to the occasion once again to take over from where the genuine development of the masses stopped the moment we had mistakenly ushered into positions of power the vendor-styled leaders of the past 20 years, “the lost decades”.

The MCP of this day and age is proving slowly but steadily to be a symbol of the new dawn of HOPE. It aims to present once again the ‘standard’ of which development is measure from in this contemporarily world.

The President of MCP seems to acknowledge the power of the people. He seems to advance the argument that you ignore the power of your own people at your own peril before you are isolated from them as a despot. Hence the philosophy he shares with everyone is to believe in the simple logic that “nothing for us without us”. Dr. Laz, the President, seems to say that the most precious possession one has in the world is one’s own people.

Therefore, MCP, for this people of Malawi, and for the sake of this beautiful people shall continue with the struggle for a better and prosperous Malawi which is POSSIBLE despite those corrupt leaders that had come and plundered over all the well-constituted developmental structures that were put in place before 1994 by those who have departed before us as well as those still alive and kicking in the confines of our mighty MCP.

The President of MCP and the entire membership believe and hold up to the holy pledge to continue the struggle to prosperity, the fight against all forms of corruption and economic robbery. In making this pledge, MCP shall never slacken nor lose its faith. At least, this is what we feel our President is saying in his humble silence!

Doctor Lazarus Chakwera, the President of MCP, seems to say that a genuine look at our history invites shame over how we live today. Indeed our people had to suffer immensely by sacrificing their sweat in order to bring up most of the developmental structures which were meant to serve as basis for sustainable development for the sake of the future people of Malawi,  “us”.

Alas, the so-called democratic ‘plunderer’ leaders of the lost two decades came along and have indeed left us with nothing but tattered human dignity, which the MCP is no longer silently trying to offer the once tested solutions to the Mother Malawi.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President is here! Like a sheep being led to the insurmountable task of cleaning the mess of these two lost decades. Here, he comes before us straight from the so-called dead party, yet the only exceptional gentleman with exceptional leadership gifts and high integrity befitting any leader destined to rescue us from the plague that has befallen us due to the irresponsible leaders we had tested and failed us. This is the best Malawi could ever expect! JEALOUS DOWN, PUMPKIN LEAVES ARE NEVER ROASTED!!!!! ( Kaduka pansi, nkhwani sawotchera!) 

*The author  Louis Odala Chakhwantha Banda is a lawyer and member of MCP

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