Is Malawi’s famous Prophet Bushiri – True or fake?

Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the “Go deeper” fame, is a prolific young prophet whom God has raised in Malawi, but his voice reaches almost all the nations of the world through his international crusades and his own television channel, the Prophetic Channel.

Publicized by several Malawian media houses as a self-styled prophet, it is our firm belief that he is not self-styled, but rather he is God-styled, because though men can choose to be apostles, pastors, evangelists, bishops, reverends etc, no man can really be a prophet who hears the voice of God unless God has chosen to open his spiritual eyes and ears to hear Him.

Such, is the influence and international appeal of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri that international visitors come from far and wide to hear from God and to get God’s intervention in their lives through this humble and very powerful man of God. Further, this highly anointed man of God frequently gets invitations from many nations across the world to go and minister the word of God with shocking accuracy and with amazing signs and wonders following.

Based in Lilongwe, the Capital City of Malawi, Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri delivers hair-raising and pin point personal and international prophecies that befit his title of Major Prophet.

Prophet Bushiri

Among his many international prophecies, the Major Prophet foretold of the Eastgate Mall terrorist attack in Kenya close to a year before the attack. He also prophesied the deaths of such prominent people such as Professor Bingu wa Mutharika, the third post-independent president of the Republic of Malawi, and of Nelson Mandela, the first post-apartheid president of the Republic of South Africa.

Furthermore, he accurately prophesied of the Boston Marathon bombings in the United States of America, as well as the burning of a big company there at the same time. These latter prophecies led to the man of God being invited to go to the USA by Government officials there to shed more light on these incidents.

In his meetings, the man of God delivers deep and uncommon revelatory teachings such as only a man who spends time with God and hears directly from Him can deliver. It is therefore not surprising to see that mighty miracles follow the ministration of the man of God as God confirms the preaching of His servant.

People with all kinds of health conditions, be it paralysis, stroke, AIDS, cancer, fractures, ulcers, tuberculosis, heart diseases and kidney failure just to mention a few, go home completely and instantly healed after being prayed for by Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

On a number of occasions, verifiable cases of resurrection from the dead have taken place in his services. Just to demonstrate the power of God at work in his ministry, the man of God has prayed, not just for short hands and legs to grow to match the whole ones, but also for the lengthening and then restoration to their original position, of normal hands and legs. As if this was not enough, he has prayed for miracle money to appear in people’s hands, pockets and handbags, as well as in their bank accounts, all of which has happened as God honored the word of His highly favoured prophet.

People have received miracle job offers over the weekend within minutes of the man of God praying for them. Supernatural oil and gold dust have also appeared in people’s hands and faces at crusade grounds and in church at the word of this amazing prophet of the Most High God. Time and space would not allow us to mention all the jaw dropping miracles that follow this God sent minister of the Gospel.

Although it is difficult to follow up on all the possessions of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, we have it on reliable authority that he could very well be one of the youngest, if not the youngest, richest men of God in recent times. He has on occasions declared that he possesses an 18-seater jet and a Bentley. It is also said that he runs several big businesses outside Malawi, including a profitable diamond business. Every time he is traveling, he and his family and entourage fly business class, and he is always traveling internationally to fulfill the obligations of his prophetic vocation.

He is the only Malawian man of God who has managed to run his own television channel, which is over a year old now, and which beams to over 130 countries. He pays school fees for and sustains over 70 high school and university students, some of them outside Malawi. He also financially assists many men of God and less privileged people. Talking about international ministration, the Major Prophet is always given VIP treatment in every country he goes to, right from the airport. He is always provided with full time police escort, which in many countries includes a motorcade, and he is hosted in some of the most expensive hotels. In all countries, he is given access to talk to top Government officials, and in countries like Tanzania he has actually met the Heads of State themselves.

The honor and respect that this highly anointed man of God receives internationally is unprecedented, with the United States of America giving him full time police escort, a benefit never accorded to visiting men of God. As some great men of God have said of this humble servant of The Lord, he has a coat of many colors, as he consistently operates in all the nine spiritual gifts and can function in all the fivefold ministries of the Holy Spirit. Why don’t you make a date with the Major Prophet and experience for yourself God at work in your life through the ministration of this wonderful man of God, Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri?

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