It was difficult to avoid James Nyondo

Within 2 weeks of first hearing about him in February, 2009, I traced him and he agreed to be interviewed for Trans World Radio (TWR’s) Exclusive Our Guest Programme. He announced his candidature on the presidency and to do so without a party. He brought a new debate to the elections that time as he competed against 6 other candidates.

Nyondo cheer the sick

Nyondo cheer the sick

For some reason, he started calling me “mwanavuli Victor” (the man) whatever that meant to him. Due to my work and many other factors, I wanted to keep as much distance as possible from him. But the more I tried, the more he seemed to still manage to locate me.

One time he gave me a book Three Secular Reasons why America should be Under  God written by William J. Federer but dedicated to him. I should admit I started taking him more seriously when I got that book. Around April 2009 when he was threatened by arrests, he called me simply to share the news and possibly needing some encouragement. During the entire election period, he remained calm but confident.

By January 2014 in preparation for the May 20 Tripartite Elections, he had National Salvation Front (NASAF). Now he was not ready to run as an independent candidate-one with no party. He again tried his best to pull through the establishment of a party in the year or two earlier. The Presidential debates gave him a national platform to be seen and share his vision. No one that watched him could forget his views on Malawi’s future.

He shared his dreams and plans of turning Chitipa Boma into a boundary city. I saw the plans and was impressed by the intention. So when he said he was to contest as an MP for Chitipa Central, I understood his heart. In 2009, he contested in Lilongwe and lost.

He was a very humble and human. He talked about his own weaknesses and strengths, shared some of the challenges in politics. Most of all he shared his frustrations at how the government was ran. I just listened. One time around 2012 he wanted to buy airtime on TWR so that he could be preaching God’s Word. He said that he was a Child of God and as his servant, he needed to share with others the love of God.

He surprised us one time when he asked for directions to our house-simply to visit us. We were honoured to have someone who had stood as an independent presidential candidate in 2009 under our roof. This was to be for a few minutes as he was to travel to Mzuzu that day. We feared the unknown. Little did we know that here was someone who liked clean politics and treasured Christian friends who also followed electoral events.

I interviewed James a couple of times in light of his political, servant-hood and personal life. I am hoping someone will rise up to carry on the dreams of James Nyondo. I last interviewed on his birthday 14 May 2014. So far I can boldly say Malawians failed him because of regionalism and tribalism.

He was a family man. My heart especially goes out to Brenda and children including Mulisya. May God of all comfort be there for you.

He talked about his book titled Absolute Integrity: The Bridge to Destiny available onAmazon and other bookshops.

I will miss James not because he was the first presidential candidate from Fort Hill or because of his political philosophy, no. But because of his personality based on Christ. No wonder that party has the term Salvation! Yes I know your soul is resting in peace because you knew Christ.

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Please note that people of Fort Hill are also Malawians. This what Victor means. Shallow Thinking

love mpukusa

may his soul rest in peace

Nyenga Mako

Captain, James Nyondo was not a hard core Tumbuka. That’s why he was buried in Lilongwe. All hard core Tumbukas will be buried kuthengere!

Mbowe Mulambia

In Malawi no matter what you can do or say Regionalism tribalism is there to stay because of little thinking of malawian and you will never develop


Atero mlaliki !

Atero mlaliki !

Atero mlaliki !

Zonse Zachabe chabe !

Koma Yesu .

Wakodza Pogona

Victor, why do you say Malawians failed James Nyondo because of regionalism or tribalism! Are you saying the people of Chitipa, who overwhelmingly rejected James Nyondo as MP and Presidential candidate are tribalists? Kodi Atumbuka chimakhala chani kuganiza moperewera? If Nyondo was rejected, it wasn’t Chewas or Lomwes or Yaos or Senas who rejected him. It was hardcore Tumbukas like yourself who refused to vote for him!

Chris katengeza

Zisankho zili patali inu mwayamba campaign pano y? Vuto we Malawianz timamkonda, kumutcha wabwino akamwalira bwanji cmudamuvotere kut alamulireko maboza n’chifukwa chake sitikutuka we spend much time kunama apa ambiri mwa2miza condolence messages yet nthawi imene amadwala u never payed a visit y can’t u remain silent kumangoona zina bac RIP ngati zoona poti ndi slogan munthu akamwalira eee u pple mumandidabwixa hvy ndisaname.


He was indeed humble and visionary. The facts he would give in any debate always captured people’s attention. Even other contenders could feel it that there was substance in whatever he spoke. They could even copy his ideologies. MHSRIEP

Master Mwela



He was brainy than the current president

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