Jappie express DPP intent for perpertual rule

Minister of Transport and Public Works, who is also the national campaign director for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) , has said the President Peter Muhtarika’s led party is in government for a long haul and that it wants to control power  for 31 years just the same as how the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) did in one-party state.

Mhango: MCP will remain in opposition for 31 years

Addressing Blantyre residents on Wednesday during the ground breaking ceremony of Blantyre by-pass road, Mhango said opposition parties should wait until the said period elapsed to have realistic chance of governing.

Mhango said Malawians should expect more development from DPP as it strives for “performance legitimacy,”.

He said: “MCP inasawusa a Malawi kwazaka 31, ifeso a DPP tigong’ontha MCP kwazaka 31 (MCP had been in power – albeit with atrocities – for 31  years and DPP wants to push MCP to opposition benches for another 31 years)  I am saying today here in Blantyre and you the President will one day prove that what I said was true,” said Mhango.

In his remarks before Mhango, DPP regional governor for the south Charles Mchacha told DPP members not to lose hope because of past by-elections  defeat claiming its MCP behavior to win such polls but not a general elections.

With the current fighting in MCP, Mchacha said it is clear indication that the oldest party will lose the 2019 tripartite elections.

The ruling DPP which was formed by ingu Wa Mutharika, a brother to the current President in 2005 after ditching  the United Democratic Front (UDF) which ushered him to power,  will clock almost 12 years in government when reaching 2019.

MCP has been on the opposition bench for almost 27 years, since 1994.

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Jappie, siyani kulota. Inuyo ndiamene mwawononga DPP. Tiyeni poti tili limodzi mu DPP muzandifunsa ine.


Maunits should explain why MCP has been winning by-elections but flops when it comes to general elections. This is what people want to know. @ Shithole, MCP has been having candidates which are not connected in family matters. If this can be a winning formular why flopping in all the five elections?


A wasted sperm .akanadziwa bambo ako akanavala condom


Jappie I am not sure if everybody in DPP will last the 31 years you which you can reign, that includes yourself

Shithole Country
DPP should be planning for a replacement of the ageing Pitala and no matter how you want it he will not be there for long. Nature will take its course to claim him back to heaven. Chaponda is not popular. Goodall is too old. Chilima is from Njewa, Lilongwe and not wanted. If Chilima’s father is sleeping dead at Njewa, that means Saulos Chilima will be buried there too and no longer from Ntcheu. If you pick Atupele as runningmate, then he will revenge by dumping DPP for UDF. UDF will resurrect through death of the old man. MCP has… Read more »
Tenzi Mzungu

Jappie our prophet. When you lose you always cry foul. This time you will cry louder. So it is possible to rule without budgetary support from the word go? APM ndimakufila. I will give you my vote again.


Malawians will not vote again a thieving govt. Mhango and Mchacha that is what you said during by-elections campaign to say we sweeping all by-elections what did you achieve 5-1 until now you believe that is what is going to happen. Mumanamiza President kwambiri anthu inu MCP is intact and thats it. Munabaidwa 17 October 2017 ndipo mubaidwa 2019 next year.


Staying in power is the decision of the electorate not a party….. The government of the Dpp should not presume that the people will always be dragged to voting for it without good governance

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