Jappie puts a spin on Gonapamuhanya  violence

Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango, who is also Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) Director of Campaign, has exonerated himself from terror attacks which took place at Gonapamhanya Traditional ceremony in Bolero,  Rumphi after he was accused to be among the organisers of the terror.

Jappie Mhango: Distances DPP from the Rumphi terror

Last Saturday, panga-wielding and stone-throwing youths clad in DPP regalia attacked MCP president and leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera at the Gonapamuhanya ceremony.

DPP and MCP have engaged in a blame-game on the Rumphi violence with the governing party laying it on MCP and MCP, saying DPP was responsible.

Traditional leaders in the organising committee of the event also linked the violence to DPP supporters who were chased from the venue for wearing party colours contrary to the event’s dress code.

Mhango told  Nyasa Times that during the time of fracas, he was away in Nsanje campaigning for the DPP Candidate.

“I was not there infact I just heard Alliance for Democracy members mentioning my name which was not true,” he said.

Mhango  claims the attack was masterminded MCP members backing Speaker Richard Msowoya targeting the lower shire political giant Mohammed Sidik Mia who talked against some MCP members that they are Lebwedelebwede.


“What happened was that when Northern Region MCP members heard that MCP President Dr Lazarus was attending the ceremony, the first thing they thought was that he will come with Sidik Mia. Now our intelligence told us that the disgruntled supporters gathered at Bolero turnoff to block Chakwera and these people were even in MCP attire,” said Mhango.

The Minister said Police advised Chakwera to return and not attend the event for security reasons..

He also said MCP members smashed a DPP vehicle  which belongs to Northern Region DPP Youth Director, Kelvin Chirambo.

“Our youth were just ambushed that’s why they were not armed as  MCP and AFORD members hacked our people leaving them with life threatening deep cuts,” Mhango said.

MCP Second Deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka trashed Mhango statement as shameful fabrication.

“This is another sesperate attempt by the DPP to launder dirty linen. It is very clear that the people who perpetuated the violence were the DPP cadets without any shadow of  doubt and Minister Grace Chiumia apologised on behald of the party,” he said.

But Mhango  insisted  that the ruling party did not cause the fracas and accused the MCP and others of being at fault.

“I can take you to Rumphi Hospitals our boys are still nursing wounds, do you want me to take you there?” he asked.

In a statement, DPP said its  preliminary findings have established that MCP supporters were in possession of some weapons, including knives, that were put to use during the fracas that followed.

“These most unfortunate incidences were properly planned and executed by supporters of the opposition Malawi Congress Party and their allies. During the Rumphi events, some DPP supporters were mercilessly beaten up by the opposition hooligans and at least one official vehicle of the DPP was heavily smashed by the stone throwing MCP supporters,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further calls upon the police to swiftly conduct thorough investigations into the Rumphi incident and ensure that all the perpetrators are brought to book.

Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) executive secretary David Nungu said the commission will conduct a fact-finding mission on incidences of political violence starting from next week to establish the cause and recommend solutions.

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), a grouping of Catholic bishops in the country, has  condemned reported cases of politically-motivated violence ahead of the October 17 by-elections in three wards and three constituencies.

MEC will hold by-elections in Lilongwe Msozi North, Lilongwe South East and NsanjeLalanje constituencies and in three local government wards of Mayani North in Dedza North Constituency, Mtsiriza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency and Ndirande-Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency.

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This dpp party belongs to the dogs. Mhango just know that your days are numbered. Come 2019 you wont win the parliamentary seat mark my words. Chidere chakufikapo.Kkkkkkkk


Chingola get back ur fuel attendant the north will not vote for him again given a yard he is taking a mile jappie back kuuphawi basi mauwo akathelatu




Wa Aran pala mukurya na wa jappie bwenu mwaryapo nipera wa jappie wangatiguriska kwa wa lomwe ise DPP Takana kuno ku Rumphi


Jappie nyengo yakwana kale tawatumbuka tikuti mbale yoryelapo tikunyapo mavi yayi imwe Mwanyela mbale iyo namise muyikhumbengeso kwali pala mwamkwimilira kutyolo kweni kuno kukwithu ise Takana kuno sono ni DEPECO bwenu pela




I have followed the discussion since yesterday, I have discovered that some people are commentinf out of hatrad and Malice, Some people just hate Jappie.


Apa zawavuta amzathu ku opposition chidule kunali kuvomereza kuti zawavuta basi osanamizira Hon Jappie Mhango munthu uyu amakonda bata ndimtendere

The Patriot

It is this kind of leaders that start civil in war torn countries….Jappie thinks he is smarter than all Tumbukas! There is no way proud and intelligent Tumbukas can buy your explanations sir…..the youths who were throwing stones were clad in DPP uniforms and they belong to your party. Instead of trying to fool yourself or some gullible individuals, Mr Jappie Mhango look at yourself inmthe mirror and ask your self if stoning your fellow Tumbukas is a good idea just because you want to please the Mulhako party leaders?


Which Civil war boss is it not MCP and AFORD bringing Civil War can you be objective when commenting on this

Poyamba ndiyankhe mafunso ofunsidwa ndi Mr chibwantanana: 1.Nchifukwa chiyani Chiumia yemweyo amadandaula pa MBC TV kuti a MCP aphwanya windscreen ya galimoto ya DPP? Ndipo galimotoyo anayionetsa pa screen pompo. Kodi anaswa wokha a DPP? 2.Kodi munthu ukamakapanga za chiwembu umavala Identiy yako yeniyeni? Munthu ungapite kokaba utavala identity ya kuntchito kwanu? Atha kuvala makaka a MCP pofuna kungosonyeza kuti ali chipani chomwecho koma mbali ya Msowoya yemwe alinso chipani chomwecho. 3.Ukafuna kupha Kalulu umaphatikiza limodzi ndi chitsamba chomwe wabisalapocho. Don’t fool yourself that God is with MCP. If this is so why did he fail the 2014 elections? It… Read more »

Happier, wabisama pa dengele muwongo waonekela


DEPECO WOYE!!!!!! ALL these are useless people if the devil works against another devil we know that the kingdom of devil is foling down MCP are the one who chase all northern teacher to go to their region and makes northern to change names when writing exams for northerners to get selection DPP the current killers devilish who has made Malawian live penful life


interesting…how would the same mcp members who wanted to take a stand against sidik mia turn to smash dip supporters? its not an irony, you are contradicting yourself

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