JB, APM relationship: Mutharika suffering from a hang-mentality

In an interview that President Peter Mutharika gave to New African magazine, he summarized his relationship with former presiden  Joyce Banda as “not good”. Among the reasons that Mutharika gave for the seemingly frosty relationship with his predecessor was a cocktail of the same old suspect stories.Loose cannon

He said Joyce Banda did not attend his inauguration; that Joyce Banda did not attend the national celebrations to mark 50 years of independence opting to fly to South Africa instead. The President also accused JB of systematically victimizing his family by, among other things, arresting him for treason. She was accused of failing to hand over to Mutharika the badge for SADC as Malawi was holding the SADC chairmanship that time.

This is not the first time Mutharika has accused his predecessor of many things – the same things – and it appears the shadow boxing between him and his predecessor is now just about to graduate into another phase – the second phase.

In the first phase, Joyce Banda played the role of a sitting duck soaking up a barrage of criticisms and insults and basically taking everything in her stride. It appears that is not the case anymore. Joyce Banda of a second phase is beginning to stand her own ground and fighting with a particular sting.

Mutharika and his team are now beginning to realize they will not just insult the former president without getting a sharp reprimand in return. Recently, when the DPP government through Minister of Information, Kondwani Nankhumwa, accused the former president of killing Bingu wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda returned the favour in equal measure accusing the DPP government of systematic persecution and harboring sinister ambitions on her life. It looks like we ain’t seen nothing yet.

For starters, of all the charges laid on Mutharika, the treason charges are the one that looked more real that time and still look real today. Was he not part of the conspiracy that tried to block a constitutional order? Mutharika was only saved by the ‘bell’ and must be thankful for the turn of events.

To continue talking about this arrest in the thread of persecution is a continuous insult to well-meaning Malawians. These treason charges may one day resurrect to haunt Mutharika when he is no longer President. The issue of the MK61 billion worth of assets as we know was brought into the public domain by Yeremiah Chihana after he was engaged to profile the assets of Bingu wa Mutharika.

Malawians have also not forgotten how Mutharika used his privilege as the President’s brother to unfairly purchase for himself a house from Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) in Nyambadwe at rock-bottom prices. This hardly constitutes any basis for Mutharika to continuously claim that he was persecuted under the People’s Party (PP) regime based on politics.

It hardly deserves to be any basis for a whole ruling party to peddle lies, including faking CCTV footage and manufacture propaganda to the extent that Joyce Banda killed Bingu wa Mutharika with using word-of-mouth. Is Peter Mutharika trying to garner public sympathy? For what?

It appears that Joyce Banda bashing is becoming a popular and default narrative for the State House. It is also clear that Mutharika and cronies have run out of alternatives to the Joyce Banda story. It is the only story.

Where was it written in the Republican constitution that any Head of State must physically hand over the sword to their successors? The sword handover ceremony is meant to be a gesture of symbolism to depict transfer of power from one State President to another, but the absence of a former President to hand over the sword to a successor does not in any way constitute a constitutional offence.

The famous (or is it infamous) Kamuzu Banda did not physically hand over the sword to Bakili Muluzi in 1994 and, talkative and jocular as Muluzi was, he never made too much bones about the issue. He moved on and went on to govern the country.

Muluzi handed over the sword to Bingu wa Mutharika because they had a gentleman’s agreement and all seemed rosy between them before that spectacular fall. The same cannot be said about Mutharika and Joyce Banda.

Congratulating Mutharika on being declared President was enough that JB could have done under those circumstances. Is Mutharika thinking about the insults and derogatory songs DPP women were throwing in the air about Joyce Banda on that day? Is he intoning that the former President should have handed over the sword under an environment of insults and verbal tirade from his DPP apologists?

The former President also explained that the SADC badge was stolen together with other items at State House, but Mutharika, again, chose to use this as an opportunity to slur the former president in his interview with New African magazine. This, to say the least, is pretty petty and obviously not presidential.

Mutharika’s continuous use of the sword analogy to underline Joyce Banda’s alleged insubordination to his administration has evidently lost its colour and verve. It comes across as just a Trojan horse meant to search for an alibi for her persecution. It is high time the president comes comes-off his hang mentality about Joyce Banda and focus on the business of running the country. This type of rambling only feed into the clanging and clutter his DPP government has become to be known for.

“I think we agree, the past is over. ”  ― George W. Bush

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5 years ago

If JB killed Bingu, bravo! Paja adafika Bingu paja tikadafa ndifetu. Nkwabwino kufa m’modzi kusiyana ndi anthu ambiri. Ndiye ‘thank you JB’ God bless you. What Malawians should ask JB is to kill Peter now before it’s too late. Malawians won’t regret.

5 years ago

Enough of JB please Peter! after the rambling what do you expect JB to do then so you can move on? Mamumuna samapepela chonchi Mr. President Sir, please be a man

Agatha banda
5 years ago

It’s better Peter mtarika,must stop disturbing, the former President joice banda, he has to stop these stupid allegations apon j. B, now everything has completely gone down, Malawians have finally regretted to have such kind of President, and it’s better joice banda tried to rule this country if anything happens to joice banda we r going to know that Peter mtarika has a hand in her, and this will indicate that demonstrations wouldn’t ran away from Malawi, we Malawian still have sympathetic conditions over bingu wamtarika because he tried to rule this country peacefully, he Mets people’s needs, and we… Read more »

5 years ago

It was very valid for APM to be arrested for treason. Those were not trumped up charges. A comsion of inquiry headed by a judge said it all. No one cud doubt Gen Odillo’s testimony. Even Henry Mussa apologized on tv that his mind had been a bit confused due to the death of Bingu. Bingu’s death was concealed for 3 days. Was given ‘Daniel Phiri’ name and then APM says the charges were faked. No no. On this one JB was very right to arrest you. In fact, u better be clever. Mulandu suwola. In 4 or 9 years… Read more »

Tcheso man
Tcheso man
5 years ago

Wachifwamba akakutukwana pokuthamangitsa dziwa kuti ameneyo wakulephera!!! So Peter nzeru zamuthera

MisheCk Anderson
MisheCk Anderson
5 years ago

Osamalimbana naye JB becouse muzingotaya nthawi naye apa. Mmalo moti muyendese dziko komanso we re shameful becouse you can se how things are going in Malawi. Dzinthu dzingokwera dairy ngati mulibe oyendesa /Oyanganira ngati president.

Mbowe Mulambia
5 years ago

Why wasting time with ill things I think you have run out of ideas JB should not be escape goat guys do your job fighting JB won’t help anything otherwise mugopusa nazo and you will be ashamed you have failed to run the country

nkasimunguya chinankasanganye
nkasimunguya chinankasanganye
5 years ago

Just forget everything and grab the steering, ngat zikuvuta apatsen anzanu. Ndinkangokuonanitu, munkaona ngat Bingu amasewela pamenepo!!!!!

Joseph Moyo
5 years ago

i dont think apm can harm jb he doesnt hav tit for tat what ever he said about jb was reaction any human being can make.its unfortunate jb is away why?this shows somewhere she did something wrong.bwanj chair amatakakhala kunja anthu akat sazabwera amabwera ndipo atolankhani amawauza kwathu nkumalawi nanga maiwabwanj?

5 years ago

Find means to strengthen our kwacha mr president before its too late. Leave masteni and concentrate on governing this country

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