JB dismisses Kaliati’s ‘hallucinations’: ‘I do not follow Mutharika’

Gender Minister Patricia Kaliati is grossly misguided in her “hallucinations” to suggest that former President Joyce Banda “has a liking for following President Peter Mutharika wherever he goes”, Banda’s office has said.

JB in South Africa: A free global citizen who is at liberty to travel at will

JB in South Africa: A free global citizen who is at liberty to travel at will

Joyce Banda addressing a meeting in South Africa on Thursday

Joyce Banda addressing a meeting in South Africa on Thursday

Kaliati reportedly addressed a news conference in New York to “react to reports” that the former President is also scheduled to travel to the United States of America (USA) where President Mutharika will be attending the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

“Without being seen to engage in a senseless battle of words with Hon. Patricia Kaliati, it is still important to correct the wrong impression advanced by Hon. Patricia Kaliati. It is saddening when the Minister, or indeed anyone, misrepresents facts about where the former Head of State is and what the motive (s) of her trips are. “Indeed, the President left the country on Monday, September 15, 2014 for South Africa. She is currently still in South Africa where she has been attending Board Meetings for the Joyce Banda Foundation International (Africa Initiative).

“It is therefore wrong and embarrassing for the minister to churn outright lies,” reads a press statement signed by Andekuche Chanthunya, Public Relations Officer for Banda and made available to Nyasa Times on Thursday.

According to the statement, the former President does not dream up her trips. While she is a free global citizen who is at liberty to travel at will, anywhere and at any time, her recent trips that have coincided with President Mutharika’s international engagements were on invitation.

“If it has happened before that the former Head of State was abroad and in the same territory as was President Mutharika, it must have been purely coincidental. It has nothing to do with the nonsense contained in Hon. Kaliati’s hallucinations,” reads the statement in part.

The Office of the Former President clarifies in the statement that former President Banda will indeed travel to the US where the UN General Assembly will take place next week. She will be there attending the Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice meeting at the invitation of founder and chair, Mary Robinson.

Robinson is the seventh, and first female, President of Ireland who served from 1990 to 1997.

According to the statement, many other former Heads of State and Government will be in New York attending various meetings on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. For example, Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) will be in New York. Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo will be in New York attending various meetings. Former Presidents of United States, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will also be in New York attending various meetings.

Reads the statement: “Does it follow then that since the incumbent US President Barack Obama will be attending the UN General Assembly, Presidents Bush and Clinton are ‘following’ him? That’s wayward reasoning.”

Concludes the statement: “The tag of being former President does not begin to deter Her Excellency Joyce Banda from fully enjoying rights as a bona-fide citizen of Malawi.  She is a global figure and citizen of the world who is free to travel to anyplace in the world at any time as long as she is not breaking any law. “

The statement said taking leave of the President before travelling as suggested by Kaliati is at the former Head of State’s discretion and not a constitutional obligation.

Banda’s office said Kaliati “must therefore come off her politically induced utopia”, saying s he must be encouraged to communicate facts instead of her imaginations.

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We Malawians in abject poverty deserve better minister not this headless junk,we need value for our money which u a blowing there nothing. If u a there for JB its very much unfotunate.

Take here nikupera

I can’t remember when last kaliati has ever commented something sensible.She believes in getting favors from top brass through her stinking loud mouth.She has been worse than dogs in her behavior and altitude.Why can’t she leave Joyce Banda alone?Abiti Mtila is still a public figure,just like Bakili Muluzi,it’s whether one likes it or not.They in the likes of Chissano,Lupiya,Mogkale,Gordon Brown etc etc.A a ah,you people,why do you always want to show your total ignorance in public?Sshaaaaaaaa!


Kaliati is right.This devil is trying herself to pull down prof.admministration so that people should judge him as a failure. She booteed out of govt but up to now she is not accepting. Shame on you!!! Believe me or not, malawians are not ready to allow this devil back into govt. NEVER!NEVER!!!Leave Peter alone and don’t dream of killing him as you did with BINGU. Satana iwe eeti!!!


NO NO NO NO JB jb must indeed stop this behaviour.She actually trying all her best to flustrate peter and his administration so that they can be judged as failures. She’s still not believe that she booted out of Govt.Shame on you!!!.Whether you like or not, but believe that Malawians will never ever allow to be ruled by you again.Enough is enough!! your time is over DEVIL!!

Mbowe Mulambia

Kuba ndichocho you do not trust in yourself mantha palipose muonekera poyera

Mr bean

Mwaonjeza mai!

Wanzeru Wakum'mawa

Kaliati’s qualifications? mmmm primaiy school teacher, boosting in America.


Zili zisankho tikanati opinion polls ikuoneka ngati JB ali ndi majority Akweni zawavuta. Koma ngsti a kweni ali ndi ma advisers, please advise her to cease fire. Akweni anthu atopa nalo kamwa lanu. I wonder what ur husband says about ur attitude. Mai kweni ayi ndithu zanyanya.


Kodi a Kaliati kutimanga mumatimanga 8pm ku mukuona ngati tikukondwa? Muuzane mulengeze kuti tidzilekeza nthawi yanji kuyenda kusiyana ndiumbava mukutichitawu Government ambushing and robbing its own royal citizens first by DPP in free Malawii


Kaliati usatinyase ndi Mr IBU wakoyo. JB is not visiting Ndata farm. When shall you Ngulu’s learnt to respect other people. Idiots.


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