John Kapito: A lunatic who smelt trouble!

If Malawians are a decent and a God-fearing people as they often claim to be, then there are no two ways about it. Apologies galore are due to “Sir” John Kapito.

“Sir” John Kapito, our own ‘lunatic’ foresaw this “cash-gate beast” that now threatens to consume the Joyce Banda administration. The man, John Kapito, deserves a solemn apology from each one of us.

Just to remind you, not too long ago when Kapito was in town – headlining every daily and news bulletin in, of course, all newsrooms except the state funded Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC), calling for the resignation of President Joyce Banda and the then Minister of Finance Ken Lipenga, he was ridiculed.

‘A spent force’; ‘an expired member of this third millennium’ and ‘a man struggling to remain relevant’ are all phrases that inundated Malawi social media.

Well, look who is laughing now?

John Kapito

All that the John Kapitos, Billy Mayayas and those like-minded patriots were saying was: Malawians, let us not clap hands lest we clap for a wizard. We should have President Joyce Banda and her cohorts under our control, not vice versa; they warned us.

This wisdom however turned out to be futile. All the marching and what have you were attempts to draw water out of a stone.

“’A fool’, ‘a sexist’ this John Kapito is!” – people drank from parties said.

One ruling People’s Party (PP) officially went further, describing “Sir” John Kapito as a frustrated, disgruntled spoilt brat who fights for his own political and financial gains. And one minister joined the chorus, alleging that John Kapito is a drunkard.

According to PP’s publicist Ken Msonda, the demos that Kapito was agitating for were simply aimed at tarnishing the “democratic leadership style of the state President H.E. Dr Mrs. Joyce Banda and the ruling party.”

But wait a minute.

What remains now to “tarnish” with respect to the banditry, looting, and mafia style burglary that has characterized “the democratic leadership style of the state President H.E. Dr Mrs. Joyce Banda and the ruling party”?

Who is having the last laugh?

Was John Kapito indeed ‘a fool’, ‘a sexist’, and against Pres Banda for her being a woman?

Malawians need to rethink, lest they wake up one day and find that they have, for a grain of maize, sold their legacy. Wisdom advises not to throw away bubblegum because of a morsel of bread.

It is in this regard that we want to urge decent Malawians to unreservedly apologize to “Sir” John Kapito – the last man standing.

Capitol Hill is almost shut down. Most top officials have either been arrested or, at the “breakthrough” rate we are going they will soon be in the ‘chitokosi’.

The “mighty” donors have spoken: they are withholding aid. Can anyone out there dare call “Sir” John Kapito an attention seeking individual anymore? (

Yes, if they were high on some banned substance.

If when we had donor money loaded in our ceilings, car boots and what have you, we were failing to pay our esteemed teachers in time and resource our hospitals; what will happen now that donors have woken up from their slumber?

To paraphrase Kapito on corruption long before it triggered the tell-tale “four bullets for one director”, what does Pres Banda have to show for her being at the helm of Malawi Inc.?

Aren’t we “flying headless” as Sir Kapito one time alleged?

Kapito talked, marched and delivered a petition on among other things “high levels of corruption”. Some “headless chickens” it now appears, said he was trying to find relevance. My word to John Kapito is:

“Sir John Kapito, keep the fire burning! If it were possible to clone you just ten times, Malawi and Malawians would have been living in a developed country!”

To paraphrase one veteran columnist, who has apparently given up on Malawi, as I sign off, I will say: I rest.

The games, Ladies and Gentlemen, have just begun. Aluta continua!

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