Joyce Banda dismisses ‘frivolous charges’: Malawi ex-president says arrest warrant is ‘smear campaign ‘

Former president Joyce Banda has dismissed an announcement by Malawi Police that they have an arrest warrant for her over a corruption scandal, known as cash-gate, during her time in office, saying it is a regime “smear tactics.”

Banda; Charges are frivolous

In issuing the arrest warrant for Banda, Malawi’s police said they have “unearthed credible evidence” in connection with the $250m (£190m) cashgate corruption scandal which “raises reasonable suspicion that the former president committed offences relating to abuse of office and money laundering”.

Banda is outside the country and the police said they have asked w Interpol for help in getting her to come home,.

But Banda said  in a statement seen by Nyasa Times that the matter is  ploy by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to tarnish her name.

Banda, who is married to former Chief Justice Richard Banda, said she has “faith” in the Judiciary system and strongly believe that when the “frivolous charges” are eventually brought before he courts , “they will be dismissed with contempt they deserve.”

Cashgate is the biggest financial scandal in Malawi’s history and involved the loss of some $250m of state money.

Officials were accused of siphoning off the funds during the presidency of Banda.

In the statement, Banda  said her lawyers have not seen the arrest warrant  and that it is a smear tactic by the engine using Police.

“I have taken note of all attempts by various individuals and organisations and the ensuing political witchunt. Let me state that I reserve my rights to take appropriate action against these and any other individuals and groups bent on destroying my reputation,” `Banda said.

Government spokesman Nicholous Dausi said it is “inconceivable and mere fallacy” to  claim that the arrest warrant is regime tactics for turninsh former president’s image.

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Madam JB, Nduganiza kuti mubwere mudzatiuzire kumudzi konkuno. Mubwera liti?


Our mother JB please just come back remember you are one of the strongest women in Africa and the whole world at large … why are you afraid????? so you mean you don’t love your people and your own PARTY PP which it’s languishing now? Everybody knows that you did not steal any money, but you only sold the JET and your boys started shooting each other and miracle money started popping up in various cars and their bank accounts that’s so. If these lawmakers arrest you just tell them it was miracle money!!!!!!! basi who can argue??? kkkkkk!!!!


When you were arresting Peter for Treason you did not think you were doing a smear campain, now it ha come to you Madame.


Treason case ya Peter Mutharika and Midnight Six nde that one was genuine case kungoti amayiwa sanafune kuyipitiriza. Koma that case achina Peter akanatha kukalowa nayo ku ndende. It was a genuine case.


Mayi tangobwerani lija ndi kale munachoka. Kwaeni kulibe mkuwe. Monse muja olo kuti anabwera for two days yokha ayi. Mukuthawa chithunzi chanu chomwe amayi.

Patrick Phiri

This thief JB should just come and face the courts rather than defending herself in the press. Malawians want to know what happened to the presidential jet money; they also want to know what was the purpose of the five buses bought by Ministry of Tourism; they also want to know who shot Mphwiyo, and you said it publicly that you know the person who did that. So just come home and tell Malawians.


mai tangobwerani muzakambe kuno kuti zithu zithe. Ife tatopa nazo kumva nkhanizii?


Please big mama,come back home and prove your innocence here. Media responses never helped anybody to resolve issues. Malawians are in dire need of you madam. Chipani sichikuyenda bwino. Tangobwerani mudzatiuzire limodzi tonse tiripo. Ngati simunabe nawo palibe vuto koma mudzayankhe nokha mu khoti.

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