If Juju works, why Malawi are not world champions?

I strongly believe that if juju does really work and can make teams win their matches and if it is also applied for our dear Flames, we would have been African and world champions many times over.

A Wanderers fan urinates on the goal post at half-time, pic Alex Mwazalumo

This very strong belief on juju in Malawian football can really be a nuisance such that Football Association of Malawi is taking strong measures to try and deter it especially when the rituals associated with it is openly displayed on the pitch.
In the on-going Airtel Top 8 Cup, Fam has fined teams and warned officials for unsporting behaviour. The teams displayed unsporting behaviour that had to do with juju.
Two weeks ago Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers were fined  MK100,000 each for unsporting behaviour during the two sides’ second leg quarterfinal match of the Airtel Top 8 Cup that took place at Mulanje Park in Mulanje District.
It is reported that the two sides both contravened stated articles of the 2017 Airtel Top 8 Rules and Regulations of displaying unsporting behaviour when their players invaded their opponents’ designated areas for doing prematch warm ups gainst the instructions of match officials.
Teams, when doing warm ups usually avoid their opponents from round them up in a circle, something they believe its to do with juju. When they spot any opponent trying to go round them as a group,  they disperse and  in various directions and in the process the teams ended exchanging their designated areas for warm ups.
This week, Fam has also fined Mighty Wanderers for failing tto take precautionary measures to control their supporters from invading the pitch during the half time of their semifinal match against Moyale.
Further to that, Wanderers are accused of failing to control their fans who went on to tamper with goal posts by openly peeing on the posts — another juju belief.
According to witness reports, Wanderers’ reserve goalkeepers Valence Kamzere and Nenani Juwaya stepped onto the pitch to do warm-up exercises and as they performed the exercises, one of the goalkeepers was seen dumping an unknown object on the goal the Moyale Barracks were to defend in the last half.
As the goalkeepers left, a Moyale fan dashed to the goal area from the stands and pulled out the unknown object. That action by the Moyale fan also attracted a punishment of K300,000. In total, Wanderers are supposed to pay K800,000 as fine.
But for what? Why waste such good money over such acts. For a man to be seeing urinating publicly can be ignored by many as per Malawian ugly tradition of men urinating in public but not by women. One of the fans that did that at Bingu Stadium was a woman, who threw every lady’s decorum to the dogs.
If indeed juju works, please apply it for the Flames. We should use it to win the Cosafa Cup, the CHAN cup, the Africa Cup of Nations and the World Cup.
Otherwise, some of these rituals are not necessary in football. It’s all about talent and technique that win matches.
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Zinenani Zoona

Guys JUJU works. Most of you kuti mubadwe anachita kukamoda kwa singánga. Enanu mumayenda ndi zithumwa even kuntchito. Enanu kumudzi kwanu simukupita kuopa JUJU. Then today you say JUJU is useless? Stop cheating us.


Zambia Junior Chipolopolo under 20 all the way to win this year world cup in Korea Rep. Germany cried yesterday. Go Zambia Go


Very True my brother. However, I don’t see the reason why Wonderers and Moyale teams should pay this amount for ‘failing to control supporters’. I was at the stadium and I saw the supporters doing as the article says. The moyale supporter was apprehended by security officers; what punishment has he been given? There was time and opportunity to apprehend wonderers supporters, they were left until they joined their colleagues. Kodi palibe punishment ya ma supporters direct


Juju doesn’t work idiots !

Natty Prince

Amalawi zampira iwalani mpira pa malawi suzapita patsogolo chifukwa chokhulupilira nyanga(ufiti).Komanso sikumpira kokha,ena nyanga maofesimu,ena nyanga mabizinesi,ena nyanga akuti oziteteza umbuzi basi kodi tsono tiziti mumakhulupilira Mulungu kapena zithumwa mulupusa nazo izi.Khulupilirani Mulengi osati zithumwa.

Natty Prince

A malawi siyani kukhulupilira zithumwa.Sipira okha ena nyanga ku nchito,ena bizinesi,ena akuti apeze mwayi ufiti basi.,koma c


I remember this article was part of yesterday’s BBC focus on Africa, we Africans contradict ourselves, yet before the game u will see players praying, I wonder to which god,
please let’s change our mentality juju has nothing to do with football, otherwise Africa could have been the world champions every 4yrs, I think that’s y we don’t perform because we rely much on things that can’t help us, instead of doing our best

stuart neba

This article is very true and it these beiefs and superstitions are a total waste of time and money. Does juju apply in Makawian teams only?Are the socfer fans not aware of this development so that they use juju in the most prestigeous tournsments across Africa and World? A Malawi, tiyeni tikhulupilile Yesu muzonse.

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