Justice Chirwa out of contempt charges against Chaponda: Justice De Gabriele takes over

High Court Judge John Chirwa who  grated the injunction which some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) took restraining Agriculture and Water Development Minister, George Chaponda, from executing his duties until a probe into the Zambia maize saga is concluded  will not hear the the application on leave to commence contempt of court  committal proceedings against Chaponda.

Judge Dorothy de Gabrielle moving to Mzuzu High Court

Jusiciary spokesman Mlenga Mvula  said Justice Chirwa is out of the case as he has permantly relocated from Mzuzu Registry to Blantyre

Mvula disclosed that a new judge, Dorothy de Gabrielle will hear the matter  as she has taken over the  case . She will now be based in Mzuzu from next Monday.

“Justice Dorothy  de Gabriell will hear the matter as ex-partes to grant leave or not to commence committal proceedings against Honourbale Chaponda,” said Mvula.

He said Justice Chirwa was just a visiting judge at Mzuzu Registry.

“Justice Chirwa has permanently returned to Blantyre,” said Mvula

CSOs who  obtained an injunction restraining Chaponda from executing official duties, want  contempt of court charges against the minister at the High Court in Mzuzu.

The CSOs’ lawyer Wesley Mwafulirwa said he already  filed for a leave to proceed with committal proceedings for Chaponda.

The minister two weeks ago travelled to Germany on alleged official duties which contravened the dictates of his injunction, hence the CSOs decision to drag him to court for contempt.

He sneaked into the country last Wednesday through Chileka International Airport.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale has appealed against  Justice Chirwa’s order. He filed the appeal at the Supreme Court of Appeal, arguing that Justice Chirwa erred in law when he ruled that leave for judicial review of the President’s decision not to suspend Chaponda amid maizegate probe.

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Tsono Atumbuka mukumuopa Chaponda thinking he will be president. Tsono mwamutchukitsatu. And you have raised his profile. The president in the making is Chaponda guy. Koma kumpotoko mudzalira pyooooooooooooooooooooo. Mwaonetseratu kununkha mkamwa kwanu. He who laughs last laughs best! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk

Ihave read the above 29 comments and triggered me tocomment those seem starting celebrating the change of judges based on tribes and regions the two judges come from..Their commennts whether they are from Lhomwe or not,whether they are propagandasts or not but tringered me to ask these questions:. Where Judge Nyerenda who help P. Muthalika to ascend to presidency come from? Where the Judge who send Kasambala to jail come from? Let us leave out the tribes or region completely out.This is dangerous which Malawians will regret the results.Our attention should be the cirmstances surounding the sudden tranfer or whatever… Read more »
Ma kape akumwera umbuli uja simunasiyebe? Mukuti Judge Chirwa analakwa poyimisa Chaponda chifukwa oyenera kutero ndi pulezidenti. Umbuli weni-weni nde ndi umenewo. Can’t u see what has happened in America where we copied democracy. If a Federal Judge can stop Tramp’s order in the USA then who is Peter Mutharika, or then what is Malawi? Umbuli eti! Law is Law. Now the new Judge to continue the case should be very careful otherwise people now have a comparison with what is going on in the USA. The case is almost similar cause it’s about the President power vs The Courts… Read more »

How can Malawians have confidence in the integrity, honesty, independence of the judiciary when they can be moved about like the pawns of the government… in the middle of proceedings? BMW is right.


I did not know that being Tumbuka is special and beautiful. Otherwise may I ask why other tribes talk so much about Tumbuka?


Even Trump has been challenged in America with his travel ban which is most powerful country.

Goliati you are very right. And its good that Malawi was the first country to have a situation where by the Judge (Intelligent Justice Chirwa) had to rule in place of the executive power…in otherways in the absence of a LEGAL executive order from the executive arm of government which was then sleeping. I’m saying legal executive order because had it been that the president had given a wrong executive order about Chaponda the court still could have reversed the order. Now the situation is whereby the president didn’t know what he was supposed to do: In that circumstance the… Read more »
chisoni wa chisoni
Judge John Chirwa I know you as a God fearing person. I am kneeling down everyday praying for you. No harm should be done on you in Jesus Christ. Jehovah is your protector not mortal man. Stay steadfast in your faith. You wanted justice to prevail for poor Malawians who have to buy maize when they have no money at exorbitant price just because some selfish individuals who call themselves leaders want to enrich themselves. Almighty God hear the cry of Malawians and save them from these wolves. Almighty God protect all those who are for true justice for Malawians… Read more »

This idiot talking about tumbukas no brains at all the maize saga affects all us Malawians whether chewa.tumbuka,yawo and me lomwe

major pen

Chirwa John maso mwako kumquat kulanda mphamvu za Mutharika ngati iwe ndani?
Usatukwanitse atumbuka, byeer

Truth Teller

Real truth now wanna prevail. wina asova.

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