Kabwila calls Mutharika govt ‘incompetent’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has branded the Peter Mutharika led government as incompetent and out-of-touch.

Kabwila said in parliament when lawmakers from across the political divide expressed dismay that ministers were undermining the National Assembly by not answering questions tabled by MPs in the august House.

Kabwila: DPP is incompetent and hopeless

Kabwila: DPP is incompetent and hopeless

Former vice president Khumbo Kachali also voiced his concerns, saying business is being stalled because of the ministers’ failure to answer questions.

Kachali advised cabinet ministers to make it a point to attend Parliament during question and answer sessions.

The MCP spokeswoman went ballistic, blasting the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration for being hopeless.

“Stop calling this a caring government,” Kabwila who is Salima North West MP, said calling to Mutharika to get a grip on an “incompetent government”.

She said: “This is an incompetent government.”

Kabwira said the DPP-led government is behaving as if they are not ready to government.

MP for Chiradzulu East Constituency, Henry Mussa , who is also cabinet minister said: “This is not a place where you come and prove how good you are at using negative language.”

Restoring order, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Esther Mcheka Chilenje  told the legislators “we are all honourable members and this is an honourable house which challenges us to treat it with the respect it deserves.”

She said the very fact of their being elected as MPs was enough sign that they were all competent, hence the trust that their constituents bestowed upon them with their votes.

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kodi ameneyu amavuta akasuta chamba chakecho bwanji,anzako akasuta amayakhura za nzeru ngati amzake alephera osawakonza bwanji? izi zingoonetsa kuti suganiza polakhura.

Boko Haram

Chemwali moto sopano.Athile fire azolowera

symon Tshaka

Give them a long rope to hang themselves

symon Tshaka

This is rubbish what is government is doing.

mr nasson

truely tell them they are not seriuos

Nyani Akuziphayekha
Che ndusu, keep your silly phapharing to yourself. what does ngonde or whatever shit you call your damned tribe mean to the next person. Fools like you can surely march into their graves shouting bayethe. And of what use is a dead fool. These people in government must really hasten the process of ridding Malawi of you monkeys. You are sickening. So the whole you thinks ‘war’ every time things don’t favour you? And you think a war is nsima ya chinangwa. Very foolish. Make all the noise your damned knuckle-head can wish for, but one day you will wish… Read more »
Kabwila is right. These ministers are not only incompetent, but they are taking the nation for granted. Parliament was half empty during question and answer session. Where were the ministers? Just because the president is out of the country does not mean that they should stop attending parliament sessions.Is it right to expect MPs to remain silent when ministers are not performing their duties?What kind of representatives would they be for their constituencies if they did not speak up. We should all be thankful for MPs like Kabwila, a lesser person could have also just called it a day and… Read more »

pliz learn to respect village idiot..this woman is good she makes very constructive contributions.


Jessy akuphatu!!!


Kabwila sakunama. Some ministers, eish kaya, bolanso kukhala wopanda nduna. Maka uyu mkuti Chibingu!

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