Kabwila challenges Chakwera: ‘You have no powers to fire me’

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) former publicist Jessie Kabwila says party president Lazarus Chakwera and the national executive committee have no powers to strip off her position as spokesperson for the main opposition.

Dr Jessie Kabwila: Only convention can remove me

At a rally she held in her Salima North West constituency, the outspoken Kabwila said it is only the national convention which can remove her from the position.

“I was chosen through a convention process and the only way I can be removed is through the convention process,” she said.

She was speaking after serving a six month suspension and just a month after she was reinstated as a member of the party after a disciplinary hearing.

Outspoken Kabwila said the party flouted party rules and procedures, saying the MCP leadership has no mandate to fire hire as spokesperson.

She was suspended and reinstated along with Joseph Njobvuyalema who was also stripped of his party position.

However, the party fired Felix Jumbe, Salima central MP and Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, a businesswoman who is challenging Chakwera for party presidency.

MCP second deputy secretary general, who is also acting as secretary general, Eisenhower Mkaka is handling all publicity matters of the party.

Mkaka said rules of natural justice were applied before firing Kabwila as party publicity secretary.

He denied assertions by Kabwila that she was elected at a convention, saying Chakwera handpicked her for the job.

He therefore said there was nothing wrong for the national executive committee to fire her saying this is provided in the party constitution.

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15 thoughts on “Kabwila challenges Chakwera: ‘You have no powers to fire me’”

  1. MONEY FIRST says:

    Kabwila is being used by DPP. She told me herself. Kabwira, remember last time we were at Livingstonia beach with Sarah from Zimbabwe. I was part of that crowd and u mistakenly thot i was from zimbabwe. U said and i quote ” GUYZ I DONT THINK I WILL WIN MY PARLIAMENTARY SEAT IN 2019 BCOZ I V CROSSED PATHS WITH SOME BIG GUYZ. SO ITS BETTER NDIDYELETU. THE DPP CHAPS HAVE PROMISED ME K30 million IF I CAN DISTABILISE THE MCP. BUT ITS A TOLL ORDER BUT I WILL TRY.” end of quote. Do u remember this. I actually have an audio of this. To SARAH, Im so sorry that i v let u down by revealing this. But I also want to eat. So any MCP guy with money can contact me and i will give u that audio. But i need money first. I v realised that malawian politics is abt money and not abt development.

  2. masa masina says:

    She is not only destroying the party, worse still is that she is also destroying her political career. Can someone talk to this woman, advise her to slow down.

  3. Nanthumba Dennis says:

    Ife tinanena kuti zomwe zachitika ku convention zalakwika. Due to alleged lack of time Chakwera was given powers to appoint ma position omwe sanasankhidwe like that of Kabwira. Result yache ndi iyi

  4. O Kapuma says:

    Sindinkadziwa kuti Mayiyu ndi dete zotheratu! Kutaya nthawi kumuchemerera kwanga sure! Kaya zabanja zingayendepo apa?????


    Am behind Kabwira,Chakwera is showing signs of a fool dictator even before he becomes head of state which he will never make it.

  6. Amam says:

    Wakabwira namwe mwazelezeka kwari. wamugulaniso eti. kkkkkkkk

  7. DOBO says:

    Nanunso a Kabwira tangokhalani chete apa. Just try to be realistic.Inuyo zowona basi convetion ya kasakha pubicty secretary. Ngati a MCP muli ndi Malamulo otero ndiye
    kayatu.Munthu akasiya udindo convetion yakwana,muntbu akamuthamagitsa mchipani basi ku convention..Kodi akulu aja akumudzi kwathu ku zomba alipo.Moni kwa iwowo ngati alipo? wasowatu mkulu ameneyu.Nayenso paja amafuna convention.

  8. Luka says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if these politicians fought for the advancement of the people with the same determination that they fight for their own power and positions?

  9. Linthipe 3 says:

    Mr. Mkaka can you tell us the name of the publicity Secretary who was chosen at the convention? What happened to him/her for MCP President Chakwera to handpick Hon Jesse Kabwila?

  10. Brino White says:

    Pepani mwa Bwana athu ndi madona a MCP, kambilanani m kanyumba komata ngati penapake zinthu sizikuyenda bwino, tukukudandaulilani Ife okutsatilani. A chewa amati “Pa mtundu msambana mudzauza anthu a dera kuti alowelerepo”

  11. Achi says:

    Kabwila! U are learned enough to know that u dont need to wash ur linen at a political podium. U may be forced to eat ur own vomit.
    And know that u are not indispensable in ur constituency as far a MCP and central region are concerned. Ask the once big names of central region. The likes of the brilliant Sosten Gwengwe, Kutsaila, Ntaba, etc. U think they dont want to be MPs kwawo? They do, but they miscalculated and today are forgotten.
    Plse dont think u are too bright or wise in politics. U will need the same Chakwera soon.
    Pano Gwengwe is on his knees for a come back. I wish u dont follow that bad path. Respect ur leaders and it shall be well with u.

  12. JBC says:

    Hon Jessie Kabwila is right. Chakwera has overstepped his authority. The MCP constitution should reign supreme. Moreover JK was the light of MCP.

  13. Ngalamayi says:

    Please, MCP, don’t fight among yourselves. In these desperate political times, if the opposition is not united, the country stands no chance of success against government corruption, misconduct.

  14. mike Jones says:

    kabwila you are confused.go back to the classroom.Dont destroy the party with your big mouth

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