Kabwila says ex-Malawi president Muluzi ‘12 years torture’ unacceptable

Salima North West member of Parliament (MP) Jessie Kabwila (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) has expressed concerns with continued “torture” of former president Bakili Muluzi as his 12 year old  corruption case is taking long to conclude.

Kabwila: Why are we torturing our former president Bakili Muluzi?

“This appears to be a torture to our former president. The former president [Muluzi] is our father and what we should be saying is how do we learn from him rather than saying how do we torture you.

“These are not the days of having headlines about victimizing former presidents but rather days of strengthening our democracy and show them we are proud they are still alive and still with us,” said Kabwila to reporters outside the House.

On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court in Blantyre ruled that Muluzi needs to appear before court to account for his wealth.

Kabwila further claimed the decision by the courts to uphold the section, which entails for an accused individual to prove they did not commit the crime they are being accused of was not healthy for Malawi’s democracy.

“For us here, we are politicians speaking on behalf of the masses. Now my job here is to be a representative of the people, and what we are saying is the ruling does not go well with democracy,” she said,

In Parliament Mangochi South MP Lillian Patel (United Democratic Front-UDF) said there was need for speedy prosecution of the case.

“12 years is too long… We are sick and tired of what is happening,” she said.

Leader of Opposition in the House Lazarus Chakwera suggested that it was better to give the issue time, saying Muluzi’s issue was one of national importance hence the need to discuss it in the House.

“It is no secret that I have lamented on the matter several times. The matter is of national importance that needs to be given a priority,” he said.

The State questions the former Head of State of K1.7 billion ($12 million) during his 1994-2004 presidency which was in his personal account.

Muluzi, 74, and his former personal secretary, Lyness Whiskey, are answering the charges of corruption on the money which government alleged was public funds diverted to the former President’s personal account.

The funds were reportedly given to Muluzi directly from Taiwan, Morocco and Libya for the campaign of late Bingu wa Mutharika, his hand picked successor under United Democratic Front (UDF).

The trial begun in 2006 and to date it has not been concluded, making it one of the most dragged high-profile criminal cases in the country.

The former president has denied any wrongdoing and claims the charges were politically inspired.

The trial opened in 2009 but has been subjected to several adjournments, partly because of Muluzi’s hospitalizations related to spinal problems. Both sides reject allegations that they have been deliberately delaying proceedings.

Local press reports indicate that the State had spent as much as $12 million on the case.

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Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Lilian Patel (UDF) says there was need for speedy prosecution of the case and Kabwira (MCP) says the decision by the courts is not healthy for democracy. Tonse timawona akati mulandu wayambika kenaka a Bakili apita ku UK kuchipatala kaya ku South Africa. Amene anapangisa kuti mulandu upite ku Coctitutional Court ndimayesa ndi Bakili amene. Bola Bakili akunjoya chifukwa sali ku prison. Kuli anthu ambili kuprison amene milandu yawo inayiwalidwa kalekale. Bwanji osawapangira phokoso. Onse oba ndalama zaboma azilangidwa ndekuti katangale mwina akhoza kuchepa. Pamene Atupele amavomera kulowa m’boma sikunali kuchedwetsa mulandu kokhakokha kumeneku.

Robert Mugabe

You have just said what I wanted to say.

Tenzi Mzungu

My sister be reminded that you have a duty to make laws which can speed up cases. You can put limit to any court proceedings. But you are there debating nonsense. Again if APM ordered discontinuation of the case what could have been your reaction? What picture could have he painted? I know cases of my friends which have dragged for more than 12 years. And there are some people in jail for more than 12 years without being judged. We are all equal. So stop making absurd remarks

Rather than suggesting that Muluzi is being victimized in this case, Jessie Kabwila should have zeroed in her own family, as members of the Jehova’s Witness sect, being victimized and psychologically tortured by Hastings Kamuzu Banda and the MCP during their reign of terror in this country. This was an opportunity for her to “stick a knife” into the face of MCP. I can never understand why Kabwila lives in denial of her personal experiences. She could condemn MCP, and still beg to stay in the Party. Maybe. This case is very important, and the former President must face the… Read more »
Listen and Love
Kabwira, you are completely wrong and out of point. 1. It is healthy for Malawi’s democracy that any public officer, ex-presidents inclusive must face the law when they are suspected of abusing office for self enrichment at the expense of the entire nation. That is justice to the core. 2. The masses you claim you are their mouthpiece HATE corruption and would want the state to recover any public funds which is unjustly and wrongfully in corrupt hands. The state has a duty to recover every coin for Malawians that is in somebody’s private purse. 3. There has to be… Read more »

Can the state start recovering millions from CHAPONDA please my friend?

kaka ni dada

Niyoyotu! Mumadzetsa mpungwepungwe ku MCP ngati kuti ndale mumazidziwa ndinu nokha, go on Kabwila, ngakhale unapanduka koma gwira ntchito mwana wa kwa Khombedza.


12 years is unneccesary, really? Maybe because the case has drugged on, but he needs to be put away in jail for more than 12 years! Have you forgotten how many people have suffered as a result of his theft? Kodi bwanji anthu simuchedwa kuyiwala? Mzipatala mulibe mwakhwala, poor education & poor infrastructure all over Malawi. Did he ever stop to think about us Malawians? Malawians have suffered many years because of this thief!


Majaji basi mwadya kokwanira. Stop the nonsense you judiciary.


Politics is at play here! Sincerely nobody is above the law and Muluzi’s case length in court is neither judgement nor an excuse to run away from prosecution! Ngati walakwa m’mangeni basiiiiiiiii……. amangwetu nanga tichita bwanji ndi…………… ? Atupele waiwona jazz m’mene yayambira!!

Frankly UDF and DPP marriage is at stake!! Lets wait and see…………

Jessie is not honest but has found room to vigorously instigate war between members from the two parties on the controversial relationship! Chikatere chikwati chatha, chatha chatha……………………………!! MCP woyeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Crocodile Party
MCP tryig to score few points on a flimsy issue. Just coz MCP house is in shammbles, they think they can drive a wedge between DPP and UDF. Little do tey know that apakwawo ndi midzu ya kachere, imakomana pansi. How can MCP stoop so low and think that the marriage of DPP and UDF is at stake? How can they think that the ruling implies Atcheya will be jailed? How can Atcheya be sent to prison while APM is on the driving seat? Ypu think Atupele is as daft as you are to be in government while he knows… Read more »
K Phiri
Corruption in this country is growing and getting worse by the day. We need to leave no stone un-turned in the fight against corruption. However 12 years dealing with one case appears to be too much. One tends to agree with those that feel that the former Head of State is being tortured. To make matters worse when the management of a US$12 million case costs more that the US$12 million – one wonders whether it is not being used as a conduit for the enrichment of the lawyers and judiciary members who are handling the case. My biggest worry… Read more »

nkhani mpaka 12 years ithe basi isapitirenso


A Kabwila , I thought you are intelligent enough to know that Muluzi destroyed Malawi! David Whitehead,gone, MDC gone,Cold storage gone etc. Where did the money go? This case needs to be finished. It`s not tourture only that there is nobody with enough guts to prosecute him!

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