Kachale says Minister Dausi as ex-MYP cadre ‘should know better’ of training bases

Former Vice President and incumbent  Mzimba South West legislator Khumbo Kachali (People’s Party-PP) has said Minister of Information and Technology Nicholas Dausi is among people who served under the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP), a paramilitary wing of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) during the one party state and should know better how vital it would be turning (MYP) bases into youth centres or community colleges.

Dausi: Ex-MYP cadre

Kachali asks govt to renovate ex-MYP structures

Kachali was speaking in Parliament on Thursday when he stood  to supplement a question by Zomba Changalume member of Parliament (MP) John Chikalimba, saying something needs to be done to help the youth.

MYP was known for various atrocities to the Malawi nation during the reign of MCP and their training  bases  across the country have been lying idle since the disarmament.

Dausi, who was disengaged in 1994, served as a senior MCP member soon after his disengagement before joining the ruling DPP under the late President Bingu Mutharika.

He has since been given his terminal benefits as former ex-MYP cadre.

In stressing his point thatit would be good if the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development made use of the ex-MYP structures which he observed are strong and need minor renovations to be utilised than keeping them unused, Kachali said Dausi “as former MYP cadre” would know better about the structures.

“There are many structures that were left by the MYP that can be revamped into youth centres or community colleges. A bit of touch to them can bring transformation. I have in mind Kamwanjiwa base, the structures are strong and solid but they are just lying idle,” said Kachali.

In response, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Henry Mussa, who was responding on collective responsibility because the Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Francis Kasaila was not in the House, said government will look into that and inform the House on the next step.

“We really have structures that belonged to MYP and can be used for our youth development programmes. In the case of Kamwanjiwa, we will look into that,” he said.

Mzuzu City MP Leornard Njikho (Independent) lamented that in his constituency the groundbreaking ceremony for the college was done twice and nothing has happened.

In response,  Mussa said he would follow up with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.

“I know for sure that the money for the college in Mzuzu was allocated, it’s a matter of following up,” he said.

Mchinji North East MP Alex Chitete (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) also said he was promised a community college in his constituency and the groundbreaking ceremony took place but nothing has been done.


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Dausi should really know better. Let him help out on changing the myp structures into productive facilities than just talking bad of the MCP myp past.


Should really know better.


ndipsi zokha zokha izi. can we trust dausi with his student companion english shinning to the people in remote areas ? kulankhula cizungu nde anthu avaponji nditi pa dzana paja akukamba za kuleketsa sim registration.kkkk he himselfdont know wat it will entail leat alone done abit of research before implementing. bulutu wotha ncito ankangonjoya kudya nyama ku ma base kenako kukhala onyonga anthu kukapatsa n’gona. mxiiii bastards son of a bitch


Dausi asamatukwane MCP , analikonko, ndipo mai mai mai wankhanza


Hon Dausi, I suggest the apology you gave in the Lower Shire was in relation to not necessarily being MCP then, rather it is related to the various atrocities that the MYP (where you were) inflicted on Malawians.

Sincere kudos to Hon Khumbo for being open to the culprits

Nanga a Chakwera, Mkaka, etc analiko? Za manyazi kuti ena akutuzuka kulankhula zonunkha chikhalilecho akudziwa kuti zoipazo anachita ndio mu dzina la chipani! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


They are big mbava and you can see they are busy with ground breakings to disguise us why.


That is the style of DPP govt. Just doing groundbreaking ceremonies all over but nothing tangible. Let us take them out in 2019


Wada Njikho, Miyala ija inawola tiyika ina pano yapezeka ku Ekwendeni uku. Ndiyolimba sizagumuka. nanga mpaka miyala yamaziko 2 times? inali yosalimba ya China. Pitala akubwela mmesa DPP ndi chipani chanu akungokupusitsa, pepa


Groundbreaking ceremony was done. This is sad. Why is the mighty Dpp exposing itself to ridicule? Why have they abandoned the Bingu model of development?

DPP they are buzy on MBC telling people liying about the MCP yet they haven hiden their killers,thiefs,crooks in their party. what you should have to know clean your party we know you are doing this of damaging the MCP because all Malawians have trusted in MCP through Chakwera and Mia . why all this thirty years not telling us your false story hahahahaha this is the sign of desperate .MCP WAKE UP this is the time you should have to show them you are matured party .as i know we youth we can not be shaken or twisting our… Read more »
mlomwe was Ku MJ

Imagine Bingu had big dream of building more universities. DPP today is proud of building community colleges. Different brains of two Muthalikas


DDP led government is full of crooks. Cannot trust them.

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