Kaliati says Malawi govt to scale down Malata subsidy in areas with opposition MPs

Minister of Gender, Child Welfare and Community Services, Patricia Kaliati, said government plans to scale down the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme (DAHSP), widely known as Cement and Malata Subsidy, to constituencies whose members of Parliament (MPs) are from the opposition.

Kaliati: To scale down subsidy in oppostion areas

Kaliati: To scale down subsidy in oppostion areas

Kaliati, who is also director of women in DPP,  made the disclosure in her  address at a rally at Mtsiriza Full Primary School in Lilongwe on Saturday.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party, People’s Party, Malawi Economic Justice Network, Economics Association of Malawi and some independent economic commentators have questioned the continued implementation of DAHSP, saying its cost does not make any economic sense.

During the presentation of Mid- Year Budget Review statement on Friday, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe, said the reduction of the development budget will be made through a suspension of a few projects that can be removed without major impact on economic growth.

Apparently, opposition parties have been proposing that in the wake of economic hardships facing the country, government should scale down or suspend the K7 billion subsidy programme until the situation improved.

Kaliati  said since the opposition is calling for DAHSP abolition, it was not proper that their constituencies should benefit from it.

Under the programme, government is targeting 15 440 beneficiaries of which 965 beneficiaries are on the grant component comprising vulnerable households (child-headed, elderly and people with disabilities) while the rest being under the subsidy component.

The programme has been rolled out in the country’s 35 local government councils in both rural and urban areas and at community level. About 35 000 people comprising carpenters, bricklayers, security guards and casual labourers have been recruited.


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zopusa zimenezo democracy sichoncho

Geoffrey Lwanja

Government without a head


this is government money not DPP so stop the bullshit kaliat and your prrsident

Winston Msowoya
It seems to me the Ambi- smeared Kaliati doesn’t even know what democracy means.This is the major shambling block facing Malawi today because myriad of our MPs,are unable to distinguish between autocracy and democracy,hence the cave in of our national ambitious establishments towards a decorous society.I was flabagasted to read that the disdainful Kaliati wants to scale down Malata subsidy in areas with opposition MPs.Why do we spend billions of Kwacha running elections therefore? With such nauseous people at the helm of leadership,we must embrace in our country economic and political stagnation and as a result,the disfunctional of the whole… Read more »

We knew all along that was the original objective of this dpp thuggish govt. Now it is coming out loud and clear. So it is true that you are a govt of dpp supporters and not of all malawians as one nation.

They have shot themselves in the foot and this is a good reason to impeach or call for the resignation of the dpp supporters president. The national interest has been grossly violated here and only resignation will suffice. Go out.

Chemwali, khalani chete. Timba wolongolola amamanga chisa mbali mwa njira ndi cholinga choti ena akaphwasula iye ayambe kulongolola. Kodi ndalama za malatazo zimachokela ku anthu a DPP okha? Ine ndi wa DPP koma zinazi mukutichitsa manyazi. Remember people voted APM because during his campaign time he was not castigating other people. We are tired with this old type of politics. Its time for the youth now to shine on world map as you can see them winning awards after doing a wonderful job. We want unity and prosperity as the Youth. You old people have failed to run this country.… Read more »

I can’t even waste my comment on this clueless

Mbwiye Mwene Mupale

Awanso a kukamwa ngati chimbudzi chokumbawa kukonda kulongolola zopanda pake. The money is not from Nkando or Goliati, it is tax money paid by all Malawians including those in the opposition. Once a primary school teacher always a primary school teacher. Learn to think big and wise ‘Ms Michael Jackson’. That is the problem with ugly people, they talk a lot to draw attention.


Kuvota kwanu. Khumbo lanu chisankho chanu ndi chimenecho. Simunati muva utsi. Ife allomwe tikutakata. Amene zamuwa anene.

Dowa Boy

DPP is a rotten, clueless and hopeless party with very dull leaders. Kodi ndalamazo ndizanu? Ngati simufuna kumvera zonena za anthu ena ndiye misonkho muzitenga ya alomwe ndi achawa kumwera konko, kodi dzikoli ndi lanu lokha kapena munalenga ndinu? Kulankhula kopanda nzeru, stupid leaders. Musabwere kuno ku Central ndi Northern regions kudzatenga chimanga fertilizer mumagawanaso nokha kumwerako anthu odzikonda inu agalu!!!

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