Kaliati says time to stop finger-pointing: ‘Mutharika not to blame for Malawi woes’

Gender minister Patricia Kaliati has told Malawians to stop heaping all blame on the country’s problems to President Peter Mutharika, saying the economic turmoil  the country is facing is an accumulation of factors over the past years since independence.

Kaliati: Mutharika not to blame for Malawi problems

Kaliati: Mutharika not to blame for Malawi problems

Kaliati said this at a news conference Monday in Lilongwe on an unrelated matter.

She said the problem has been there for a long time, saying Malawians were accustomed to handout culture which she said the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) government has stopped leaving some people bitter.

“We keep pointing fingers at one person years for 31 years, the government was begging from poor Malawians but now it is one person doing everything,” she said, in direct reference to the one party Malawi Congress Party (MCP) rule, a system that allowed the party to force people donate to the head of state Kamuzu Banda who ruled Malawi with an iron fist for over 30 years before the dawn of multi-partyism.

Kaliati therefore asked the government critics to leave Mutharika alone, saying Malawians should not expect their president to change things just at a pressing of a button when these problems have accumulated for a period of years.

However, civil rights activist George Jobe said the government cannot distance itself from problems even if they emanated from previous governments because, he said, government is a continuity of business.

“The government cannot distance itself from the responsibility, it cannot disown challenges that emanated from elsewhere,” said Jobe who is now the executive director of Malawi Health Equity Network, replacing Martha Kwataine.

Kwataine has secured a job with Plan Malawi, an international NGO.

Malawi is beset with severe economic problems compounded with severe food shortages and the situation seems to be getting out of hand by day as local currency the kwacha keeps sliding fast against the dollar, inflation and interest rates are the highest in recent memory forcing the cost of living up.

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door mary

let be unite and solve the problem that we facing


She is a very heartless and silly old cow!!!

crazy stuff

All malawians are stupid except for the ghost, kaliati. A Dpp whore

All this is because of the little thinking capacity of Peter Munthalika and the stupid group surrounding him. What Kaliate has said is the thinking of Peter Munthalika and his cabinet. Akuti iwo boma akuyendetsa bwino koma kungoti zinthu sizikuyenda. An economy can not tick with nepotism i i have always said this because if you have people put in place based on tribal lines – you get the loud mouths that can not do anything and they expect to keep their job regardless of performance. There is no systems thinking – with DPP – they just lust for power… Read more »

kaliati ndiwe chitsilu kobasi kamba koti mukhuta mkumayakhula zoputsa tizawonana.


Kkkkk! She gradually turning into an albino


That’s why he’s the president,father of the nation, he needs to make sure his citizenery are getting wat is needed, no matter how much rain is outside still the father has to make sure the children eats


Kaliati, your reasoning is too shallow!!! please direct your speech to other people not intelligent Malawians. Every organization from your family set up has a head who leads. Fingers point at the President because he is head of Malawi and supposed to lead. If the seat has become too Hot for him let him come into the open that he has failed to lead!!! Period!!!

His Excellence the Life President Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza
His Excellence the Life President Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza

Madam, should we point finger at mad man on the street? We point at the decision maker for doing absolutely nothing or for making decision that worsen the situation. Problem will come. but a leader must make decision to solve that, otherwise we wiil point fingers.

jimmy khosa

kodi kaliyati wayambilaso ndimaganiza kuti wasiya kuyakhula zopusa,iwe umafuna kuti akaloze chala kunyumba kwako,mesa amaloza amene ali pachiwongolelro,ngati akuapasa ndalama kuti uyakhule zimenezo usiyiletu panu ndizopusa ,mavoti munabela ndeno ukuyakhulaso zachamba,mukawuzane kumene mumakumana kuti anthu sasiya kunena azinenabe,ndipo osayuwala anthu munanamiza mukapeni yanu kuti muzapasa ndala zambiri chifukwa choti akulandila machenge koma mpakana pano palibe chimene mukuchita zinthu dere kukwera inu mwangiti phwiiiiii ndi nyini yanu pokhalila we are still waiting for sitinayuwale

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