Kaliati urges Karonga citizens to maintain MPs who deliver

Ministry of Gender, Child, Disability and Social welfare Patricia Kaliati has advised people in Karonga to maintain their Members of Parliament (MP) who are delivering and not change for the sake of politics, saying that would minimise violence.

Kaliati speaking in Karonga

Kaliati speaking in Karonga

She made the remarks during her visit in the district where she was responding to the Karonga Central Constituency MP Frank Mwenefumbo appeal of asking government to conduct a civic educate to people of his area in order to avoid political violence.

She pointed out that choosing different candidates in every electoral calendar encourages violence hence the community should stick to an MP who is delivering.

“It is very shameful that up to date over 50 years of independent other areas in the country are still experiencing conflicts during electoral period. We need development in our areas and if an MP is delivering, why changing,” said Kaliati.

“In my constituency everyone know that the area belongs to Patricia Kaliati hence new candidates don’t stand a chance to win in that constituency no matter what, so it is our duty to change the mindset of our community to be having peaceful elections,” she said.

Paramount Chief Kyungu said: “it is true that every electoral period we experience problems in Karonga Central Constituency as such we really need to try some strategies that can help to change the malpractice in the area.”

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Bvuto ndi lot I mumasusa chili chonse popeza ndinu a zipani za opposition koma mukanakha anthu omvesa ndi okonda dziko lanu mukanavomereza zomwe amayankhula Hon Kaliati.ngati mumadana ndi Kaliati izo ndizanu mupite Ku Mulanje West mukaone zitukuko zomwe wapanga Kaliati.vuto chomwe mumaziwa inu ndi Neale zosankhana mitundu .munthu akukuuzani choonadi inu mukumunyoza mukhalira yomweyo tamasinthani ma Mp mesa mumalira nokha.Ife ndiye timamunyadira Kaliati Mai wachitukuko inu tamachedwani ndi Ndale zopusazo.inu amene mukunyoza Kaliati ziwani kuti Ku 2013 mabungwe anapanga kafukufuku ndipo anapeza kuti Hon Kaliati Ali pa no 1 Nkhani ya chitukuko mosatizana ndi former MP John Bande.ndiye pa ma… Read more »
George Kamanga
Woe to those because of poverty they sell their dignity even yo dogs. Kyungu Know this whether you like it or not Kaliati is one of the monster in DPP who wish that if a day can come all Northerners must die at once. This monster (Kaliati) hates Northerners to hell. Don’t be cheated with her face which she paints like a wall of a building. See her face it is no longer like a human face but her face is of “beast”. When such people come in your midst I beg you my blood just ignore them. Poverty must… Read more »

Kaliati usayiware kuti ino ndinthawi ya democracy. Komanso zikutathauza kuti kwanuko kulibe anthu anzeru, ndinu zidzete nonse.

Victor Jumbo
Can you please tell Kaliati to stop patronising people and boasting about her constituency. The foul Mouth starts with these unscrupulous and unrepentant politicians just like Patricia Kaliati. Good politicians will start by Educating the citizens that in a democratic country different people will belong to different political parties and they should learn to live together in the communities , tolerant , and understand each other. Belonging to different political parties is not a crime and No one should be perceived as such . But in Malawi for so many years, past and present leaders have only made the situation… Read more »

This Kyungu

The whole problem is Mwenifumbo himself who has taken the Karonga Central to belong to himself only. What was the political paramount chief doing there , at times this chief should learn to delegate his juniors or Makambala ? The Ngonde chieftaincy has been diluted by Clement Mwakasusungula , his brother was going to be a better chief than this Clement Mwakasungula who even goes for dead bodies viewing during funerals attended by heads of state which is taboo in the Ngonde chieftaincy . This thing of wanting an educated chief , Ngondes chose a Tanzanian educated crook , a… Read more »
Tili Chenene

Kkkkkkk! All of the speakers in the story seems to be unsound in the brains taking from what the writer has put down here.

Karonga people should be a problem generally especially their Kyungu. He is a man of himself and his own.

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