Kamlepo hits at CSOs over anti-govt protests: ‘Its plot to bring chaos in Malawi’

Outspoken Rumphi East member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua has expressed his views against plans by civil society organisations (CSOs) to hold nationwide protests on April 27 2018 to express displeasure with government’s handling of the K4 billion allocation to members of Parliament (MPs), saying the mass euphoria is driven by ‘distorted’ information “just to bring chaos among the peace loving Malawians.”

Kamlepo:  Chakwera played a bigger role to approve the proposal for K4bn funding

The CSOs  led by Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF) chairperson Timothy Mtambo, his deputy Gift Trapence, Robert Phiri of PAC and Charles Kajoloweka of Youth and Society (YAS), said their decision to hold mass protests  follows inconsistencies, illegality and a cloud of suspicion that characterised the K4 billion ‘miracle money’ pay-out that raises governance and accountability questions.

Through the demonstrations, which the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera are supporting, the CSOs want to force cancellation of disbursement of of the K4 billion fund, and push for the resignation or dismissal of Cabinet ministers Goodall Gondwe (Finance, Economic Planning and Development) and Kondwani Nankhumwa (Local Government and Rural Development) over their roles in the scam.

But in his comment,  Kalua who is also People’s Party (PP) third vice-president, said when  Gondwe  presented to Parliament the K4 billion funding as stipulated in Public Financial Act, MPs  both in opposition lead by Chakwera and governing party led by Nankhumwa deliberated , amended and  passed the bill to have all 193 Constituencies benefit from the quick grant

“The spending now became a law after all the Parliamentary processes were followed and the bill passed by all Members of Parliament as stipulated in the Supreme Laws of the Land (Constitution),” argues Kalua in his comment.

“Hours later, we heard the Leader of Opposition (Chakwera) who played a bigger role to pass the bill than all the parties that are represented in Parliament considering that his party has many MPs than other parties,  demanding the resignation of the Finance Minister and Local Government Minister respectively. A few days later our usual NGOs who plays the opposition role in the name of Mr Timothy Mtambo and Mr Gift Trapence calling for the same making many Malawians to beginning wondering and doubting their fairness on the two ministers in question that leaves a lot to be desired,” reads the comment piece by Kalua.

According to Kalua, there are more questions than answers to the K4 billion proposal which is yet to be disbursed.

“ Where was opposition when this bill was being passed?Who amended and passed the bill when the Finance Minister presented it in Parliament?  What did Hon.Chakwera do after seeing that the bill was not good to the nation. When did they (opposition) saw that it was wrong?

“If the bill was wrong but passed by the same opposition, how could Malawians entrust the opposition with their vote to run the country if they can pass bills they don’t understand or if they are not conversant with the running of the government affairs? Where were the NGOs when this bill was being debated on and passed?  Do our NGOs familiar with the parliamentary proceedings of not? Are our NGOs ( Mr Timothy Mtambo and Mr Gift Trapence )aware that Hon.Chakwera and his Members are the ones that amended and passed the bill after the presentation due to their numerical numbers in Parliament?”

Kalua further wondered: “Is Mr Mtambo and his friend telling the nation that the bill was presented and passed by the two ministers in question? Can Mr Mtambo and Mr Trapence convince the nation on the criteria followed to single out the 2 Ministers only to resign instead of the whole parliament that authorized the bill which was lead by the Opposition Leader in Parliament?

“Can Hon. Lazarus Chakwera and the NGOs he is using come in the open and lecture the malawians on the law that was broken or not followed in passing the 4 billion kwacha bill and why the leader of opposition supported the bill and only to change tune hours later?”

Kalua said the CSOs should convince the nation on why they are not demanding the resignation of the opposition leader while they are pretty aware that.Chakwera led his MPs to have the bill amended and passed in Parliament.

According to Kalua, the  questions are being asked by the people who follow political and social activities and the Malawians who love their country who are beginning to read between lines on the conduct  of the leaders of the CSOs planning the demonstrations.

He accused Mtambi and Trapence of “selective justice” on the matter, saying they  have a vandeta against the Peter Mutharika led fovernment and their bias towards the opposition by paying a blind eye to the role opposition played in amending and passing the very same bill they claim to be bad.

“Those were the very old days when Malawians were following you blindly and not now. Malawians are able to differentiate between the constructive opposition and destructive opposition while monitoring the behavior of the NGOs that are promoting the interests of opposition,” reads the write up by Kalua.

Presidential adviser on Non-Governmental Organisations Mavuto Bamusi backed Kalua, saying he has asked plausible questions.

The demonstrations are set to be held under the theme For How Long Shall Malawians Continue To Be Taken for Granted? Loss of Public Trust in the Current Administration: Time to Reclaim Our Destiny.

The CSOs argue that the K4 billion allocation is illegal and not in the best interest of Malawians, hence the need to immediately cancel it.

Capital Hill has long argued that the money, described as Quick Grant Project, is meant for rural development but Treasury indicates that the money has not been disbursed.

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Mr Kamlepo mwayamba kusintha sono.chilikichitika ntchivichi kuseli uko

Hey kamulepo, you are saying this because you were part to the initial 40billion that was supposed to be shared among the 86 members of parliament. second, you are not a spokesperson of the concerned ministers neither of parliament. Parliament is not a final authority in a democratic government, the people are. You think people should not question the allocation when the same minister said we didn’t have money to run our budget, where was this surplus coming from? you think Malawians should not question the allocation when the minister responsible seems he does not know where the money sources?… Read more »
Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Where will chaos come from if people are just allowed to march freely. we are in democracy Kamullepo. People no longer take you seriously after you abducted yourself. Because if it was realyou could have been making alot of noise

Ooo oh God please Remove the scales of blindness from the eyes of my fellow MALAWIANS so that we can see that BUSHIRI IS the Answer to the hardships the country is facing otherwise We will regret like never before in human history THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN IS NOW MAY GOD BLESS OUR LAND OTHERWISE OUR YOUTHS WILL CRY CRY LIKE NEVER before p
dee Kay

zingwe za blue zija anavala atabwerako ku kidnap zikuonetsa zipatso zake. nkhani koma imeneyi. Anadya chachikulu akuluwa.

winston msowoya
Mr.Kamlepo,why deviating from your previous stand that you took to defend the people of Malawi from being exploited by their nefarious leaders who guarantee their own self-fish ends.Malawi is a free society and people are free to express their grievances.You have no rights atall to stop the exploited people of Malawi who elected you to represent their interests.Mr.Kamlepo,it seems to me that you have also joined the gangsters who are destroying the welfare of our enslaved people.The people of Malawi have terribly undergone the most nefarious governments since nationhood some 50 years ago and time has come for them to… Read more »

Mr Msowoya… Where was chakwera and these suck ass NGO when the bill was being amended and passed?


Its neither a personal or one party battle but everybody’s!! Malawians lets learn to call a spade by its name. Whether Chakwera participated or nor, the procedure and outcome are a bad example of how taxes are being used. Even if Chakwera said no, as was the case with Electoral Bill, Chakwera’s vote wouldn’t have changed anything because DPP had already bought PP MPs!!

chibwatiko Mbekamachuni
chibwatiko Mbekamachuni

My fellow Malawians you mean Kamlepo is this intelligent. What will be logical than this logic the Rumphi East MP has presented here. Chakwera was there when this bill was presented and debated in parliament and talked to the masses after realising he was part of the problem. Viva Kamlepo

Kwacha Round About
Through Crooked means you brought your bill without giving enough time for scrutiny. You wanted Chakwera akakana out light mudziti akukanira anthu chitukuko. He principally rejected it and zikukuwawani zedi. Where was Kamlepo? He did a good job on maizegate investigation chifukwa sanadye nawo. Izi anawuzidwa apasidwa K20million basi wakomedwa. The man Kamlepo does not have direction. No strategy. When u found ursef on Kwacha Round about You said its DPP and u were called all names by its supporters. Today u hv eaten banzi and say contrary things DPP says you are very intelligent. Nonse waving left and right… Read more »

By now it’s a well-known fact that once there’s a sudden change of tunes or political allegiance like what Kamlepo is doing it means MONEY (and huge amount of it for that matter) HAS CHANGED HANDS.
The K4 billion scam did not only expose this blatant looting BUT it is also a tip of the ICEBERG of the DPP selfish political project buying opposition politicians.
BUT the question now remains HOW MUCH money is being WASTED buying these selfish politicians yet a Malawi eni ake ali PA MAVUTO AZAONENI.






Eti eti. Bushiri watani? Ndipo anatani?

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

Mr kaluwa you are expressing your democratic right just as they are also expressing their democratic right. By the way where are the names of the seven cabinet ministers involved in corruption.

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