PAC says push for electoral law reforms continues

The influential Public Affairs Committee (PAC) says the battle for the push of electoral law reforms continue despite the fact that it is now almost a year before the 2019 general election.

PAC Chair Dr Felix Chingota: Still pushing for electoral reforms

PAC chairman Felix Chingota said  in Lilongwe that the wants the 50+1 system and other electoral law reforms be adopted for the fair and credible elections in the country.

He was speaking when a women lobby group for women to be in top positions called 50-50 Campaign invited PAC to sensitize it on the need to have special seats for women in parliament.

Chingota said  the quasi-religious body and governance watchdog,would fight for the 50+1 electoral reforms and other laws including those advocated by the 50-50 Campaign .

“We have not given up, we will do all we can to ensure that all the electoral law reforms are enacted,” he said.

Chairman of Malawi Electoral Support Network (Mesn) Steve Duwa said there was also need for the government to change the voting dates from May to August or September.

“In May, there are still rains in some parts of the country, some roads are impassable and the weather is not friendly for all the people to get out to vote,” he said.

He said it was easier to transport poll materials in summer than in May. In addition, he said, days are shorter in May than in summer.

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Hahaha! Ndaseka kwabasi ! Akuti “The influential PAC .” Lero? Za ziii


50-50 Campaign is vote rigging in advance in favor of women. Suppose there are people who start small political parties but women are not interested in joining them it means the probability of their members to become MP are very low because of this campagn. The campaign should be looked at as VOTE RIGGING. 50-50 seats is not a requirement its not a football team its gatherning a country and everybody should have similar opportunities without bring the issue of women.


Make sure that the reforms only apply from the 2024 general elections. The First Past The Point (FPTP) electoral laws would be ideal for challenging the current ruling party DPP. It is very likely that an alternative party will emerge after sweeping around 30% of the votes. DPP/UDF will trail behind by a small margin. The alternative party won’t even have to be forced into coalition politics to govern Malawi. By 2024 DPP will have disintegrate pd especially with Peter Mutharika out of the way. The 50 + 1 can apply from then on.


PAC? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa awa iyayi awa amangotisokosaaaaaaaaa awa! Akaona zomwe analandila zatha amayamba kusokosa chonchi……………………….! My foot…………!


PAC is pretending to be legislatures .let parliament do its Business.


Keep on the fight PAC!!!We want credible elections from 2019 to eternity.Those who don’t want electoral reforms better quit the game period!


Zako izo Duwa,ife tizakavota mu may….cholinga?mbamva zako zitilamulire munthawi yosavoteredwa.Ngati zili choncho ndiye from may to September pazakhale boma la mugwirizano otherwise Peter will lead us illegally.

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