Kamlepo implicates ‘shameless’ Chaponda on his kidnap: Speaks in Malawi Parliament

Firebrand politician and Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kalua gave a statement in Parliament on his abduction, naming and shaming fired Agriculture Minister, Dr George Chaponda and the Deputy Inspector of the Malawi Police Duncan Mwapasa of being behind his abduction.

Kalua: Narrates his abduction in Parliament

He also accused police of staging the whole plot and misinforming the public that he faked his kidnap.

According to Kalua, the chief suspect to his abduction was Chaponda, who he described as “shameless”, saying he wanted to deal with him for implicating him in the Zambia maizegate scam and his open criticism on worsening corruption in government and his threats to reveal  names of seven Cabinet ministers alleged  to be  involved in ‘grand corruption’.

“I have been a victim of the fight against corruption, Cashgate and the Maizegate. The President keeps on pestering me on the seven names when he is failing to deal with one name that the whole country knows has cases to answer,” said Kalua.

Kalua, who is also People’s Party (PP) third vice-president and vice-chairperson of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC),  also accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), for using the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), and the police for character assassination

“My abduction was planned by some DPP senior officials. They want to deal with me for being the most critical,” said Kalua.

He said “the DPP officials like Chaponda wanted to kill or dethrone me. After they failed with issues concerning the tax evasion, and that I possess a South African stolen car, it’s when they abducted me.”

The outspoken legislature also attacked the police and Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi, for lying to Malawians that he abducted himself.

“The Police kept on contradicting themselves when they say they took me to Naperi Hospital. The police knew I was at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital [Blantyre Adventist Hospital-BAH], but they preferred to lie,” said Kalua.

Kalua claimed the plot was to harm him fatally and also mentioned Chaponda’s son-in-law Dickson Shumba, who is  married to the former minister’s daughter Rejoice Chaponda Shumba (spokesperson at ministry of foreign affairs) of spying at the MPs house.

“If I was found dead, they [police] could have said I committed suicide because I was running away from evading tax.”

He then told Malawians that the corruption fight is for all Malawians, and not for himself.

About the names of the seven cashgate ministers, Kalua said he has all their names, and will disclosed them another day in the Parliament.

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya did not allow debate on Kalua’s statement.

Kalua was dropped at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre after missing for 11 days.

Meanwhile, in the House, Kalua warned DPP for taking people from his area for granted, especially by mocking him while in the Parliament.

He made the remarks after he was mocked by the Minister of Labour, Henry Mussa when he stood to respond to the question raised by the Zomba Mtonya legislature to his ministry.

“Mr Speaker Sir, allow me to inform the Rumphi east legislature that my shirt collar is a Chinese one, this why I am not in a neck-tie,” said Mussa.

The development angered Kalua, who stood up on a point of order to warn the Government side against such remarks.

“Mr Speaker Sir, I want to warn the DPP Government that it will regret one day, for taking me and the people of Rumphi east constituency, for granted,” said Kalua.

He said the DPP Government can use different plans to deal against him, but will not succeed.

Speaker Richard Msowoya, sustained Kaluwa’s point of order, and told the minister (Mussa) to stop saying such remarks.

Speaker Msowoya said the question raised by the Zomba Mtonya legislature to his ministry, did not have anything to do with the Rumphi east MP, and pointed out “it was a carried question.”

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42 thoughts on “Kamlepo implicates ‘shameless’ Chaponda on his kidnap: Speaks in Malawi Parliament”

  1. frank says:


  2. hatton says:

    A Kamulepo!!! You cheated people of Rumphi East that some Northerners were involved. Could it be Richard Msowoya who stopped debate on your purported abduction to avoid being mentioned?
    You said you went to inspect your project at Chileka with your son; where was your son when you were being kidnapped? Was he the northerner you referred to in Rumphi? Kodi mukumangabe ku Blantyre? Nanga ati atukule ku Mpoto ndani? Abale atumbuka kukonda kummwera!!!!! Ndamva kutinso akukonda pakati mpaka Livingstonia synod yonse kusamuka?

  3. martin says:

    It is disgraceful to note that some misguided Malawians would be convinced by Kamlepo who himself is non-entity in the country.The Kamlepo zealot,has nothing tangible to offer to the nation leave alone,the Constituency is representing.What is doing now is to provoke Malawians to waste their precious time,in coming to his ungodly nonsense.As Iam writing this personal account on this good for nothing crook and uneducated embacile,his own voters in Rumphi East Constituency,are already trying to find some one who would stand in the 2019 elections.This is the man who has misled people into believing that he is educated and that he went to Russia for further education,for god’s sake,he has never gone further than South Africa where he went to look for job.So Malawians,you seem to be easily cajored by sweet talks as other mendacious people like Hastings Banda and the two evil Muthalikas.Kamlepo has never comeup with a brilliant package to at least,develop his constituency which as it stands now,is the least developed in the country.With his devastating education,he does not believe himself that in other countries,he would hold those posts in the government.Malawians,wakeup it is shameful to be misdirected by uneducated people.If the government can take initiative to findout the truth,it will be greatly astonished and look stupid.

    1. mvahiwa says:

      Kamlepo is a hero my friend…..hate it or love it. have u been to his constituency?

  4. i foresee malawi falling apart.malawian politics is so full of henchmen that are ready to kill for their masters.DPP is no exception.so many opponents of ruling party have lost their dear lives by these blood suckers.one day,that country will explode.northerners ain’t stupid as you fellas think they are.that country will burn-believe me.

  5. Sam Chipala says:


    1. BUBUBU says:

      You will listen when DPP kills one of your loved ones

  6. winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,it seems to me the whole lot in Parliament,is confused hence,the MPs are there to make money for themselves instead of representing the people who voted for them.Right now,we have gargantuan sufferings our people are going through because the people they voted for,just mind about their own interests.Iam originally,coming from Rumphi East and Iam flabagasted to see that since the multi-party era,I have never seen any economic improvement that could have enhanced the living standard of our people,each MP is elected,he or she is concentrated to accumulate as much funds to build his own life and that of his/her family.For instance,in my own village people have one clinic serving thousands citizens and this clinic belongs to Livingstonia Mission.I must say that thanks to this small clinic which is serving the people because,without it there could be pandemonium for the sick people.I was tremendously moved by the first Cabinet in 1964 crises to see that the Ministers and three MPs stood their ground in fighting for their voters unlike the present MPs,who make a lot of noise for their own self-aggrandisement.So my dear Malawians,what you should know and remember in your history is that,the first Cabinet if left alone to work for their people,Malawians by now,could be far economically because they had the best brains who could bringup our country economically and politically.Just to give you an instance,the late Dunduzu Chisiza as Deputy Finance Minister,brought 2 Germany multi-billionaire business men to survey a small mountain known as MANOLO for a feasibility study.These visitors,were very impressed what they had seen and promised Dunduzu to come back with other partiners to lay foundation.According to them,if everything went well,the company,could employ hundreds of people.To their disappointment,Dunduzu’s life was cut short at Nthondwe Bridge by Banda’s notorious murderers.Brothers and sisters,make sure in 2019 elections,vote on merits and not on mwana wakwithu.Another DPP regime,will cause unprecedented hardiships and sufferings of our People.Tribalism will take us nowhere,you have seen it now.

    1. Denise says:

      Are you in Malawi yourself? if you are from Rumphi east then you should know what Kamlepo has done on the ground, dont just hate….ask wabbale wako kukaya……

  7. Black White says:

    koma Ku DPP kuli anthu anzerudi? iwe usalimbane ndi hot current, ngati uli wanzeru peza platform yako nawe tikumve. mbuzi za wanthu inu.

  8. NOXY says:

    So the Parliament sitting is about Kalua abduction and Chaponda?? This is indeed waste of time and money.Please give us a break.I’ve heard so much about Kalua and stories about Chaponda please find us other stories.Mr Kalua must retire I started hearing about him in 1992 when he was claiming to have lots of tonnes of maize to help poor Malawians and until now.Nothing tangible from him.

    1. Jones says:

      peter is 30 yrs older than Kamlepo

  9. psyta says:

    Musatibowa a Kape inu !!! Malawiana have better things to hear !!!

  10. chicken pocks says:

    A party of criminals.

  11. santana says:

    The MCP has been in opposition for more than 20 years. There are 4 general elections conducted in which the MCP contested in all and failed in all. This means Malawians were asked 4 times to vote for MCP and have refused the same number to vote for Tambala Wakuda. The current leader in MCP is one of the contestants and was the last to be bruised. Has the leadership of the party sat down and find out why Malawians has refused 4 consecutive times to be led by its leader? MCP’s campaign has been asking people to test them with the regime as if it was not there for 3 decades. What testing are they talking about? The DPP was accidentally out of power for 2 years. In 2014 while in opposition the DPP asked Malawians to vote for it into power by measuring it for what it has already done in the previous years. The MCP also contested while in the opposition as DPP. Their messages went to Malawians on the same level as parties from the opposition. At the end Malawians opted for DPP and not MCP. What is wrong with this once Mighty party? Let Chakwera change his campaign strategy and should go back to the drawing board changing every old strategy for new ones. One thing he should have in mind is that vote from central region only cannot make him win the presidential race. He talks too much but in the talking there is no convincing statements that he can govern better. So how can he win if he fails to convince voters from other regions? MCP is a party which Malawians will never give it a chance. Your seat in the august house is the one Chakwera is holding which JZU and Chakwanda held in the past years. Chakwera should feel it in his mind that the highest post for him in Malawi politics is the one called Leader of Opposition not state presidency. You don’t have the muscle,Sir.

  12. How does he know that it is Chaponda? After narrating the story, what is next? What is he going to do with Chaponda?

  13. Kanguwo says:

    Ukatambatamba uziyang’ana kunyanja…. DPP ur time is up.. all ur eveils are showing up. Malawian lets stop being taken for granted, this is not Kamlepos show alone!! This mediocricrity of abducting and killing innocent people must stop!!! I cry for Njauju, I cry for Chasowa, I cry for Judge Baluwa……… oooooh their blood has to do something…. and u now want to kill Kamlepo?? ur joking… we will burn u live!!!!!

  14. Rahim says:

    Kalua y u build a house in Blantyre instead of Rumphi or Mzuzu in order to develop your region. Do u expect a southern region ngati ine to and build a house Mzuzu. We are tied with u people from the north and u MCP supporters and u can not rule Malawi with one region even 50+1 never . We the southern region people we have agreed to deal with you in 2019

    1. Machiavelli says:

      Develop your region ndekuti chani, mbuli yachabechabe . Malawi belongs to us all and everyone has a right to live wherever he wants. Kodi mumaona ngati kukhala ndikanagulako Blantyre ka kumwera kuno ndikotukuka???nyasa zokhazokha.

      1. Ujeni says:

        Zakupweteka ndiwe mtumbuka eti

    2. Denise says:


  15. Mgoloso says:

    Kamlepo – do not cheat yourself that Malawians stopped thinking. We know you as someone full of frustrations and with no name in the South. If the North considers you as somebody then not with South. There is no “Kamlepo” in the South.

    Kamlepo is a nobody and is known to be a puppet – by the way where is your Party?

  16. Mgoloso says:

    All is water under the bridge – if DPP dealt with JZU (MCP), Ntafu (UDF) between 2004 and 2009 who is Kamlepo and Chakwera? Remember “impeachment and Section 65” issues – how did they settle down? then compare with what is happening now – Opposition now is much immature than we had in those days.

    Kamlepo and Chakwera are just helping DPP to remain in power forever – believe you me. Continue destroying yourselves and your shameful so called parties – we are watching you and your actions

    1. Wantu nationella imwe Malawi will remain the poorest in The world. U can not different opions talk. Dock u know What they called Mandela a terrorist. A gangsters but never gave upp fighting. Vi free his people after 27 years in prison. Maybe Malawians will never understa nd this man. Malawi and Malawians have never lived a life better since colonial. They were told not to speak against their president during Kamuzu Banda they still do that to Day. With division of regions and tribalism which Teh Muntharikas brought it has worsen even more. Does it matter If Northerners dont become president? They ate part of Malawi whether u like it or not. All Malawians need a president Who can unity Malawians and stop corruption. To days Malawi its people Who were not there Who are enjoying the suffering of Malawians during Kamuzu dictatorship. And yet DDP WANT to build Kamuzu Park is this a joke? In The other hand they hate MCP. Chakwela was not there during Kamuzu. Chakwela is not Tempo or Kamuzu. Northerners have voted for DDP. They voted for Bingu and yet he insulted them. What a heil with Southerners? Iam from North I dont care Who u vote. A tjief , a murder as long as he US South its ypur choice. I know that Northerners are stupid for voting for DDP. I compare the government of Muntharikas is like Trump American president. Family, friends and his tribe. Muluzi was better in uniting Malawi. Mistake when he gave the nation to people he did not know very well. It has costed Malawi and Malawians

      1. Alfred Minjo says:

        Kkkkkkkkkk! Koma pali chizungu apa mweeee!

    2. Jones says:

      Bingu tried to deal with KAMLEPO he died ……

  17. mbuje says:

    Why do you always have time to air the nonsense from this idiot? I am not a Chaponda fan but this Kamlepo idiot just want to take advantage of the public perception of Chaponda! Enough of this nonsense from this loud mouthed empty bag! Akazawina u MP 2019 ndi mwayi!

  18. santana says:

    What makes you think the DPP is shaken by those you are mentioning? What has PAC done to shake the ruling party? Don’t you see yourself that it is PAC which has bruised itself? Is it not PAC which has now lost the five stakeholders out of the eight? With the rhetoric which PAC had before its two days meeting, what is it that the DPP can fear? PAC is going out of this meeting with its tail between its legs. The opposition which wanted to use PAC in this meeting knows that the meeting has not achieved anything to their expectations. Let me assure you Mahera that this PAC with the current leadership has lost its respect and it will never retain it till the leadership changes. The DPP and the government is still stronger as it was before PAC’S meeting. Which MP from Balaka is shaking the DPP? Do you know what is currently happening in Lucius’ constituency? If all is well with him why is it that his own constituents are bashing him every passing day? They know that there is nothing he can give them unless government approves it, so why should they waste time with a man who can not approve any development? Leave Lucius to music not politics. He is too young for politics. Remember that the guy has a long time hatred on the Mutharikas starting from the time he challenged to lead the impeachment on the late Bingu. Unfortunately he forgot that he was playing with the big brains, and later ended up in prison for the fake certificate. You can imagine that he is the only person from the whole party doing the opposite. The bruise he sustained after the impeachment nonsense made him to produce a song called ”JOHN MWANAWANGA”, nyimbo ya munthu wolira imene ija. Hot current on Times TV can never shake DPP. Brian Banda failed to weaken DPP while he was in government with Amayi, what else can he do while in a media house? The likes of George Kasakula, Raphael Tenthani, Brian Banda, Bwande, tried their best to decampaign DPP that it should not get back to power but the 2014 election results bruised them badly. Brian Banda knows pretty well that he cannot do anything to shake the DPP. You talk of teachers, do teachers have a political party of their own? Teachers can talk collectively when its an issue about their money. Igot nothing to do with dumping the DPP as if Chakwera will give them money once they dump the DPP. Teachers have different party affliations so don’t think when they are on strike they are saying we have left our parties. Didn’t teachers participate in the 2014 elections which made DPP back to power? Just talk to MCP to engage its campaign in the south to atleast add a number to its central region supporters. Mnzake sakumuona m’mene walowera chigawo chapakati?

  19. Fwekufweku mathanyula says:

    George Chaponda is as foolish as his ugly face. He is sitting on a time-bomb and yet he does not realise it. Kuzolowera ufiti Mulanje people, kutamba too much, nonsense!!! Chinkhope ngati kumatako kwa nkhalamba.

  20. Gwamba says:

    SHAMELESS CHAPONDA indeed!!!!! Kamlepo is something else, he is phoka so DPP ingrits, imbeciles beware with who you are dealing with. CHAPONDA ubibidwa naye Kamlepo so stay as far away from him as possible because he is a hot current. Mupsa matako a DPP muona.

  21. Kingpin says:

    Whoever is still listening to this moron. Now the villain wants to play victim by attacking another villain. What has the name of the hospital you went to have to do with anything? Haven’t you learnt anything by now that the more you open you open your mouth the more ridiculous you become? For God’s sake man have some self respect and sit down.

  22. Patrick Phiri says:

    Kalua is on record to have told his constituents that a certain northerner was involved in his abduction, but that northerner is not mentioned this time. Total chamba smoking.

    He has opted to say this in parliament because of the immunity enjoyed by parliament. Let him say the same outside parliament.

  23. Rumphibwayi says:

    Surely the comment of Mahera shows that s/he is brainless.

    Munya muwona, 2019 DPP ikupitiliza, mufune, musafune.

    And my warning to the speaker is that how come he gives so much space to this mad man kamulepo to speak trash in parliament like that? Tikukuwonanitu agalu inu.

  24. san says:

    Wabisala pachipande! tiyeni nazoni!

  25. Bob says:

    DPP ndi mbola. You cant silence Kamlepo. We are behind him. Hero wathu uyu osati za Bwampini

  26. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    I knew it that he will mention them. Now is for DDP to prove that they didn’t do it. I knew the way they attacked him like a liar police concluded so quick and dausi making huge noice I could see that there was something they knew

  27. Donald Trump says:

    Yes the government sometimes gets shaken but these people just talk & they dont act.They are just like non-poisonous snakes who can bite but cant kill or harm somebody.Its a shame

  28. gule says:

    Kkkk Chaponda anabadi ndalama zoona but we dont want this madman Kamlepo to buy people’s symphaphy through him. What Kamlepo should should know is that he has lost trust in the eyes of Malawians with his staged abduction

  29. Mahera says:

    If DPP can be shaken by this 1 man from Rumphi, what about PAC? If the whole presiden can be shaken by 1 MP from Balaka, what about the whole opposition? If DPP can be shaken by Hot current program on times tv, what about all teachers in the country?

    1. zako... says:

      hot current is useless…
      they talk things people already know. Brian &his friend talk like 14 yr boys

    2. Ayuzy says:

      Mahera wine wako akukthanizano kulemba za mzeru; pitiliza kumwa zimenezi

    3. Nyopex says:

      Heading to collapse

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