Kamlepo wants medical tests in South Africa: Dausi says MP‘s abduction account ‘trivial, inconsequential and fallacious’

Tormented Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kalua says he want to travel to South Africa for further medical examination fearing regime thugs who abducted him  for 11 days might have been put some dangerous substance in his body through food or otherwise.

Kamlepo: Claims to have been abducted

Kalua, who is also People’s Party (PP) third vice-president and vice-chairperson of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), has since condemned Malawi Police for quickly concluding investigations and making statements in political tone that he faked his kidnap.

The legislator was found at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre early Sunday morning after his family reported him missing last week. But police have dismissed this, concluding that he staged his abduction.

Kalua, however, maintained that he was abducted while inspecting his construction project in Chileka and that his abductors staged his release in a matter to discredit him.

“I cannot abduct myself, never am not a weakling. I need to go to South Africa hospital for further checks because I suspect the whole plot of abduction was to put some stuff into my body so my health can deteriorate,” he said.

He accused Police of playing “politics” and contradicting themselves when they say they took him to Naperi Hospital on Sunday when he was found

“I was at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital [Blantyre Adventist Hospital-BAH], but the Police preferred to lie that I was at Naperi Hospital.

“The very same police claimed [then Polytechnic student] Robert Chasowa had committed suicide and showed a suicide note to the whole country. The very same Chasowa whom Dr [Charles] Dzamalala said he was killed.

“And they [police] told professor Boniface Dulani that he was evading tax and impounded all the computers after he had done that research [indicating that President Peter Mutharika was least popular].

“If I was found dead, they [police] could have said I committed suicide because I was running away from evading tax,” said Kalua.

A medical report from BAH indicates that Kalua had high blood pressure and that marks of being tied were visible on the wrists.

The assessment, conducted by Dr Aziz Sherry on May 7 2017, also shows that Kalua was “a stressed patient who needed further follow up”. However, his blood test on heart and sugar were normal, it said.

Meanwhile,  Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi told Parliament on Monday that Kalua lied about being abducted to garner public sympathy and that the MP’s  conduct was a desperate attempt to solicit public sympathy..

-“We have a constitutional duty, as Government, to protect all the people of Malawi from these unfortunate, false, and misleading allegations,” he said, adding that, “these allegations are incorrect, untrue, wrong, fallacious, unsound, unfounded, deceptive that are aimed at creating a negative spat on the part of Government.”

Dausi then called on the public to ignore with contempt the pictures showing Kalua tied in hands and legs on the morning of Sunday, 7th May 2017 as a deceitful proof of his alleged devious abduction.

“These are petty, trivial, inconsequential and miserable attempts to create a pretext that he is being victimised for his political views and criticism of Government,” said Dausi.

Dausi said a man abducted for 10 days could not be discovered looking smart with polished shoes, ironed clothes and a shaved beard.

Said  the minister: “This government will not stand by as someone stages an abduction just to create the narrative that he was tortured and dumped.

“The truth of the matter is [that] he was never abducted. We have this on good authority.”

He said being thrown out of a speeding vehicle while tied in hands and legs as Kalua claimed would have left him in a devastating condition.

“By the way, how did he manage to sit uplift after the fall from the moving vehicle while tied? Did he fall sitted?” questioned Dausi, adding that Kalua had an over-coat over his shoulders where he claimed to have been thrown off a moving vehicle.

Kalua claimed that he was abdcuted from Chileka at a site where he is constructing a house but according to the police report it is not true and in their investigations, the police interviewed the workers at the site who revealed that Kalua had not been to there for over three months.

Dausi therefore reminded that these unfortunate theatrics by Kalua started immediately after the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on Wednesday, 26th April 2017 conducted a search at his residential houses in Blantyre on suspicion of non-payment of custom duties.

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ooops!!! kamlepo does it again kkkk mpaka ku Joni? zomwezi iwe mesa unali ku Adventist so whats the difference between Adventist hospital and ku joni cuz treatment is all the same…. but i thought he has lost his mind already so how has it come to his senses that he needs special care in RSA ,iwe Kamlepo iwe iwe usatiyenjeze wamva not my Tax money that will pay for your treatment.


Kamlepo chitsiru chenicheni. Waputsitsa atumbuka onse. Iwe akupanga abduct nkumameza food zoona? Nkumasamba mpaka ndevu kumeta osadziwa? Chitsiru.

Kamlepo saga shows how the country has descended into chaos. Fact is Kamlepo registered a stolen Mercedes Benz. Fact is the stolen Merc was cleared using Parliamentary priviledge. Fact is Kamlepo fakely registered his Cruiser as another car. These are criminal offences. Fact is Kamlepo was declared missing. Fact is Kamlepo has been found. Police need to investigate and not issue statements before investigating. James Comey Director of FBI should come to your mind Kachama. Dont politicise Police investigation. Fact is Police had issued a statement before concerning their investigation into Robert Chasowa (RIP) death which was contrary to what… Read more »
be humane

if we had brilliant people like you on this forum, we could make constructive ideas and make the forum a brain stimulating forum. Happy for you brother keep it up

Bwanji kodi?

Kamlepo is saying the truth the gvt should sent him for further and better treatment in south africa.A malawi ambiri ziwani kuti a police nthawi zambiri chilungamo alibe look at the investigation they staged,concluding the matter before investigations are done.A police a mbiri ndi a JCE they dont know much always carried away by the political wind of the moment.Dont trust them




The Police should also tell the public where Kamlepo had been during the period. Who tied Kamlepo both hands and legs? Who left/threw Kamlepo at Kwacha. This will help to substantiate that Kamlepo was not abducted

Timve Ziti

Am no expert in abductions but the way his hands were toed it would have been very easy for him to untie them using his teeth and then untie his legs. Come on.!


As much as we could discredit this guys’s claims somehow i think he might be telling the truth…..


Guys,tiyeni tilikonde Dziko lathu,and please let’s open our eyes,Kodi Chaponda nkhani yake Mpaka lero sanafufuzebe, nkhani ya Kamlepo just ours mwapeza kale mayankho,zoona guys?? Oooh Lord,please come and rescue our Nation!! Please God Come.I cry my beloved Malawi!

Che Jhumo

Atumbuka yawo ija.

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