Mutharika urges Africa to invest in youth and women: Decries high unemployment rate

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has called on African countries to invest more in the youth and women if the continent is to have meaningful economic growth.

Mutharika: Unemployment rate is worrying

Mutharika made the call while opening the 4th ordinary session of Pan-African Parliament in Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday May 8th, 2017.

Mutharika said women constitute almost half of the African population and that their empowerment is a vehicle for economic growth, adding women empowerment must begin with investing in the girl child of Africa.

He also noted that Africa is the youngest continent because the majority of its people are the Youth.

“About 60 percent of African population is the Youth under age of 35. Unfortunately, the population in the youth bracket is still growing and Africa must be braced for more alarming figures. As African Heads of State, we have agreed to make 2017 the Year of the Youth,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika added: “As a Pan-African Parliament, you are mandated to advocate the policies and objectives of the African Union. At the moment, the continent is unable to provide jobs for most of the Youth. This is creating a growing sense of alienation and frustration which is building up negative energy in our Youth.”

Mutharika said the youth are energetic people who want something meaningful to do with their lives but there isn’t much around.

“They are moving fast forward on a continent that is moving slowly. Unless we are belligerent to move fast, the African Youth will slip out of our fingers. Youth frustration breeds political radicalization. Youth poverty and joblessness can be the next cause for civil strife and political instability in Africa.

“Disenchantment and its subsequent radicalization can make our Youths vulnerable to outside forces of violent extremism and destruction. This is something that you and I can never, must never, and should never allow,” added Mutharika.

He therefore urged the continent to unite for the plight of its youth, saying it is a common mission for African leaders to create the destiny of the African youth.

“If there is a common front on which Africa must fight, then we must fight the future of the African Youth. I wish you productive deliberations on the various issues that concern mother Africa. We will wait to see action from our resolutions. Remember, resolutions are like children crying in the church, they must be carried out promptly.”

On Monday Malawi’s First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika was inducted as Goodwill Ambassador for the Pan – African Parliament. The First Lady was a member of the Pan -African Parliament when she was Member of Parliament.

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7 years ago

Tangible thoughts and speach by the president….but when it comes to implementation and the work to be done is always becoming the most critical issue with our leaders…..Mr president please change your gears more often when u know that your government needs some changes

winston msowoya
winston msowoya
7 years ago

Malawi is in the class of a fourth world.It seems Muthalika is viciously confused and doesn’t comprehend what is going on around his leadership.What or how is Africa going to invest on youth and women? In Malawi itself,there is no tangible plan to help youth and women.Right now there is a deadly and illegal movements of young Africans men and women sucked into the waters of Mediterranean Sea going to the so-called green pastures in Europe only to endup being food for deadly Sharks and other dangers.Those who are lucky enough to reach coast of Europe,to their astonishment,they endup in… Read more »

7 years ago

How can we create jobs with retirement age at 55/60? Reduce it so that graduates should come in. Retairement package can also be used as business capital for alot of pensioners and this could create even more jobs.

7 years ago

It is Better during training to tell them that “we just train you to look for your own jobs” Since 2014 those who were recruited by Government and graduated are just thorns in a sheep skin we are tired of feeding them. The Government ministers just swindle the money and keeping it in there houses. But The same amount can employ almost all primary teachers who are just staying as they don’t have enough capital to open their own schools.

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