Kamlepo’s Benz on Interpol wanted list

One of the vehicles the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) seized from firebrand politician and Parliamentarian, Kamlepo Kalua for allegedly evading customs duties, is on International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) wanted list, Nyasa Times understand.

One of the vehicles being returned to Kalua

MRA on Wednesday last week seized Toyota Land Cruiser V8 registration number KA8966 and Mercedes Benz registration number RU5437 from Kalua after a search at his residential houses in Nkolokosa and Namiwawa in Blantyre following a tip-off from concerned Malawians.

The vehicles were on Monday returned to Kalua, who is reportedly missing, following a High Court order he obtained on Sunday pending a judicial review.

High Court Judge Rowland Mbvundula also gave Kalua a temporal relief from an imminent arrest in connection to the alleged tax evasion issue.

And information Nyasa Times has sourced from INTERPOL indicates that the Mercedes Benz is suspected to have been stolen from South Africa in a shoot-out heist in which one person was killed.

The vehicle is being investigated by that country’s police and has been branded as ‘Hot Car’.

According to INTERPOL, the sleek white Mercedes Benz (2014 make) belonged to OUTsurance, and the owner’s former address is 241 Embankment Road, Zwartkop, Centurion in South Africa.

The vehicle’s chassis number is WDD2040222R002072.

National police Public Relations Officer, James Kadadzera said the issue concerning Kalua’s vehicles was being handled by MRA and expressed ignorance about Kalua’s missing claims.

“As police we have not received any report that he is missing,” said Kadadzera.

Kalua’s elder son, Ken, while insisting that the Parliamentarian is missing and is incommunicado, confirmed that they have not yet reported the matter to police, arguing  “because the consensus is they cannot help anything considering their demonstrated conduct when they came to seize the vehicles and treated us like thugs”.

But Kadadzera urged the Rumphi East Parliamentarian to come out, saying the law-enforcers are not hunting for him.

“We are not hunting for him. As police we are capable of finding him wherever he is (if at all we are looking for him). He should therefore come out from wherever he is because we are not after him. Let him come out and live his normal life,” said Kadadzera.

Another Kalua’s vehicle which the MRA also seized Jeep-CS 31-MK GP is also suspected to be a stolen car from Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Jeep Cherokee belonged to Ajusu of South Africa. Its chassis number is 1J8HDE8M05Y574370.

According 2016 statistics, 53809 vehicles were stolen in South Africa. This is 147 vehicles a day.

Meanwhile, authorities are trying to determine why and how Kamlepo’s Land Cruiser V8 was registered as Nissan Vanette in the Directorate of Road Transport and Safety Services’ MALTIS system while the registration number for the Mercedes Benz RU5437 does not exist in the system.

The process of registration of a car involves physical inspection at MRA, Interpol Police and Traffic Directorate.

And according to experts, Kamlepo may answer to charges in relation to evading customs duty contrary to Customs and Exercise Act apart fromcorruption charges for allegedly bribing a chain of officials using a corrupt syndicate in all three institutions.

Kamlepo has been vocal on corruption in Parliament and the media especially on maizegate scandal involving fired Minister of Agriculture, George Chaponda and Admarc.

He also once claimed to know names of seven corrupt ministers but has failed to reveal them despite the public demands.


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32 thoughts on “Kamlepo’s Benz on Interpol wanted list”

  1. Mtengo Wautali says:

    Remember the same Kalua deceived the world that he holds a Ph D, that he is Dr Kamlepo Kalua when he was living in RSA and after returning home? He was only exposed when an investigative journalist exposed the truth and he immediately dropped the bogus title of ‘Dr’. Quite a cheat!

  2. realSTAR says:

    adhawa anali osauka tym ya achina bakili ndi bingu ija,,ankayendera manyaka a galimoto,,ndazizwa kumva ali ndi njale zonsezo,,, later i came to realise that he accumulated all that money to buy those cars during JB era,,muli dollar tu m’boma mu guys,,,

  3. catchyou says:

    tell us from your envestigation which year the car was sto
    Len in RSA and which year it was sold here in malawi,and who was clearing those cars,and on changing the owner ship who was in charge at interpol police,the dirty part of this news is MRA,POLiCE,INTERPOL when these vehicle come to ma
    lawi they cleared all ownership now coming up with dirty act,am not in support of kalua or any political party but when you are writing any news be sure what you are writing makes those reading obtain something now_the car is back to kalua following court order what kind of order the stollen materials should be in police full of security because as it is all proof is there as you have written here.Malawi is going down instead of developing all day is political go to funeral mouth and tongue preaching politics while the country is sleeping look at the road network in our towns not city because in the city you can’t find a road like bawo kkkkkkkkkkkkk in the city you can’t find a dead dog ending up to skeleton kkkkkkkkkkkkk.And remember not all offices or position can be occupied by one tribe never zingavute manga never,we were created in different characters the aim was to build a better malawi some are good in cultivating,some are good in fishing, some are good in school
    some are good politics,some are good in planning etc never think one tribe is best no what ever they are capable let them be kale tikati tadya nthotchi zabwino it was from molere,kale tikati kusoka malaya abwino timati pa mujomba uja,kale tikati kudya mpunga wa bwino timati kilombero,ah fodya wa bwino ah inu Lilongwe kasungu pano southern ikuti imatha zonse,akumpoto ah zonse timantha ife come central ife zonse timantha ah here now look what malawi is wearing like orphan child who seek food,seek good cloth seek good road,seek good leadership,seek people who love unity seek.

  4. macdejians says:

    Matthew 7 Good News Translation (GNT)
    Judging Others
    “Do not judge others, so that God will not
    judge you, for God will judge you in the same
    way you judge others, and he will apply to you
    the same rules you apply to others. Why, then,
    do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye
    and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?
    How dare you say to your brother, ‘Please, let
    me take that speck out of your eye,’ when you
    have a log in your own eye? You hypocrite! First
    take the log out of your own eye, and then you
    will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of
    your brother’s eye.
    “Do not give what is holy to dogs—they will
    only turn and attack you. Do not throw your
    pearls in front of pigs—they will only trample
    them underfoot.

  5. Senford Kalonde says:

    Nzovuta kumvesa

  6. mwalafyale says:

    Iwe mwana chwe bwelako wabisalako, ukapita ku pariament ,kangolandilako ka alawanceko ukagule shuga, osalimbana ndi zambiri, umunfunse lucius banda nkhani ya impechement ,ma mafias omwewo anamuzizilisa ndi satifiketi ya MSCE

  7. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Ine ndimakuuzani kuti Kamlepo kupanga za Chaponda kuja sikunali kulifunira dziko zabwino koma kukwiya kuti si iyeyo amene akuchita madilu!

  8. gaga says:

    Malawian Politics at its dirty side. He stood alone to fight corruption and now Mafias are using MRA to silence him.

  9. chikoti says:

    Mmmmmm. Apa ndale zili pati? Kodi wakina amakhala ndi malemba? A kamlepo akithawanji nanga ngayi akudziwa kuti zonse zili bwino…

  10. akanyeramsetere says:

    you can fool many ppl many times but you cannot fool all ppl all the time. no man is indispensable. even the giants fall. but honourable come out of your hidingb and bring dev to your ppl such as roads, phone network, portable water which your constituency lacks.ppl do not vote for firebrand but development

  11. Nonkeli says:

    It is a pity that we human beings sometimes accuse others of the same crimes we ourselves are committing in secret, not so Mr Kalua?

  12. Naisi Shati says:

    Some people who are themselves in politics or are connected to politicians when caught on the wrong side of the law try to claim that it is political witch hunting, like Kalua did here and others as well. And Malawians be wary of buying cars from RSA. There have been situations where car owners in SA stage theft of their own cars in order to make insurance claims! Before you buy a car in RSA make sure it is cleared with RSA police and Interpol before you bring it to Malawi to avoid the kind of scenario Kamlepo has found himself in. As for the fraudulent registration of the two vehicles, wow! Is this the priviledge that MPs enjoy of importing two motor vehicles duty free?

  13. Get lost says:

    political f***ng things

  14. ovahah mbwiyanga says:

    Kunena kwache titi Kamlepo wayishosha and this is a criminal matter my foolish MP. Evidence ndiye ndiyosayamba. Its ur turn nawe usova paja mumabisala mu galimoto ya speaker akafuna kukumangani. We will capture you mmesa parliament yayamba ubwere uzayimilire anthu anakusankha aja.. Ukubisaliranji? Kodi mmesa paja suwopa police? Bwera uone mbwadza aise hehehehe

  15. William Tell says:

    Who cares what year the vehicle is, the man is in possession of a stolen car and you read the article that somebody lost their life when that vehicle was stolen. I don’t care which political party Kalua belongs to or which tribe, the man is is in possession of stolen property and he acquired the said property through dubious means so let him face the music. If he is not guilty then let him come out of hiding and exconerate himself. That story about him missing is just the family trying to muddy the waters. Many people have hot cars but Mr Kamlepo is one of those who have been foung out. Deal with it.

  16. ajijo says:

    ndimanena nthawi zonse ine kuti anyani sasekana zikunduu; mtsinje wa ndinkanena uja watsira mu msiizi. Akadakhala Matola kapena mjooma Kapena Kachale sitikadamutengetsa chonji. koma uyu wamatamayu osamusiya aidziwe bangwe, tiyeni nazoni, amasowetsa mtendere chiri kwa mzake ameneyu mwina lero aphunzire mnjira imeneyi

  17. ajijo says:

    usalireee waba wekhaaa usalireee waba wekhaaa ; amati akabushe Kamlepo wabusha masambaaaa; usathaweee waba wehaaa usaliree waba wekha ; a song that is sang to mock the thieves in Malawi Zambia and Mozambique villages and townships

  18. Mtibu says:

    :: If you count from the very right,the 8th character will tell you the year of Make of a Vehicles…in this case the Merc is 2002 model..

  19. pathfinder says:

    Chance and Justice please wake up. do you still think there are no skeletons in opposition parties’s closet? if this kamlepo shit kaluwa was a government official, you would be swearing and insulting lhomwes. but now because he is on opposition and Tumbuka side, you want to convince us that something is wrong in the artical? mumaliyamba dala bomali kuiwala kuti lili ndi mphamvu zonse kuchita expose all rotten opposition members. now is time to dance to the tune of your own song. i asked you kindly leave the lhomwes alone but you didn’t listen.

  20. alungwana says:

    Let us start investigating the cabinet ministers and see if none of them has such vehicles! Buying a hot car??? It’s happening every day.

  21. Wa Liverpool says:

    mwapeza chifukwa china chofuna kumumangira kamlepo after mutalephera kumumanga. kodi dziko lathu likupita kuti? zinazi kumachitako manyazi. ndi zopusa zayambikazi

  22. chance says:

    All feck; something in the article tells something is wrong , just some kind of complications.thats Malawi politics

  23. If you leave in a glasshouse don’t throw stones because if your opponent retaliate your house is in danger, its time to show Kamlepo that he’s is not a giant in this country, and by the time the Bakili Muluzi’s were fighting for freedom of this country he was hiding in the carve in South Africa and just come back to Malawi to make noise, this guy is really useless and not wanted in this peaceful conuntry, please Government squizz hard and make sure he runs out of this country.

  24. dziwapo says:

    When making noise make sure that you are record is clean. By what we have read it looks like you like buying stolen goods.

  25. State Counsel says:

    Matana Kamplepo! You can never win a battle against the government yet you are crooked yourself. Shame on you! Come out of hiding and face the law. Oyipa amathawa yekha

  26. Nyasatimes you are saying that you went to Interpol? to source information? mmmmmm are the one fighting Kalua? Were hired by the as private investigators by the government? No it does not make sence here because only police can claim what you are saying, how could you go to Interpol? They would have communicated with themselves not with you. It shows lack of maturity to whoever published this story.

  27. uiwe says:

    guy dont play with govt ask lucius banda

  28. Justice says:

    As I was reading the article something told me that the auther of this article cannot be non other than Maurice Mkawihe . Don’t ask me why but please nyasatimes don’t into another Malawi Voice.

  29. Ndaoloka jordan says:

    This mercedes is not a 2014 model, the car should be between 2007 and 2010 model

  30. dr tambala says:

    hahahaha PP is the most rotten party in the country! president Joyce mchira banda is on the run, PP vice president, uladi chenjeidyani mussa is on remand following corruption charges , pp vice president kamlepo emptytin kalua is on the run following seizure of cars suspected to have been stolen!!!! what a bunch of crooks!!!

    1. jacob says:

      dosent it show state atrocity on opposition?

      1. Dr Tambala says:

        The state does not make anyone buy stolen cars nor issue passports to foreigners to steal money through cashgate!!!

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