Kaphinde back with Thembisile in Malawi films scene featuring Prophet Mambala

A Lilongwe based theatre and movie actor known as Ignatius Kaphinde has bounced back with his third movie titled Thembisile in partnership with Dzuwa Arts theatre.

Kaphinde: New movie

The movie which is 1 hour and 5 minutes long has addressed issues of forced marriages and the rising of prophets who are doing evil businesses contrary to their calling.

The plot of the film has a brilliant young girl named Thembisile who has a dream of becoming the first medical doctor in her village, nevertheless the dream was destroyed by her father who arranged a marriage for her to marry with a rich businessman where she became a fourth wife.

On the other hand, the plot has also a prophet named Prophet Mambala who was doing business against his calling of selling body parts of persons with albinism.

Thembisile had a nightmare in which she dreamt of her friend with albinism who was killed by an assailant who finally raped Thembisile and the man was working at Prophet Mambala’s church.

Speaking in an interview  Kaphinde said, he wanted to tackle issues of early marriages as the cases are rampant in the country and need special consideration since the issue is destroying the future of young girls.

“I see the issue of early marriages as one that requires urgent attention and needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it’s putting lives of many girls at risk,” said Kaphinde.

He also said with the same movie he also thought it wise to address issues of abductions and killings of persons with albinisms as one way of joining hands with government and stakeholders in passing out the message to people about the evils of this bad practice as it hinders the development of the country.

“There has been an outcry from our dear brothers and sisters with albinism, so I wanted to join hands with organisations, individuals and the government to inform people that people with albinism are normal and complete human beings not money machines.

“I believe to end the abduction and killing of people with albinism is a collective effort not just the duty of government alone,” he said.

According to him, he ventured into film limelight at a tender age of 11 in the year 2000 and he produced the movie titled Black Angel in 2009 and The Darkest Hour which was produced in 2012.

“I used to act as a child in most plays, but my acting career grew when I went to secondary school where I was performing as a member of Association for the Teaching of English in Malawi (ATEM) and I was chosen as the best actor for three consecutive years.
I started writing plays until 2009 when I ventured into serious movie business” he said.

Kaphinde has also starred in other people’s movies like: Fight on the Knees, Bombastic Love, Virginity Policy; he is also working with Superior Firms in another firm project entitled Footsteps of the first lady.

Inspired with Nollywood and Bollywood movies the actor said the coming out of this new movie (Thembisile) is an advancement in his career.

“Thembisile is mature in terms of the production, location and its storyline and also acting is serious as compared to my previous movies, I believe we are moving towards international direction,” said the Black Angels movie maker, Eazius Mkandawire.

Mkandawire, who is the president of the Film Association of Malawi (FAM), said  the coming out of this movie (Thembisile) is an indication of the good progress of the film industry in Malawi.

“The film industry is now making steady progress and film makers are making more quality films,” said Mkandawire.

He also said the future of the film industry in Malawi is now bright which will result into putting the country on international map although there is a need of full support.

“The outlook of our films is now great as more people are demanding local content, however, we need to organise policies that will support the gains made in the industry,” he said.

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