Kapito takes on Mutharika: ‘Stop giving corrupt gangsters immunity from prosecution ‘

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has called on President Peter Mutharika to break his silence and act on reports that most of government and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials are engaged in corrupt practices, depriving the poor access to social and economic justice.

Kapito: Escom is failing Malawians

Kapito: President Mutharika is an embarrassing weakest link in the fight against corruption in Malawi

The consumer watch-dog has also taken a swipe on the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for failing to live up to its mandate as provided for in the Corrupt Practices Act by pouncing and prosecuting reported cases of corruption amongst senior government officials especially those close to the President.

In a statement issued on Monday, consumer and human rights activist also CAMA’s executive Director, John Kapito questioned Mutharika’s failure to speak late alone condemn the increased corruption in his government.

“Malawians are shocked and concerned that corrupt practices in the country are at the highest peak where everyone especially in government’s Parastatals and agencies is involved in one way or the other.

“The public is more shocked because most of these corrupt practices are pure theft which can be easily investigated and those involved can be quickly convicted,” said Kapito.

“There are undisputable reports on corruption taking place on daily basis, small and large, in various government institutions, unfortunately both the ACB and the President himself pretend as if all these reported cases are mare fiction. This has diminished the desire of the very same public to support the fight against corrupt practices and to report on corruption.”

Kapito said it was more embarrassing and confusing that most of the corrupt practices are being done by people who are close to the President, therefore compromising the fight against corruption.

He then labeled Mutharika as ‘an embarrassing weakest’ link in the fight against corruption, arguing the fight against corruption demands strong political leadership.

“It is clear and it is becoming more difficult for the President and the ACB to combat the ever-growing corrupt practices in the country.

“What the President and his cronies must realize is that the continued corruption taking place in the country is creating more poverty and making Malawi unattractive to foreign direct investment. Corruption is one of the main contributing factors to the continued withdraw of donor support by many partners that assist Malawi financially,” he added.

He noted that everyday Malawians are being reminded of the challenges that are facing because of the Cashgate, the K577 billion theft and the continued corruption in government ministries and embassies as well as Parastatals and agencies such as Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), Water Boards, Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC), Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA), Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), Roads Authority among others.

“We are therefore concerned and confused to hear the State President pleading with donor community for budgetary support when he is unwilling and unable to stop corruption within his own government ministries and Parastatals where billions sums of money are siphoned to individuals and not for the good of ordinary Malawians. We wonder how that budgetary support money will add value to poor Malawians when a lot of money is being shared amongst friends of the President.

“What is more baffling is the silence that the President has given to the fight against corruption despite the many reports and voices coming out from the general public, the media and donor community for his failure to act on such reports and his continued shielding of those people involved in corrupt practices especially within his own government.”

Cama has since demanded Mutharika to release all signed contracts, names of all big suppliers and contractors in the last three years from various government Parastatals especially ESCOM, Water Boards, ADMARC, MERA, MACRA, Roads Authority and government ministries such as Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Irrigation, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Energy and Mining among others.

The consumer-watch dog has also demanded government to engage an independent film other than the ACB and the office of the Director of Public Procurement inorder to verify the quality of services rendered and the names of the suppliers, for good governance.

“We are also requesting the President to release the full recent forensic audit report for public scrutiny; and the ACB to inform the public about the current status of investigations and court cases that they are handling. We are demanding the information to be provided to CAMA and the public within the next three weeks from the date of this Press Release.”

Malawi’s image has been soiled with continued rising of corruption especially amongst Mutharika’s ministers and associates.

Despite calls from the public and the donor community to act on the raised corruption reports, Mutharika has remained mum on the issue, raising questions on his seriousness to eradicate corruption in the country.

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Finally Kapito is back. His silence is very understandable. Malawians of today are an extremely difficult lot to be change agents. Kapito has spoken so many times of the need for the citizenry to take government to task and yet the more he tries to organize a demo the more people fold their arms. To respond to Kapito’s observations, yes APM is the weakest link in fighting corruption in Malawi. This is by DPP design. APM knows pretty well what is happening but because he is a principal beneficially he can not act. The contracts given to DPP gurus are… Read more »

I agree with you, Kampango, but please clarify something for me. By ‘gurus’, do you mean people who are teachers, guides, experts, or masters (as the word is used in Sanskrit), or do you mean aNguru?

Blame it on all arms of the Government. Our Judiciary does speed up the cases and some sentences are not punitive enough to discourage future would be offenders. Parliament is full with madeya. They press on issues that largely do not help the nation. The Presidency is weak or cautious that if they start applying executive powers, they would be perceived as applying autocratic tendencies as was the issue of the Hyena case etc. We need to revisit our Democracy for it is not suitable for our country. We need ” Malawi Democracy” that will protect the rule of law,… Read more »
Nyasa Baby

Zoona Bwana Kapito!

The Patriot
The only language that the corrupt understand is being named , shamed and taken to court where they have to be swiftly convicted and given stiff penalties including death! Thats the only way we can effectively deal with the corrupt. As a Nation, we cannot “beg” corrupt politicians to stop looting, they will simply NOT stop! We need to get united and fight this vice head on otherwise we will all perish! Our leadership lack metal balls to stamp out corruption, the only slogan those in power know is we will contest again in 2019! The million dollar question is… Read more »

My advice to our leadership is this: if you intend to stamp out corruption, use your feet, not your balls, metal or otherwise.


Kodi tipite pansewu kusonyedza kosakondwa kwathu?


Mumangosiila Kapito yekha pamseu. A Malawi dzukani nthawi ya kwana osaopa a police ai onani ana s University ku South Africa alibe mantha. Please malawians stop being cowards this country belongs to us all and we must all fight for our rights and justice. Awa ndi machona he was not in Malawi when we fought for multiparty he is just enjoying the fruits of our hard work that is why he is biggest thief of our resources.


If u want to know the problem in Malawi, just look in the mirror. We ar all thieves, immoral, fornicators, corrupt, duplicitous, lazy, no good rotten scoundrels! Since Kamuzu, JZU, Muluzi, Bingu, JB, and now this useless excuse of a President is what was a lineage of incompetence and moronity and sheer ignorance and naked greed. RIP Malawi.

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