Karonga chiefs revolt against Kyungu over relocation of refugees camp

Over hundreds of traditional leaders in Karonga have  attacked Paramount Chief Kyungu for imposing the relocation of   a refugee camp from Dzaleka in Dowa to Katili in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kyungu in Karonga.

Paramount Chief Kyungu: Karonga against his backing of refugee camp

The chiefs, who include almost all village headmen in the district, also rubbished Kyungu’s claim that he consulted them over the matter.

They have penned the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security and vowed to work with the Karonga-Chitipa Heritage which is against the development.

National coordinator for Karonga-Chitipa Heritage Alfred Mwahimba disclosed that they have agreed with the chiefs to take a court injunction if government continue with the project.

“With the chiefs, we wonder why Kyungu and government want to force us to allow the project,” said Mwambira.

Mwahimba said  Member of Parliament for the area Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo said he will use any constitutional means to block the project.

He accused  Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia and Kyungu for deceiving President Peter Mutharika that people in the district are welcoming the refugees camp.

“I know President Mutharika  is a well qualified and experienced international lawyer. He can’t impose things to his subjects,” said Mwenefumbo.

According to him, forcing people of Karonga to accept the camp will damage the image of President Mutharika towards the northerners.

“Karonga residents are also Malawians and they are mandated to receive development from government without any condition,” he disclosed.

Senior Chief Wasambo also rubbished the decision of relocating the camp, saying they can take the refugees anywhere else but not Karonga.

However, Kyungu has maintained his position that the camp must come to the district.

Government want to start the project next month and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative Monique Ekoko said 27 000 refugees will be transferred from Dzaleka to Katili.

According to Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia, the decision to relocate the refugee camp follows a concern by government that the camp at Dzaleka was near Lilongwe, the capital city, a development that compromises the country’s security.

“Malawi is one of a few countries in Africa that has a refugee camp close to the capital city, a development that raised fear on the security of the nation. Government decided to relocate the camp to a border district where most of the refugees pass through,” she said.

Chiumia assured the people of Karonga that the process is beneficial because water points and school blocks will be constructed and Katili Health Centre rehabilitated.

Katili lies north west of Karonga, about 15 kilometres away from the boma.


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20 thoughts on “Karonga chiefs revolt against Kyungu over relocation of refugees camp”

  1. ekzie says:

    Mmh John m.nsona
    You better write your Chichewa version or your Yao Langauge otherwise even my Standard 4 child can write better English than this,

    Siyakwazi kuthetha, siyakhuluma or even ek praat afrikaans, so waasy u Sy my brue?
    Don’t look stupid with other people’s Langauge.

  2. MWACHAPONDA says:


  3. syababo bene isi says:

    Is there anyway among the Karonga people to impeach this Kyungu? He is not a leader.

  4. Northern Economist says:


  5. POINT BLANK says:

    Kkkkkk,@ ungwelu wandiseketsa heavy,koma wayankhula chulingamo.infact ifenso here ku Dowa kwathu kuno sitikuwafunako ayi,tawasungako mokwanira. the decision to move them away from capital city is a gd one,but on the other side to force the ppl of karonga kuti avomere asakufuna its very bad.why are we (malawians) busy built them new camp while kwawo they’re busy constructing a magnificent Airport,shame to the ppl of Malawi.the best way is to send them back where they belong,nkhondo inathako kwawo.sibwino kuti anthu obwera azitiyambanitsanso tokha-tokha apa amalawi.

  6. value says:

    Nothing has been learnt from the people of Mulanje, Wandale Failed and you are now on Mwahimba, Go, go, go chiefs, go Mwenifumbo, Go Mwahimba, thumb down Kyungu.

  7. john medson says:

    as long you i understand what I meent trueth hates go on goverment do not listen to this people who are they to oppose governent plans fron 80s refugees from mocambigue there were settled in nsanje and mwanza districts they did not complaining about it so why you are complaing thus why you wanted malawi to be devided let me tel you nothren people that your plan it wont work southren and central region we are not complaing about goverment decision so who are you if you are mixing with poritics thats your problem leave goverment alone you do not disturbing goverment ideas we are going to lead you until jesus com either you like or not stop undermine goverment if you do not want to be ruling with this goverment then go and throw yourself in lake malawi and die im fed up with you people just go to hell.


      1. john says:

        mmmm ok me I think that goverment is dam right for tekng thise people away from central region for safety of our nation its far better to put them far to the boundary district so that that goverment can manage to control them is very difficult to control them if they living inside of country it wont be easy to control so please allow goverment to move these refugees

    2. Chidzete Chindere says:

      John Medson, lembani chizungu chabwino. Nanga tikati anthu inu ndinu mbuli muzidzutsa? Ife aku karonga takana!!!!!! Atumizeni kumene alindi experience kale. Ife totoooooooo. The northerners are not stupid and bootlickers. Umbuli ndi matenda abale.

  8. Louis zgambo says:

    if its a university, u construct it in thyolo now its a hazardous development u want to build in katonga…. God is watching peter & co … hell is totally waiting for u

  9. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    Let the government listen to the majority of Karonga. These people want to protect their land from environmental destruction. The presence of 27000 refugees will destroy the natural forest due to firewood. People in Nsanje district have no firewood today because all the natural trees were destroyed by the Mozambican refugees. Malawians lets protect our land environmentally. It makes me sad to see that our politicians don’t care about the environmental impact when making decisions. I very well remember our former president Mr Muluzi urging people to cut the trees freely a they belonged to none other than God. He uttered this during his residential campaign prior to 1994 elections. The result has been catastrophic. Ndirande mountain is now balded. Shire river has inadequate amount of water to run power station. The dam at the intake has been heavily silted. Cry my beloved Country Malawi.

  10. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    Let the government listen to the people of Karonga.These people are doing this to protect the environment of their land. The presence of these refugees will destroy the natural forest. In a few years time, there will be no tree standing in the area. It will be similar to what happen in Nsanje when the Mozambican refugees camped. People in Nsanje struggle to find firewood today as the place has turned into a desert.

  11. Mungamunga says:

    Why not take them back to where they came from? Are our neighbours at war? Please Peter Mutharika concentrate on solving critical problems we have like blackouts other than wasting time shifting refugees around.

  12. mabusa says:

    Chiumia why cant you listen? Why not take it to other districts if the Karonga people dont want such development? People of karonga should be forced to welcome the development that is a hazardous to their health. why do you keep so many in that small country that is almost 3 times our south africa? is it the love of money from United Nations? why were you chosen out of so many countries in africa??????????????

  13. Malaika says:

    Well done chiefs of Karonga.

  14. Nachi says:

    The camp shouldn’t move to Karonga. Let it be where it is. I wonder why the government want to waste money this way when our hospitals have no enough resources, divert that money to other important things. How are Refugees threatening the security of the country? Are the armed robbers refugees? So whats the problem if MW is the only country with refugee camp near town? Do you really know how important Dzaleka refugees camp is to poor Malawians surrounding it? You are failing to take good care of the poor Malawians by providing good healthy and education system but you are busy planning to move something that help them earn a living away from them. Our politicians are selfish. I hope they will have to pay for the pains they are causing a poor Malawian some day.

  15. ungwelu says:

    john m. nsona.

    Your English is very poor and sentence construction terrible. Which school did you go too??. If I was your teacher, I was going to hang myself.

    You have, in fact, communicated nothing!!!!

    1. john says:

      how many degrees or diplom you got .masa apusi, nsunukanyoko uyangizwa fwethu? who are you ? then uzolemala . pride people we dont have place for you in our nation if you dont have somthng to do in your dairly living then dont fight with goverment I knw malawians if you dont have somthng to do or unmployeed you just follow goverment but it wont helpng you consintrate with your life

  16. heeii goverment malawi goverment have all rights do to whatever in malawi to anywhere no one can stop them why are you stoping goverment to do their plan if you are not with this decision go to hell you dont like foreighner in your district you are one of people who brings xinophobia in country this is kind of pride or selfishness people you must stop your nonsense we dont like people or kings like you in our country no.no.no you are just village headman not pressident paramount chief kyungu is right we like kings like cary on leave those people bible said we must love our neighboures what kind of kings are you if you want to do that in malawi we wil tek your thrones and give to others you are not decerve to be kings of our country or go to tanzania with your pride malawi is not own your own is country to everyone who livis in please malawi goverment continue your ptoject no king of malawo can stop to do your program .

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