Kasambara claims DPP Kachale has ‘vendetta’ against him: Calls Lutepo state’s ‘favourite’

Malawi’s former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara, who is answering charges related to the shooting of a former budget director Paul Mphwiyo and another offence of money laundering  in connection with cashgate, on Thursday accused the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale of having a personal vendetta against him.

Kasambara:  The DPP is pursing a vandetta against me

Kasambara: The DPP is pursing a vandetta against me

He made the accusations in the High Court in Lilongwe.

Kasambara told the court during the hearing of the case which he alongside businessman Pika Manondo, Dauka Manondo and Macdonald Kumwembe are being accused of attempted murder on Mphwiyo – also another cashgate suspect.

Prosecution has accused the defence of employing ‘mafia-like operations’ to intimidate State witnesses and wants bail revoked for Kasambara and other suspects Macdonald Kumwembe who Mphwiyo identified as the shooter, Dauka Manondo, Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and Osward Lutepo.

Kachale accuses them of harassing state witnesses.

The application was made through affidavits sworn by state prosecutor Ecock Chibwana and Senior Supritendant Kampara Chilinda who were asked to meet two state witnesses and alleged there was a mafia-like clandestine to harass them.

But Kasambara shot down prosecution claims.

“Your Lordship, the things are being handled only shows that the DPP has a personal vendetta against me that’s why they made an application to revoke our bail except their favourite (Osward) Lutepo,” he said.

However this did not go well with Kachale who said she respect Kasambara and has nothing against him.

“When I was a junior lawyer he was an Attorney General and I learnt a lot of things from him so I don’t have a personal vendetta against him.

“The allegations are far from truth and he knows it, the DPP office is independent and impartial. Just to put it on record that when I was being appointed the DPP, Lutepo was a state witness and after studying the file I applied to the court to have him an accused person so if he was my favourite I couldn’t do that,” she said.

Meanwhile, the state has served the defence and the court with a four hour recording in which the two witnesses narrate how they are being intimidated.

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Kasambara wazumza anthu iwe, even mulli brothers lero kuti akhale opanda business ut was kasambara. Kasambara this time ur going man.Wazunza anthu heavy galu iwe.


Ngati Mulungu kulibe sitimutha koma ngati alipo ndife owinawina Mulungu sangasiirire kuti iye azuze dziko lonse iyayi.


One of the state witnesses the Government is bragging about is a habitual armed robber. How can the whole Gaffament use a person who uses violence to terrorize and break into innocent people’s homes to deprive them of their hard won money and property as one of their reliable witness?

Pita Munthalikha

iwe zakuvuta….mary kachale is God fearing and i would be disappointed if she can sink that low….

Hot Iron

We are tired of these Kasambara articles in all the news sources. Amangeni basi no one is above the law. Akudelelanso DPP?


Check Mate,

Ralph has really been quizzed by this lady,

Since when have you cared about being hated?

You have been hated for decades Ralph,

And all along you never cared, no matter who the hater was,

You have been hated by Presidents, Ministers, Businessmen and Women,

Why only now complain of being hated?

After all, why should you be loved by the DPP?

Do you love the DPP yourself? i guess not,


Zebron h banda

Study is the gateway to success.most commentators are indeed ignorant of what laws say-never mind how they are applied-in court.kasambala this,kasambala that…bah bah blah blah,ngati achule mmadzi.only facts work in courts.


Comment samukwani


20 years at Zomba maximum prison for kasambara to come out with no teeth, with grey hair, bold head ,bent back , no shoes, one eye left, with ribs showing, wife already married, property grabbed by loan sharkers. sorry your worship.


Wait and see, why are the state witnesses are on the run ? If they have the truth, let them come to the open.

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